Artists support Mohamed Najati after announcing retirement

Much support and praise was received by the artist, Mohamed Najati, by the art stars after he hinted at retiring due to his dissatisfaction with being compared to the artist, Amir Karara, by one of the writers who indicated that Najati had retired has. she started and that Karara surpassed him.

Amir Karara

In turn, the artist, Amir Karara, commented on Najati’s video and was eager to send him a message of support, emphasizing that he is honored that they will be united by a close work of art, as he did on his Facebook page wrote: “Oh, my love, you are a great star and in our minds all of us, may God honor you, multiply you, bless you and bring us together in one work.” And the honor of Leah.

Amir Karara

Salah Abdullah

The artist, Salah Abdullah, was one of Mohamed Najati’s first supporters as he confirmed he would communicate with him by telephone.

Salah Abdullah

Ayman Bahgat Qamar

While the writer Ayman Bahgat Qamar retracted his previous attack on Najati, emphasizing that he is a talented and successful artist, as he wrote: I attacked Muhammad Najati before when he inadvertently erred in the writers, but enough insults for the man, we all make mistakes and everything is maintenance and sharing.

And he continued: Negati is talented and surely his time will come.I hope Muhammad Negati will not be affected by any words because no one is going to offend him, and I tell him that you are a brother and a colleague and you have leading works and good things have happened.

Ayman Bahgat Qamar

Donia Abdel Aziz: I survived the son of the assets

The artist, Donia Abdel Aziz, was eager to support Muhammad Najati as she recalls one of the situations that took place between her and Najati, as she wrote: Almost three years ago I would receive honors with my mother, and I was surprised by Muhammad who gave his honor to my mother because one day she nominated him for the title of Erg Al-Balah, under the direction of the director.Radwan Al-Kashef has been on this subject for several years, my life is not just my colleague, this is my brother and ten years old from the days of the movie The Garage His talent is great, and his heart and humanity is bigger.

Nashwa Mustafa: Najati is a respected and elegant artist

And the actress supported Nashwa Mustafa Muhammad Najati and emphasized that he is a respected and refined artist, and she also praised his artworks like the movie Erg Al-Balah, as she wrote: The respected, elegant, creative artist, the star from his first roles Erg Al-Balah, may God give you goodness and there is no such thing as retirement .. If God wills, it will be filled The world is art.

Supports Nashwa Mustafa

Ahmed Wafik

And the artist Ahmed Wafik Najati joked, as he wrote on his Facebook account: Muhammad Najati retires, I swear to God, if you thought to let go of your panic .. My love, my salvation, my beautiful, I love Najati, the polite and talented.

Ahmed Wafik

Ahmed Karara

The artist Ahmed Karara was eager to send a message of support to Najati, as he wrote: O Najati, you are the one who is a big star with your respect and morals, and you are still a great artist for a long time , and we all saw you as a talented artist and we learned from you and you still have a lot to offer during the coming period .. I worked with you in such a job and learned a lot from you.

Randa Elbehairy

While Randa Al-Behairi expressed her sympathy with Muhammad Najati, and republished the video on her Facebook page, commenting: This is what I was afraid of, Muhammad Najati’s retirement.

Madeleine Tabar

Madeleine Tabar expressed her strong dissatisfaction with what happened and a writer made the remark: When the word becomes an ignorant dagger for no reason, it must be confronted and provoked, and what a journalist wrote against the star Najati, who has the right to be an artist, and on what basis? And another and on what basis? Stars that pay millions are more talented than the stars that pay thousands. Talent, acceptance, behavior, reputation, literature, the ability to play different roles, work towards great directors, and love the audience, all these qualities that the star Mohammed Nagati is capable of are not enough. For happiness, sharing, relationships, and a little knowledge that a star has and magnifies, are what play a role in the transition of thousands For millions, (so I do not use first and second row stars and other nicknames.

Madeleine Tabar

Princess Hani

And the artist Amira Hani wrote: You are a star, and you know that you are a star, and your history testifies to it from your childhood, and you worked with other big stars, who did not miss the opportunities which did not bring you, either.

Rasha Ezzat Al-Jazzar

Author Rasha Ezzat Al-Jazzar praised Najati’s artistic career, and a summary of what she said was: The best student at Ahmed Zaki School is Muhammad Najati, a very talented and talented artist, with an excellent presence, high acceptance and charisma. I wonder. how this talent has not been invested so far in the way he deserves?

She added: Muhammad Najati lacks nothing to become more star and successful than many. The production conditions may have made them first-class stars. Rather, he deserves his talent and presence and the acceptance that our Lord amazes people. He only needs fair production conditions that invest in his great talent, and he is the most talented student in a school. Ahmed Zaki.

She added: At the beginning of his life, Muhammad Najati worked with Professor Ahmed Zaki, may God have mercy on him, in a movie against the government when he played the role of (Saif) Ibn Mustafa Khalaf, the lawyer who played the role. of Ahmed Zaki.He tries to nominate him in roles, to the extent that Ahmed Zaki, during the filming of the movie Halim Wasi, if anyone wants to complete the role in his place, would be specifically Mohamed Najati.

Muhammad Najati was at the top of Google’s trend, after posting a video on his Facebook and Instagram pages, in which he pointed out that he was retiring due to his dissatisfaction with a publication by a book covering his situation at the beginning of his career and how Amir Karara surpassed him. .

Najati confirmed in the video he published that Amir Karara only achieved what he is after a great effort, and pointed out that he had no input in his nomination to participate in the Mahmoud Al-Masry series , while Medhat Al-Adl nominated him.

He stressed that his current situation has not been entered into, and stressed that it is possible to present works with which he is not satisfied, so that he can complete his life, and sent a message to those who criticize him that he is ready is to retire from the play permanently. .

The work of Mohamed Nagati

It is noteworthy that during his artistic career Muhammad Najati presented many important works with the big stars, including his works on the film screen, Erg Al-Balah, Al-Madina, The Children Flee, Against the Government, The Garage, Downtown Girls, Habiba’s children, The day we meet, The days of hardship, Zigzag. .
Some of his works on the small screen are: Morning and Evening Talk, The Last Journey, Yesterday Never Dies, Mahmoud Al-Masry, Dreams in the Gate, Puzzle, Auction of Evil, Community, Mountain Kingdom, We Are the Students, Ibn Mott , Seven Girls, Nima, Memory Card, The Godfather Family record.

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