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Fujairah Aviation Academy has succeeded in attracting large numbers of students through its 36-year career, becoming a preferred training destination for anyone wishing to study various aviation sciences and its components, as it has succeeded in developing modern training curricula and a future plan for the development of the aircraft fleet.

Captain Yahya Mohammed Al Balushi, Director-General of the Fujairah Aviation Academy, reaffirmed to Al Bayan the zeal to attract and empower new skills and abilities, by launching many leading initiatives to support those who want to join this sector, and to work towards their professional ambitions and develop their skills, by providing training programs. To teach and train the affiliates a comprehensive and diversified experience according to the requirements of airlines in the UAE in particular and internationally in general, indicating that the academy uses modern curricula in training, and that its future plan is to develop the training aircraft fleet by bringing the best and latest in the world market.

He added, “The continued success and excellence came as a result of the vision of Sheikh Saleh bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Chairman of the Department of Industry and Economy in Fujairah, who kept pace with reality and foresaw the future. has been achieved by aviation experts in the field of aviation, and it has also attracted the most skilled trainers from various fields, and used the latest equipment and training aircraft to improve capabilities in the aviation sector.

He continues: The academy offers aviation training courses, either as a full and intensive program suitable for full-time study and high school graduates, or as a partial program for employees who want to change their careers and join the aviation field. is designed to enable students theoretically and practically to master the basic skills to qualify as experienced and highly qualified pilots who are well equipped to engage in work, as all courses are accredited by the General Civil Aviation Authority in the Emirates, and is designed according to the exact needs of the leading airlines around the world.

He added, “The Academy also offers the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program as an intensive training program accredited by the General Authority of Civil Aviation and accredited by the European Aviation Safety Agency, which specializes in aircraft engine engineering engineering and aeronautical engineering.”


He explained that the Academy seeks to establish strategic partnerships with leading and prestigious international and local institutions and organizations, in order to keep pace with developments in various fields, as well as to open up the field of cooperation between all institutions and stakeholders. largest possible number of specialized national human cadres, where the Academy has signed an agreement to employ and empower its graduates in the fields of aviation and aircraft maintenance engineering.

He pointed out that agreements have been signed with companies to attract students from outside the country, as these companies will work to achieve student exchange programs and exchange visitation programs, and will contribute to improving their global reputation. A co-operation agreement was also signed between the Fujairah Aviation Academy and one of the airlines to maintain its aircraft with reciprocating engines by the Aircraft Maintenance Division at the Academy.

He said that the Fujairah Aviation Academy has updated all the simulation devices, and is equipped with the latest electric motion systems and the most advanced visual systems, to keep up with the latest technology available in the field of aviation, which enhances the capabilities of the academy and its ability to provide appropriate training for pilots in accordance with the best national and international training and safety standards.


Al-Bayan interviewed a number of students working in different careers. Their love of aviation brought them together and drove them to join the academy. They confirmed that their choice was the result of great confidence expressed through many years of the academy’s good reputation in the world of aerospace and aircraft maintenance engineering:

Hamdan Al Balushi

Hamdan Al Balushi says that he is an employee in a petroleum company with a high diploma in mechanical and aeronautical engineering, and points out that the positive impact that affected me when I joined the academy is that my interest and love for aviation, and the constant motivation of the academy’s management and officials and the flexibility in training that led me to complete My study career at Fujairah Aviation Academy. He added: I joined the academy pilot program in 2020 and obtained a private pilot license, and soon I will get an air transport pilot license.

He pointed out that the academy has given them facilities, which is the opportunity for distance learning and the ease of communication with teachers, and provides the opportunity for staff students to choose the times and days of exams, as well as the ease of payment and installments . and the ease of completing the program in terms of providing all the necessary institutions and education.

Amna Al Obaidly

Amna Al-Obaidly explained that her dream is to join the aviation industry from an early age, but there was no opportunity to realize this dream during her working years, and the passion for aviation remained in her, and increased when she visited the sky. fair in Dubai and the Bahrain Air Show, and therefore I was looking for a college or academy that would offer courses in aviation licenses with high administrative and training efficiency in the field of aviation, until I reached the Fujairah Aviation Academy in Fujairah.

She said: I was attracted by the staff, their co – operation and their knowledge of all the information, the response to students’ inquiries and the facilities provided, which had a positive impact on me by without hesitation at the Academy. to include, in addition to the appropriate cost of study and facilities to pay for it, in addition to the distance learning facilities as I am currently completing my studies.In obtaining a commercial helicopter pilot license due to these facilities and the high qualifications of the trainers. She explained that the registration requirements are easy and uncomplicated, and depend on the pass of the interview for the student and the English language exam for the second level, as well as the pass of the medical exam.

Eman Al-Badawi

Eman Khamis Al-Badwawi said that she is a graduate of a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratories from Manipal University in India and works in a government agency.India and I work in a government agency.

She explained: When I graduated from high school, I completed my studies in the field of medicine because my father wanted me to go in this direction, and after my graduation, my father was eager to inform me about what’s new. is in the world of aviation, outer space.

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Yazan Jawad says, after graduating from university, I worked on one of the aeronautical engineering projects at Dubai airports. During that time, I applied for a private aviation license at Fujairah Aviation Academy, and then rejoined to complete the requirements for obtaining an airline pilot. license.

He pointed out that he had no problems, but that it would rather take good time management to find a balance between my work in the private sector and the management of his business, as the Academy provides facilities corresponding to part-time pupils. , as it provides flight instructors at times that suit the learner throughout the day or During official holidays, in addition to the flexibility of the flight operations office staff, to book flight times, whether flying alone or flying in the presence of a coach on board.

Abdullah Al-Otaibi

Abdullah Al-Otaibi said he is a doctor at King Saud University with a consultation and fellowship in ophthalmology, and he joined the pilot and aviation education program at Fujairah Academy in 2019, emphasizing that he chose the academy has for his great self-confidence as an important destination for training in the aviation sector, where he found many ingredients in the academy that led him to This experience with determination.

Aida Adel

Aida Adel Baabad says: I am 26 years old and have a private pilot license for vertical flight from Fujairah Aviation Academy. My dream was to become a pilot from a young age, as I earned a bachelor’s degree in aviation science and I am currently working for Falcon Aviation Services Company, and from my field of work I discovered my passion And my love for helicopters in particular.

She has indicated that she works in the security and safety department of Falcon Aviation Services, where one of the main tasks in this department is the investigation procedures and investigations into aircraft accidents Aviation, in order to gain sufficient practical experience in this field.


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