Sheikh Al-Aql: Real change begins with reform

The mother of Sheikh Al-Aql of the Unitarian Druze community, Sheikh Sami Abi Al-Mana, who prays on Eid Al-Adha, in the shrine of the late Sheikh Abu Hussein Shibli Abi Al-Muna in the town of Chaneh, with the participation of a group of sheiks, spiritual and social actors, members and officials of the Confessional Council of the Unitarian Druze community.

After the prayer, Abu al-Muna delivered the Eid sermon, in which he said: “The Almighty said in His Mighty Book:“ And to God belong the East and the West, so wherever you turn, then God ‘s Face the Exalted One, Omniscient. ” (Al-Baqarah, 115) The East and the West, but righteousness is he who believes in God and the Last Day and the angels and the Book and the Prophets and who gives money for his love to family and orphans and the needy and the travelers and the beggar and in the necks and establish prayer and pay zakat and fulfill their covenant when they covenant and who are patient in adversity and adversity and in times of hardship those who are sincere and those who are the righteous. ”(Al-Baqarah, 177) From this point of view of faith, and from that revealed Quranic social message, we address you on the morning of the blessed Eid al-Adha with a heartfelt greeting, congratulations and supplication. Goodness, with purity of heart, purity of conscience and high energy. ”

He added: “When we ask God Almighty in these honorable days to help us obey the command of the truth and to submit with reverence to that which is through the good ideals towards ourselves and towards our society and our nation imposed, and to make our decision to purify souls, to purify hearts, to arbitrate minds, to support and unite around the universal word of monotheism, and to unite us on Goodness, in question is an affirmation of duty and responsibility of us, which means that we work with pure intentions, unencumbered wills, and wise management in order to earn acceptance from Him, the Most High. and the goal of Hajj is achieved.The believer is not capable of mirroring the truth, but of cracking the order of God Almighty, with reverence, humility and self-humiliation, and this is reflected l in his behavior, begin with his dealings with himself and with his family and his close community. And at that time, the blessed nights and days would be a space for good, a way to ascend and a station for reform, and the Eid would be based on its spiritual meaning it hoped to achieve, not only in its temporary appearance.

And he continued: “The true sacrifice that God Almighty accepts is to sacrifice one’s fortune for the good of the community, to exercise what his desires tend to serve the public interest, to the individual to leave view to a more comprehensive vision, and from the narrow space to the space of truth, and ascend into the noble human ascension.To a high level of conduct, by calling the good and forbidding the good and the to forbid evil, by relentless pursuit, inspired by conscience and faith, and by exchanging alienation with love. , and repulse with familiarity, and malicious gossip with devotion to useful and productive work, so that our responsibility is clear before the One, and our conscience is at peace and contentment. As we respond to the Almighty’s saying, “And let there be a nation among you that invites to good, commands what is right and forbids what is wrong, and these are the successful ones.” (Al Imran: 104)

He said: “The joint efforts to serve and work in the public field to achieve achievements that benefit people, impose on us the obligations of sincere dedication and a sense of responsibility to preserve the essence of the exalted doctrines, and we are sure that what hinders the will of the good is to cling to preconceived ideas and narrow interests, and trust in Nervous selfishness and isolation, indifference to the reality of fragmentation, and surrender to the status quo that factors the creates division and alienation in our monotheistic and national Islamic heritage.

He added: “With the coming of this blessed Oath, and with the prayers and prayers that the pilgrims of the House of God and the sacrifices erected today on Mount Arafat, we hope that politicians and officials such a pilgrimage, intention and such a sacrifice, and each of his position, seeking tirelessly, and always bypassing an impulsive reaction and throwing away the coals of hatred, slaughter and killing of resentment, an end to differences and quarrels, a reaction to language of escalation and disagreement that the Lebanese are tired of, and a sincere search for effective ways to address people’s livelihood issues, which are the first priorities To bring the desired sacrifice and invite everyone to sacrifice for ourselves and the nation: Let us sacrifice our desires and desires., which elevate our intentions, words and deeds to what is higher and higher to reach our humanity and achieve the purpose of our existence.And let us offer sacrifices for the sake of Lebanon and its broken people, and ter wi lle of the redemption of the homeland and the salvation of what is left of the Lebanese hope. A long-awaited state. And let the president sacrifice to the president, the minister, the deputy and every incumbent in this country something of what they desire and fight for it to ensure a health, educational, housing or living need for people on the fringes of the abyss, and some senior people do not care. And let us all sacrifice everything that harms Lebanon’s good relations with its Arab brothers and with its friends in the region and the world.

He continued, “The responsibility for the economic decline and general collapse lies with the people of power and authority who have brought the country to what it has achieved, and those who continue to hinder the reform process and facilitate the order of the state, and who impossible conditions before the formation of the government, and who fall asleep with their eyes full or in a deep slumber. want, and as an inevitable option, in a described theft of their money, and state institutions delay and lock their doors and services in the face of their seekers and are unable to face crises and solve citizens’ problems “a threat to the future of the state and the people’s confidence in the homeland.”

He asked: “Should not the responsible leaders come up with solutions and solutions to these crises to alleviate the pain and distress that the Lebanese are suffering, and the economic, living, social, health and educational tragedies they are facing “Are they committed to the spirit of constitution and solidarity to meet internal and external challenges? Lebanon is heritage, diversity, freedom, coexistence and unity.” Lebanon is history, civilization, Arabism and openness. Lebanon is love, grace and brotherhood. It deserves loyalty and deserves sacrifice to save it from an existential danger that threatens its future. The real change our youth hope for is through reform and salvation of what remains of institutions and moral and national values, and not through destruction of it. what’s left.

Abi Al-Muna said: “The Great Oath means to return to the self, to review it, to question it and to promote its living forces, so perhaps we realize its meaning and strive to achieve it, and may the festival carry hope in its folds, and that these blessed days carry the goodness of all Lebanese, Arabs, and Muslims in its folds, as they revise themselves. they spoiled, and they rushed together to establish their common life and their hoped solidarity for the preservation of their homeland and the preservation of their nation.

And he concluded: “This is the hope of Al-Adha, and He is the Hearing, the All-Responsible. There is no hope without Him, and there is no refuge except in Him, and to Him is praise in every beginning and end. Adha Mubarak. “

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