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RuPaul All Stars Drag Race 7 Episode 9 sees the queens create their own TikTok dance challenges, making those who have watched the show since early 2010 feel like living skeletons. When this program started, Twitter was hardly a thing! We are truly all of Rajas in the world of Yvies.

Dance Like Drag Queen may claim to be a dance challenge, but it’s actually about the brand. Queens must distill their essence in a dance. And a winner in all stars 7 He will be the one who has made the best personal stamp on the competition, this is a crucial link to show us who can enter the top four.

This no longer makes the endless rhetoric of people talking about personal brands interesting, but fortunately there has been enough laughter and staring to keep the ring afloat.

Here’s what happened in the last episode of Paramount +.

what happened RuPaul All Stars Drag Race 7 Episode 9

Jaida Essence Hall and supporting dancers in Episode 9 “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7”. The queens were tasked with creating viral dance challenges.
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We resume work after last week’s fashion show. Raja scored her second victory, while Jaidah scored her first. This makes Raja the seventh queen to receive two stars, making the competition beautiful. Except that things are not quite what they seem: Vivienne, Trinity and Jinkx all won 3 challenges but were banned, Jaida won twice but got an extra star thanks to this dumb twist, and Yvie won once and two got stars.

However, it looks like things will change as the queens receive their new challenge. There are some real divas dancers on the cast, and there are also queens with strong personal branding, which means a good number of queens have a chance this week.

Eventually RuPaul will pick one from each field, but we’ll get there.

Now there are nine weeks left all the stars viewers, which is about three weeks from production time. Apparently, the endless work comes from the queens, or this, or it just comes from Jinkx, who is pretty crazy for the whole episode. Watching Jinkx slowly lose his head before putting a whole peanut butter sandwich in his mouth gives most of us fond memories of dark block times.

Ru joins the queens for lab talks and it looks like the ring is going to break. Roe serves an overzealous MBA student with her lively conversation about each queen’s brand, but in the end for those of us who look home, it seems like all those personal brand talks are caught on an appointment with an influencer— a true attitude. health. But hey, at least Roe respects the winners here so she does not lead them badly for her own entertainment. All her suggestions to her queens help them to do better work, especially Monet.

While the queens prepare, Jinkx talks about how many stars she might need to reach the final. Unless there’s a big turnaround in the road (and it almost certainly will), three stars should probably be enough to get you in the top four. As Jinkx describes, this means that the judges can decide this week to award any one of the two-thirds star queens and send them to the final or give Shea and Monet another star to level the playing field completely. . Do not give ideas to manufacturers, Jenckx !! Clearly, some queens perform better than others, but this will not stop the manufacturers from making everyone look the same.


Monet X Change in “All Stars 7” Episode 9. Monet used the runway to present three appearances that trace the history of the Black Protest.
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When it comes to the runway, there are clear winners and losers, and you can not say from this season’s insistence that we never show negative criticism, even if it is clearly justified.

Category “What Lies Undereath”, reference for our millennials endurance race Fans left behind by TikTok stuff. What this means are revelations, many of which are.

What constitutes a revelation is an ongoing source of debate about resistance, but there is certainly an argument that does not fit everyone in this category tonight. The revelation should come as a surprise. Roxxy Andrews must reveal her wig in Season 5, or Violet Chachke’s Scottish moment. He should not just be someone who wears a huge coat and takes off a variety of clothes. He just thinks of the poor apprentice that he has to put all those pieces together!

Based on these criteria, the good is our true winner. It will take a team of resistance scientists to find out how its four seasons actually worked out in one suit. Monet and Jinkx were on set “just to get things off”, but each look was at least a surprise. Monet’s tribute to black protest over the years was a powerful statement, while Jenckx’s tribute to art history was fun and unexpected. Shea gets some points in this off-the-shoulder dress, Yvie’s cocoon idea is cute and Raja looked like jaw, but compared to … all stars 2 Reveal a hiking trail that left much to be desired.

a challenge

The videos were all very good, but the overall cost was very clear. Jinkx scrambled as beautifully as ever and Monet’s dance was the best. While not mentioned at the top, The Vivienne also excelled in the challenge (it really is the idle hit of the season). Her video brought out the challenge in a fun way and laughed more than Jinkx, though the post-dance piece might have been an exaggeration. Maybe the good one also deserves a place among the first thanks for this dress and her funny and funny dance.

For others: Chia’s dance was surprisingly powerful, but perhaps he could have relied more on Alvin Ailey’s idea; Raja’s ‘New Age Macarena’ was perhaps the worst because she misunderstood why we love Raja, the goddess of the platform. Yvie might have had a little fun being an outsider; And Trinity got a new winning slogan from the company thanks to “That’s called the brand”.

Quick side note: why did Jinkx actually bring those ukulele along? He has now appeared in several episodes, but he does not yet need it for a challenge.

Jinkx and Monet are our winners, and they are smart choices: Jinkx excelled in the brand, while Monet was the purest dancer. That keeps Monet in the game, possibly placing Jenckx in the final, which he deserves at this point after his fourth win.

You can not help but feel sorry for Shea. Despite being one of the fiercest contestants this program has ever seen, she was unable to make it work this season. endurance race Fans can argue with each other about why that is, but we can probably blame it on the lack of dance challenges this season. In a dance challenge no one can stop her, but here are many queens who can equal her in acting, comedy and design. This dance challenge was also a subtle comedy challenge.

lip sync

There’s very little time to pity Shea, because Episode 9 has lip-syncing to do. And what a lip-sync it was. The pronunciation is very difficult to interpret, so it is best to try it if you have a higher caliber of queens. On top of that, the women design Another reference for millennials.

Monet and Jinkx prepare well in the famous monologue “The Night the Lights Go Out in Georgia”, but Monet’s movements have the subtlety that gives victory.

Note to editors, if we want to make lip-syncing a habit for spoken words, can we split the screen to see each queen’s performance in full? The cut between them is disturbing as they go to an escalation. Also, if they keep synchronizing it with TV moments owned by Paramount, can we please take the time that Courtney Love broke into a VMA interview with Madonna?

Monet wins and Raja becomes the last (and last) person to be banished. Now that everyone’s turn to the platinum (gold) plunger, these knobs will start tingling. At this point, the block can prevent someone from reaching the top four. But that’s a problem for another episode.

RuPaul All Stars Drag Race 7 It airs on Thursdays on Paramount +.

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