“Irada” forms a scientific committee of experts and academics | movement

Ammon – It appears that the Irada Party – currently formed – has reduced the pace of its most active polarizing meetings in the governors, Bawadi and camps to focus on internal organizational steps in preparation for the next phase, “the post-establishment stage “, and to translate his discourse into practical actions and steps from activating the organizational structure, publicity, mobilization and organization of the youth, and the association of the discourse. Forming technical committees in various fields as a “programmatic party” and working on the media plan, social media channels and other organizational matters.

The Interim Leadership Committee has decided to set up a scientific and specialized committee consisting of academics and technocrats whose task would be to review the CVs of all the founders and adapt them to the tasks of the specialized committees around the place the right person in the right place in the technical committees that will develop policies and programs in various fields in the future, and coordinate with the specialized groups established months ago to briefly identify the knowledge and practical gaps that each specialized group has in order to ensure the readiness of the specialized committees to start writing policies and programs as soon as the organizational structure is activated. Bassem Saeed, health expert, hospital administration, representing the health sector, Eng. Bashar Al-Bataineh, Secretary-General of the Water Authority, representing the water sector, Dr. Bashar Al-Hawamdeh, who represents the fields of youth and information technology, Badria Al-Balbisi, who represents the development sector of the public sector, dr. Taqi Al-Majali, who represents people with disabilities, and dr. Taysir Al-Nuaimi, Minister of Education Former Education and Educational Expert on Education and dr. Hanan Malkawi, Vice President of the Royal Society and former Vice President of Yarmouk University for Innovation and Scientific Research, Khaled Seif, former Minister of Labor for the Transport and Logistics Sector, and Zaid Nafaa, Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Hungary, for the investment and tourism sector, and representative Zaid Al-Atoum for the energy sector on the one hand, and legal affairs on the other hand, the vice-president of the Syndicate of Engineers, Engineer. Fawzi Massaad, for trade union work, on the one hand, and infrastructure, on the other, and the Director of Education, Sami Al-Wahsh, for Education, and Wasayel Al-Majali, for the military retirees, on the one hand, and for decentralization, on the other hand, Planning and Tourism, Dr Abdullah Al-Suqur for Energy and Mineral Resources, and Dr Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat, Chairman of the Tourism Promotion Authority, Chairman of the Tourism Promotion Authority for the Tourism Sector, the former Director-General and the former Director of Amer University Hospital of Jordan, retired Lieutenant General Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Ziyadat for the Health Sector and President of Al al-Bayt University Adnan Al-Atoum on behalf of Higher Education and former Finance Minister Omar Malhas on behalf of Q He addressed public finance and tax law, the president of Al-Ahly Club, the investor and industry expert, Omar Shaqm, of the industry on the one hand, and the youth and sports on the other, and the Syndicate of Journalists for more than one session, Tariq Al-Momani, on the media and the press, the head of the Hotel Association, and the general manager by Amoun Abdul Hakim Al-Hindi, on Tourism and the Former Eye, Head of the Board of Directors The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Dr Ghazi Al-Jabour, Representative of the Telecommunications Sector, Dr Abdullah Khader Al-Othman Al-Zaben, Representative of the military retirees, the former Minister of Transport, the Director-General of Jet Malik Haddad, representing Transport and Tourism, and the Director-General of Microsoft, Maher Al-Khayat, representing the inl representation technology, and dr. Muhammad Matouk Abu Dayyeh, a professor of chemistry, on work and vocational training, and Ziz Previous work: Nidal Batayneh, businessman Wael Shkirat, representing the commercial sector, and dr. Yazan Safwan Al-Tal, representing the tourism sector.
The above committee will enlist the help of experts and academics specialized in each specialized committee to join the main committee to review the CVs of that committee, provided that this summons or assignment is entrusted with the sorting and selection of the powers of the committee and to ensure that they meet professional, scientific and practical standards.

The committee also receives requests to object to the non-acceptance of the nominated member in any specialized committee and to respond to it The committee will attract any missing expertise to Irada.

In general, this committee is the one that will oversee the readiness of the technical committees on the organizational structure in terms of the availability of all competencies in a certain field on the table, so that it will ensure the development of policies and programs of application to all areas of life, which will be the program of the party that will launch its powers of technocrats and the youth to implement this program in the councils University students, municipalities, decentralization, trade unions, chambers of commerce and industry and parliament to reach ‘ a partisan government.

It should be noted that this committee is not the one that will draft the policies and programs, but rather the technical committees that will be formed.

This is an important step that proves the party’s program and its striving to make a qualitative shift. It is interesting here that the party confirmed its principles with this decision in terms of form. The committee was not in the classic way led by a minister and the names are listed alphabetically in the decision and not hierarchically.

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