Does the political class know that the majority of the people of Lebanon are needy and impoverished?

The excellent Jaafari Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan delivered the Eid al-Adha Sermon from the pulpit of the Imam Hussein Mosque, in Burj al-Barajneh, after performing the Eid Prayer.People suffered the worst collapse and a monetary and economic disaster that is still being revealed. crushes the country’s structure, crushes its markets and its social and moral environment. Therefore, when we talk about Eid al-Adha in the words of the people of the house, it can be summed up as follows: It is holiness and ease of a day linked to days of fatigue, striving and perseverance, which is meant to to be part of the identity of the believer, and the identity of the believer in the Qur’an and the texts of the hadith about the people of the House of Infallibility summed up by the struggle on the path of truth and its issues, without fatigue or boredom.

He continued: “What God and the people of the Prophet’s house mean from the truth: everything related to the interests of creation and people, and just as prayer is associated with social, political and moral issues, so is the festival, and the believer’s job is not to cry or be defeated, but to be active and active in all matters of truth and justice It is not permissible for us to sit in the mosque and there are those who steals our people’s bread, or monopolizes our markets, or manipulates prices and dollars, or runs the course of a war of exhaustion, and strikes our people to the core.In the concept of the prophets, the guardians of interests, and the core of a struggle that does not calm down and does not bind.

And he said: “Here especially the greatness of Imam Hussein is evident, and he abandoned the pilgrimage to face the most powerful and dangerous of an unjust empire. We kill it around the field of to be the greatest human rights.fights for all eternity.In analogy with this country I say: Unfortunately, the blessed Eid al-Adha is upon us in the face of the worst collapse ever, amidst non-existent Eid joy, grieving people and a people plunged into deep sorrow, without relief of life, and without purchasing power, and without social security, and without political mercy, in parallel with a frightening collapse concerning the state’s control of markets and import lines, and the greed of traders, while catastrophic conditions the country and its people, and pushes this sad country into the unknown.And a country that was bankrupt, I call on the political, financial and monetary class to be merciful to the rest of this country, because according to the ka tastrophe index we are on the crater of a volcano, and according to the collapse index we are on the brink of the greatest collapse, and according to the patriotism index we say: Realize this country, because the claws of politics and money have it in destruction and wreckage changed “.

He added: “The question: Does the political-financial class know that the country is caught up in crime, financial and monetary tyranny, widespread corruption and transient poverty, and that drugs, prostitution, homosexuality and financial and criminal crimes all its provinces? And moral disasters, just like those that have hit the town of Al-Qa’a to the core, while commercial greed and the partnership of money and power are eating away at the rest of the bones of this country.

Although Lebanon is drowning in blue gold (water), it suffers from a lack of water, begs people in the streets, and the living plague hardly leaves a house of burial, while the rise in cost of living the majority of the people. of Lebanon in needy poor.Is not enough poverty, oppression and humiliation at the doors of the bakeries? And death at the gates of hospitals? And piracy practiced by schools and universities? And the overwhelming neglect of the Lebanese University, the tsunami of crime, the chaos of markets and the widespread sadness of all sects, is it not enough to pressure the political forces to agree on a government with life priorities? Even by the method of protecting the Lebanese labor force and basic commodities, removing the fangs of some traders, and breaking the ambitions of money brokers, mills and bakery shops, and the dollar mafia, these looted people might feel a glimmer of hope.

Is the horror of the catastrophe that threatens Lebanon’s existence not enough to rush into the formation of a brave government that does not accept the blackmail of Washington, the West and some Arabs by agreeing to the Chinese and Iranian offer? ‘And for Washington to put his head against the wall?’ a defeated arms dealer, who wants to fight with the last Ukrainian and European soldiers amid a widespread humiliation affecting the greatness of Washington and the West.

He said: “Does not all this encourage the Lebanese government to revolt against Washington and go to East Chinese, Russian and Iranian options that will make Lebanon drift and work to save it? That is why I say to the people, honestly: O poor Lebanese, there are political forces and crazy leaders who want you to be left without electricity, no water and no water, no medicine, no recovery, no relief, no job, no spark of hope, and it only cares about your death to cry for your ruins, just as it cares for your homeland only chairs, and you know almost nothing about your stolen bread, your flour sold on the black market and your oil left for fangs .Tel Aviv, and your markets being attacked by traders’ fangs, and his only concern is to protect market gangs, and the financial fraud mafia, and that the country, with its resources and capabilities, remains just a machine to to count money, because cemetery bread has no price. ”

Qabalan concluded: “This is the festival today! But know that there is no festival for the mighty or the corrupt, or the financial or monetary criminal, or the political blackmailer, or the living monopoly, and whatever happens, the elements of Lebanon’s power are great, and Washington, the Joseph’s Brothers group, and some mercenaries will not be able to this country has crushed Lebanon, and those who do not know Lebanon well must read its history carefully, with awareness and wisdom , so that he can learn from past experiences. ”

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