The strike of the public administration continues despite attempts to transgress

The News wrote:

The meeting of the Saraya, and the collection of “crumbs” of salaries and social assistance for the months of March and April, did not stop the strike of public administration employees, which has been going on for 3 weeks. The association announced the continuation of the strike to the minimum acceptable level of employees’ rights and basic needs, such as health coverage, the correction of salaries, the calculation of exchange compensation on the dollar banking platform (£ 8,000 per dollar), and the provision of petrol to employees. vouchers, the quantities of which are calculated according to the distances traveled by each employee.

The association was of the opinion that Saraya’s proposals do not exceed an aspirin pill to treat an incurable disease. Finally, the caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati chaired a meeting to discuss the file of public administration employees, at the end of which it was decided to take social assistance to turn it into a full salary instead of a half. salary paid monthly from the first of July, provided that attendance is a minimum of two days per week. It is not necessary that the aid be paid at the beginning of the month with the original salary, but it will be paid during the month, according to the payment programming in the Ministry of Finance. It was agreed to increase the transport allowance to £ 95,000 for each daily attendance, in line with the increase that has taken place in the private sector through the Indicators Committee in the Ministry of Labor. It was also approved to increase the funds of the Civil Servants Cooperative in the budget, so that the hospitalization budget was increased about four times, as the funds were 212 billion liras, which becomes 1200 billion liras. In terms of education credits, it amounted to 104 billion, then it became 500 billion, ie five times. The demand from private schools and the severity of the demand will be that the school fees for employees in the public sector will not be charged in dollars. There is also a study prepared by the Minister of Communications, which itself will be announced later, on certain discounts. One of the issues that will be studied quickly is the acceptance of a funding card for public sector employees, through a subsidized program.

These proposals called on the representative of the Ministry of Finance in the Public Administration Employees’ Association, Hassan Wahbi, who is affiliated with the Amal movement, to issue a statement announcing the suspension of the open strike while attending work. on Tuesday and Thursday. .
However, the association’s former vice president, Walid al-Shaar, explained that the association’s statute and administrative system stipulate that the administrative body as a whole is the body authorized to strike and withdraw from the decision, to take. of the Ministry of Finance did not receive incentives or additions to suspend the strike and are committed to the decision of their association, as what they received are only promises to be translated by decrees and laws.

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