The “Egypt Digital Platform” serves the citizen and attracts investment

A number of experts and specialists in the field of technology and digital economy have praised the launch of the “Egypt Digital Platform”, as part of the country’s strategy for digital transformation, and the availability of public services electronically, which implements its implementation in the fastest assured. time and least effort.

The experts with whom Al-Dustour spoke said that the platform provides many important services to citizens, in the sectors: agriculture and housing, civil status, property and documentation, licenses and courts, commercial records, and many others.

They have seen that the platform contributes to the strengthening of the national economy and helps to attract more investment, especially as it coincides with a number of achievements in the digital transformation file, of which the introduction of data centers and the development of the infrastructure of communication mainly. and information technology sector.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi attended the launch of the “Egypt Digital Platform” a few days ago, in addition to the opening of the International Data Center in Cairo, Telecom Egypt Schools for Applied Technology, Digital Egypt Creativity Centers, and the official development of the Egyptian Post Museum, within the framework of the Egyptian state’s steps in the digital transformation file. .

Fadi Ramzy: It contributes to the facilitation of transactions and the extraction of government documents

Dr. Fadi Ramzy, a professor of digital media at the American University, said that Egypt’s tendency towards digital transformation has many benefits for the citizen, which in addition facilitates the procedures for its government documents and all its transactions.

Ramzy added that the management and provision of data is very important to provide services to citizens, who no longer need to go to more than one government agency to finalize some papers, in view of the standardization of digital transactions and facilitation of procedures.

He continued: “Digital transformation helps the government when any decision is made, because decisions will be based on figures and facts, and when the infrastructure allows it, and there are comprehensive databases, it will make it easier for the government to take its initiatives. to launch to serve the citizen and improve his living conditions. “

He stressed that “any digital transformation should be based on a well-studied plan, and not be implemented at random, until it yields results, and this is what the political leadership has tried to achieve, by providing information infrastructure, the file that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has been working on for some time. ” Especially since this transformation needs to improve the internet infrastructure and increase the speed of communication.

He added, “Digital transformation also requires training of the human element, which is what the government is working on by developing government performance and improving employees’ capabilities so that they can easily handle modern technology.”

He believed that the digital transformation we are currently witnessing in Egypt is the result of effort, planning and work that has continued over recent years, and we are now living out the results, and in the near future the results will become clearer. . The professor of digital media has warned that digital transformation serves the investments that the state wants to attract, especially foreign investments, because the first thing the investor is looking for is data and figures, and when the digital infrastructure and infrastructure is available, the door opens more for investments, especially if the procedures are facilitated and “mechanized”. He continued, “The digital structure enables the investor to easily establish his project, through technology, and instead of visiting more than one government agency, electronic transactions have become possible, and all procedures have become available via the Internet. , which contributes to the facilitation of the establishment of projects and attracts investments from abroad and at home.

Khaled Rahouma: Eliminate corruption by limiting human intervention

Khaled Rahouma, an economist, praised the Egyptian state’s progress on the path of digital transformation, whose image was evident in the launch of the “Egypt Digital Platform” and other important projects in this framework, a few days ago.

Rahouma said that such a step greatly facilitates trade-related transactions, and makes procedures more flexible, especially that the traditional form of transactions is characterized by a lot of inertia and many obstacles and problems, starting with standing in queues to complete procedures to trade, or transfers. money between retailers and suppliers, Excessive waste of time and effort.

He added: “It was all a wasted effort, but the matter has completely changed after the digital transformation, which has made bank transfers electronically possible, and procedures are being carried out without the need to wander between government departments and agencies.”

He continued, “It has become possible to keep track of accounts and extract the necessary documents to establish and operate projects. In fact, the establishment of companies has become possible through the Internet, as well as the extraction of commercial records and tax certificates. . “

He continued: “Through the platform, all procedures have become easy, and the citizen is able to obtain a driver’s license and any certificate or papers and documents he needs with the utmost ease and simplicity.”

He noted the contribution of digital transformation to significantly reducing corruption, as it reduces human transactions, thereby reducing the ability of corruption to disrupt the interests of citizens and investors, while limiting bribery, nepotism and other misconduct.

He also pointed out the great role of digital transformation in marketing for all projects, and in making everything possible via the internet, especially with regard to the provision of online buying and selling, as well as communication with customers, conducting studies on the market , its needs and requirements, all of which contribute to attracting more customers.

Karim Al-Omda: It benefits the economy, increases productivity and saves time and effort

Karim Al-Omda, an economist, believes that the state has no choice but to go for “digitization” and the world of information technology and artificial intelligence, because it has become an international trend.

Al-Omda praised the achievements in the digital transformation file and noted that these achievements contributed to Egypt entering the era of digital transformation, by relying on artificial intelligence in all interests and institutions, which was evident in the “Egypt Digital Platform “, which was recently launched by President El-Sisi. The economist said that “in terms of economy and production, digital transformation in general benefits the country’s national economy, increases productivity, contributes to saving economic resources and saves a lot of time and money.”

He added: “Government institutions ‘dependence on digital transformation and technology will help facilitate the completion of tasks, meet citizens’ needs easily and effortlessly, as well as provide jobs and increase production rates.”

He believed that the government had become a “digital government”, in the light of what has been achieved in recent years, to ensure that citizens acquire their full rights, without disruption due to human intervention, in addition to the presence of specialized government agencies which is able to follow up on problems and overcome them easily, given the availability of data and information required.

Abdelwahab Ghoneim: Keeping Up with the Age of Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Abdel Wahab Ghoneim, vice president of the Arab Federation for Digital Economy, an expert in information technology, confirmed that the government has made great efforts to create a “digital state” that relies on technology and databases, since it began to establish. the infrastructure needed for this transformation, including a Digital Egypt platform.

Ghoneim added: “The opening of the digital Egypt platform is an important step that Egypt has taken at the right time to keep pace with global developments and trends towards technology and artificial intelligence.”

He also referred to the inauguration of a unified database center within the headquarters of the new administrative capital, a project that has already been implemented, and includes facilities dedicated to unified databases, at a depth of tens of meters, to keep this data away. of any influences.

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