Despite the money, which is like rice, we do not have a club that does charity work

The humanitarian aspect in football is part of the popularity of the player and the club as there are a large number of players and clubs around the world who do a lot of charity work but in Egypt there are many clubs that do not do charity. works and does not have a unanimous fund that provides humanitarian work to the supporters

People often circulate that football is a fun, attractive, crazy and troublesome game, but they rarely point out that it has a different face that overflows with humanity, and spreads goodness to all people, so that the scene of the “round witch “complete and become more radiant, bright and clear between pleasure and humanity.

The other side of football is of course no less important, influential and public interest than its artistic counterpart, but the human side often suffers from the limitations of actors in its high-end circle of star players who have been “dominated” by the “round witch “, millions over the six zeros of hard currencies, Euros and dollars!

mass popularity

Despite the limitations of the big stars on the other side of football, it does not eliminate the rise of big players with cross-continental mass popularity, who are creative in the humanitarian field, just like the green rectangle of their ingenuity testify, whether with their teams or national teams.

Helping Hand

Perhaps among the most prominent football stars whose humanity has become famous in recent times are the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the star of the English Liverpool team, and the Senegalese Sadio Mane, who has just moved from Liverpool to Bayern Munich, and together they excelled. to extend a helping hand to the needy, whether from their countrymen or from other countries through a series of various charitable projects.


Mane excelled in embodying the other bright side of football on the ground by spending a percentage of his wealth to help the poor during 2022, especially of the people of his village, through a hospital at a cost of To establish 500 000 euros, to establish a post office, a filling station, and the establishment of a school worth 250 000 euros. To give a computer to every outstanding student, to provide the village with an efficient “Internet” network, and to allocate a monthly salary of 70 euros to each family, which made Mani an example of a benevolent, generous star far from scarce.

charity projects

And Mane is not only in the arena of human generosity in football, but there is the famous Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, who spent 6% of his total wealth in 2022 through a series of charity projects in the health sector, benefiting from the people of his village in Egypt, dedicated to this The humanity of the “round witch” is to be a source of good for people when a star appears, whose hands are at least to help and support his countrymen .

Continents of the world

Dr. Saeed Obaid Al Tunaiji, a researcher in the field of sports psychology, pointed out that humanitarian work is a bright part of the world of football, and a charitable work that represents a noble human spirit in the player’s life, especially the star whose fame traverses the local domain to several continents of the world.

direct connection

He explained: Charitable work in football in particular, and sport in general, is of cardinal social importance, and it is necessary to shed light on all its angles because of the direct connection with people’s lives, and the extent to which the star players interact. . morally and effectively with people’s suffering, in view of the high amounts each one asks for a star.

benefit people

He expressed his pride in the humanitarian initiatives and charities offered by Arab star Mohamed Salah for the benefit of his countrymen and others. This year, by establishing hospitals and schools and providing grants to outstanding students, taking into account the work of the two stars, a major motivator for Arab stars and others to carry out charity work and initiatives for the benefit of people.

charity fund

He called for the charitable work of football and sports stars to be supervised by an official charitable body known to all, and proposed the declaration of the Professional Players’ Association for Charitable Work, or the establishment of a charitable fund in which the funds provided by the stars are placed, and people are informed of their names, to set an example for the rest of the players and athletes, and ask that these initiators of charity work be honored in an annual ceremony held by the authority overseeing the charity.

source of happiness

He pointed out that charity work is always a great psychological consolation for the player himself, and a source of happiness and satisfaction, which is positively reflected on his performance on the field and his behavior off the field, and thus his star level, his proximity increases. to the fans, and the high index of love for him by football fans in particular, And people in general.

Suggest initiatives

Dr. Saeed Obaid Al Tunaiji refused to keep secret the charity work offered by football stars and others on the grounds that it was a work between him and his Lord, saying: The words of “some” that he does charity work, but he keeps it secret, is returned to its owner, because with this behavior it is forbidden.Other, players and clubs, to be role models for them, and a source of human motivation to do good and propose initiatives that benefit people. and society.

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