There is no optimism about the impending birth of the Lebanese government: the intentions of disruption are at the forefront

The meeting between Mikati and Aoun is expected to take place next week (Hussein Beydoun)

Political messages were not absent in the greetings of Lebanese officials on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, tomorrow, Saturday, who, according to the controversial atmosphere, will postpone government talks until after his recession before resuming meetings in the hope that it will lead to the formation of a new government awaiting the international community and reiterating its call to form it quickly to embark on the path of reforms, which is a prerequisite for offering Direct external financial support to the state as well as finalizing the outstanding issues, in particular the economic ones, negotiations with the International Monetary Fund and those related to the demarcation of maritime borders in the south.

In this context, a source at the Republican Palace in Baabda, today, Friday, confirmed to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that there is no set date for a meeting between President Michel Aoun and the designated Prime Minister Najib Mikati, and it is expect it to take place next week after the holidays that continue until Wednesday.In the future, unless there is a positive development or progress that would bring the date closer.

The two presidents held their last meeting on July 1, on the grounds that another meeting would be held at the beginning of next week to complete the research and consultation after Mikati presented his ministerial formation to President on the 29th of last June. Aoun submitted and discussed. its formula, but the meeting did not take place while waiting for what it would carry The coming days in the face of the lack of consensus still on a unified form.

Representative Ghassan Atallah (who belongs to the Free Patriotic Movement led by MP Gebran Bassil) told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that “the designated prime minister thought he had made an offer that embarrassed everyone and it was not applicable, because on the one hand he was instructed to form the government and then removed their concerns from him. ” authorship “.

He added: “I believe that the caretaker government, if it is overloaded with crucial matters concerning the country, will evade and say that we are in a stage of caretaker business in which it is not possible to make big decisions, and so the performance is denied and the remaining four months are lost without taking a clear stand. “

He points out that, “It is clear, from the way Mikati presented the cabinet formation, that he intends to take the job and not to form it, and I do not think that changing a minister or two ministers in the current circumstances is a great achievement for a prime minister who came after parliamentary elections that he did not take into account, while crucial matters are The current government needs a complete and original government that takes basic and decisive positions . ”

At a time when Atallah denied his knowledge of the intention of ministers attached to the movement to submit their resignations from the provisional government in order to put pressure on Mikati and lose his Christian charter government, he thought that ” it’s very easy to form a government in Lebanon, sit down with President Aoun and listen to his concerns so that he can form a government that will then be formed, “and note that” things are fixed according to the criteria that Mikati follows to form the government and is not linked to specific ministries such as rumors. ”

On the other hand, Mikati’s circles told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that “President Mikati did not throw the cabinet formation at President Aoun’s goal of distancing himself from the accusation of obstruction. With regard to the composition offered by a list of ministries that needed to be replaced, including the Ministry of Energy, he chose a suitable person for it and from another sect, because the same movement announced its intention not to participate in the government.

Circles also indicate that “Mikati respected the constitutional principles and met with President Aoun and opened the door to discuss the observations and amendments he wanted, but those close to the president, led by Bassil, insisted imposing ministerial conditions and arming themselves with the president’s signature authorizing the birth of the government to force Mikati to make concessions he will not make, and he continues to perform his role and do business in full force if the process is extended, ”noting that the movement is once again playing the strings in the portfolios to get what he wants after Mikati gave the Ministry of Finance to the Amal movement (led by the speaker) Nabih Berri).

Today, Friday, President Aoun tweeted: “On the blessed Eid al-Adha, we draw lessons from the meanings and transcendence of sacrifice. It would be desirable if some expressed their interests and selfishness for the sake of their fatherland and the happiness of them. “Every Eid, Lebanon and the Lebanese are good.”

In turn, Mikati issued a lengthy statement directing him in more than one direction, especially to MP Melhem Khalaf, who launched an attack on the provisional government and his deputy chief, His Excellency Al-Shami, who promised to confront him and his plan. “the strategy for the promotion of the financial sector” in Lebanon and in international forums, describes it as unconstitutional and unconstitutional Ethical and purposeful cancellation of deposits.

Mikati said: “Eid al-Adha is coming to Lebanon and the Lebanese at a difficult stage, which requires all of us to confront it with national solidarity and a tireless effort to stop the collapse and, as much as possible, the maintaining cohesion and cohesion, productivity of institutions and administrations, in parallel with the government’s intensive efforts to put the country on the path of economic, financial and social recovery. ”

He pointed out that “the impending time and the forthcoming demands of us require to accelerate the proactive steps, the most prominent of which is the formation of a new government coinciding with the last months of President Michel Aoun’s term (ending at the end of next October), and the election of a new president for Lebanon. “

He added: “From this point of view, I have prepared a new government formation and presented it to President Aoun last week and consulted with him on the content, where he made some remarks, hoping that we will do the research on the file. would continue “according to the foundations of cooperation and respect that have prevailed between us in the past period.”

On the other hand, Mikati emphasized that “our resigned government continues its work in order to address the many issues raised in the spirit of positive cooperation, in parallel with similar cooperation with Parliament in order to approve the draft budget law and various reform projects. approves what constitutes a necessary step in reaching the final understanding with the International Monetary Fund. “

Mikati pointed out that “our government is being subjected to an unjust and organized campaign with the aim of taking the basic steps we are taking to protect the rights of depositors and the banking sector, which is a vital pillar of the Lebanese economy. stop.”

While he believed that the unfair campaign against his deputy, His Excellency Al-Shami, would not deter him from continuing his professional and diligent work at the level of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund to agree on what the best is to preserve the rights of depositors. and not to strike the banking sector at the same time.

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