It has welcomed nearly 100,000 guests since its inauguration. Barcelo Mussanah Resort launches attractive deals on the occasion of its one-year anniversary

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After a successful year since its inauguration in 2021, Oman’s favorite beach resort, Barcelo Resort Mussanah, is celebrating its first year of existence by offering a series of summer activities to residents and visitors of the Sultanate during the month of July. The four-star Barcelo Mussanah Resort has launched a variety of summer activities to meet the needs of all guests, tourists and travelers. The zipline sport, with a length of 175 meters, is one of the main attractions for adventure lovers, which will entertain thrill seekers as they glide through the scenic views of Mussanah Marina. In accordance with the safety standards on which the resort is based, zippers are managed and operated by professional staff at the resort.
Dermot Burchall, general manager of Barcelo Resort Mussanah, said: “The one-year anniversary of the inauguration of the first Barcelo Hotel in Oman is very special to us. The group is known as the leading Spanish hotel chain in the Middle East and a world leader in hospitality, offering world-class amenities and unique experiences to all guests. At Barcelo Resort Mussanah, we combined the group’s innovative principles to bring Spanish hospitality to Oman. As a result, the manufactured Barcelo resort has rapidly increased in popularity among residents, visitors and international travelers. Here I would like to thank my team for their passion and dedication and look forward to growing the resort into a leading global travel destination in the coming years.

For adventure enthusiasts who want to overcome the summer heat, Barcelo Resort Musanah offers a wide range of water activities, including sailing through the stunning Mussanah waters, kayaking in the early morning hours through the scenic marina, snorkeling among the vibrant coral reefs and enjoying sleigh surfing. In addition to relaxation in the exceptional spa and health promotion in the fitness center. And because the fun doesn’t stop there, Barcelo Resort Mussanah, in partnership with Oman Sail, has launched daily cruises for guests and visitors from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm, including special day diving excursions to see the majestic whale sharks. the crystal blue waters of the islands UNESCO-protected dymaniat. In addition, Barcelo Resort Mussanah has also launched daily sunset cruises, where guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the Sultanate’s marina and vibrant sea life. Parents can relax on the beach or take part in a variety of family activities, as the resort offers a range of leisure and educational activities for children to enjoy all day long. Excluding the kids club at Barcelo Resort Musanah, young guests are offered a safe place to take part in fun and educational games, from 9:00 am. to 6:00 p.m. daily, parents can place their children with a team of professionally trained professionals, and go exploring the beauty and treasures of the city. Barcelo Resort Mussanah also offers special movie screenings for younger guests every night from 20:30 to 22:30. Guests can also enjoy some family time through a range of beach sports and activities including tennis, football, volleyball, table tennis and many more. In 2021, following the successful operation of four hotels in the region, a leading Spanish hotel chain – Barcelo Hotels Group, launched the Barcelo Musanah Resort with the aim of supporting Oman’s vision to diversify the Sultanate’s hospitality and tourism sectors and to improve.

Since opening its doors, Mussanah’s popularity has grown rapidly, accommodating nearly one hundred thousand guests and becoming a popular travel destination for local and international travelers. The premium resort has also hosted eight international sporting events in partnership with Oman Sail over the past year, including the 11th edition of the Arab Sailing Tournament (SATT) and the World Youth Sailing Championship, giving Barcelo Hotels Group and Oman Sail the Silver Award for Best Sporting Event. 2021 at the 2022 Middle East Sports Industry Awards.

The manufactured Barcelo Resort offers world-class sailing facilities with a fully equipped workshop and fully equipped facilities for sanding, spraying, fiberglass and engine repair. In addition, Barcelo Resort Mussanah’s high-quality 54 beds, operated by Oman Sail, provide assistance to boats during construction and first-class facilities, including boat cleaning, arrival assistance and refueling at the designated terminal. The resort’s modern facilities and excellent service have made it an ideal and preferred place for many companies to host their events. Designed to meet the needs of all types of visitors and guests, the resort features 234 spacious and elegantly designed rooms, including 19 luxury suites, and 74 luxury one- and two-bedroom duplexes, most of which have breathtaking sea views.

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