The Wok ideology from America becomes the nightmare of the French elite

The Wok ideology from America becomes the nightmare of the French elite

Academics describe it as a “dictatorship of minorities”

Sunday – 11 Dhu al-Hijjah 1443 AH – 10 July 2022 AD Issue no. [

Paris: Anisa Makhaldi

Although not yet translated into Arabic with a clear term, the new “loop” ideology has entered the French cultural arena, causing widespread controversy and confusion among academics. This ideology, which literally means to be vigilant in the face of injustice and the violation of the rights of minorities, has turned into a nightmare for many intellectuals and academics who believe that these Anglo-Saxon concepts – despite their good intentions – perhaps a threat to freedom of expression and France’s universal values ​​based on equality, brotherhood and freedom.
Recently, more than fifty academics and researchers at the Sorbonne gathered in a symposium entitled “After Deconstruction, Reconstruction of Knowledge and Culture.” The symposium came in response to riots in some French universities, such as the ban on the reading of philosopher Sylvian Agasinsky (wife of former Prime Minister Leonel Jospin) due to her opposition to the law of reproduction, and the ban on lectures by author Caroline Forest, and journalist Mohamed Sifaoui, because of their Islamic positions, in addition to canceling presentations inspired by the work of Charlie Hebdo painter, Sharp at Sciences Po, Grenoble University and Lille.
The participants criticized the ideology of “Wok”, or “Wokism”, which they say is responsible for these events. The professor of French literature and organizer of this symposium, Emmanuel Houlin, describes it as representative at the same time: “The last version of the communist error, and at the same time a court before which all thinkers of Western history appear … Today lectures and seminars forbid under the pretext of reconsidering our knowledge, we can not teach Homer Because some consider it racist and anti-women, not even Napoleon, because it represents addictive colonialism, and what next …? ”
Some scholars and professors have also criticized postcolonial studies, gender studies, critical racial theories, and deconstructive theories that stereotype the same Western white man. They pointed to leftist circles and certain universities, which in their opinion are the nests of this new intellectual current that the university wants to use for political purposes.
Personalities have expressed their opposition to the entry of these Anglo-Saxon concepts into the French cultural scene with media interventions, and the issuance of books against them. William Max, professor of comparative literature at the Collège de France, stated in his book: Living in the Library of the World that: “No one has the right to ask for the extinction of part of our intellectual and historical heritage . To attack the great Enlightenment philosophers is a fatal mistake; “Because the activists of anti-apartheid movements are themselves the heirs of this philosophy, without Montesquieu the revolution would not have taken place, and we would not have enjoyed the freedoms we have today.”
Researcher Brice Couturier goes further. Where in his book, “Okay Millennials,” we read the following: “This generation wants to scold us because we travel by plane, or use the car, or eat meat, and we want to be made to believe that it fights racial discrimination and sexism, of which slavery they speak? The one that ended more than 150 years ago? It is the dictatorship of minorities who want to deceive the world that they are fighting against injustice and violations … We are the generation of the sixties that the battles with Martin Luther King and the student movement entered and won in May 68, and we faced armies and reactionary governments and severe resistance from our social environment, so why spend their time on social media instead of caring about the real tragedies “What is happening now in China; where are all the Uyghur people being exterminated because of their Islamic religion, or in Afghanistan, where are women’s rights being violated every day?”
The historian Pascal Blanchard writes in the magazine “Express”, which has devoted an entire issue to this subject under the title “The New Fanatics”: “What is the use of tearing down the statues of Napoleon Bonaparte? Is the writing of the past according to the ideologies of the present? really? The right thing is to leave to posterity a trace of what we lived; to build a future without making the same mistakes. ”
Sociologist Alex Mahudu, in his book “The Walk: A State of Panic,” sees that “the problem is in the system of universal values ​​and secular principles that characterize the republic, which is completely incompatible with the discourse of minorities encouraged by “This ideology is the discourse that limits a person by belonging to a particular identity, race, gender or religion, and it is not in our traditions.”
As for the French-American media personality, Anne Toulouse says in her book: “Woakism, has the infection spread to France?”: thoughts. We in France are confident in ourselves and hold on to our history, and if the fight against injustice and violations is legal and justified, these measures do not address the problem in the first place, so what’s the point of some public renaming schools without paying attention to the miserable situation in which they find themselves? Why do we talk about the cultural confiscation of the American Indians, and let go of the marginalization, poverty, and unemployment that the people have suffered for decades?
The concern has reached the level of official bodies. (Former) Education Minister Blanquer described this ideology as “obscurantism” and gathered thinkers and politicians around it to consider “how to save France and its youth from joining the Wok ideology” expire, “as stated in the title of the symposium. What is to blame this time is that it has caused confusion among educational institutions, due to the demand for changes in the decisions of history, especially with regard to its colonial past, and the call for the adoption of the so-called “écriture inclusive”. “what makes the French language less sexist; But it turns its standards upside down, such as making each of the sexes visible, contrary to what is stated in the linguistic rule that says: “The male dominates the female,” even if there is one male gender within a group of female sexes , and the call for the regular feminization of jobs, and the creation of a third generation under “the id.” “My God” is for people who have not yet determined their gender identity, and all these developments provoked the anger of the ministry and even the Language Academy, which believes that it added a layer of complexity to the French language we needed .
President Macron involved himself in the current controversy, when he stated in one of his speeches: “We have left the intellectual debate to parties outside the republic, sometimes to other university traditions, and here I mean the Anglo-Saxon intellectual currents . which has a different history than ours, and when I see the introduction of some of the following social science theories From the United States with its problems, which are added to our problems, I say: Reinvestment in the social sciences must again be addressed. ”

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