During the fifth legislative term, the issuance of 4 laws, the origin of which are proposals submitted by the Shura Council

Manama, July 10 (BNA) The fifth legislative term of the Shura Council witnessed the ratification of four laws by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, may God protect him, over four laws, which were originally proposals for laws that submitted by a number. of members of the Shura Council After completing their legal cycle, which led to their issuance as effective laws, they are concerned with justice, commercial, sports and security matters.

It comes within the framework of the Shura Council’s zeal to activate one of the legislative instruments represented in the proposal of a law as one of the most important constitutional instruments to enact new laws, or amendments to to activate other laws in force in a way. contributing to the development of the legislative system in the Kingdom of Bahrain in various areas.

Among the proposals for laws that completed his legal cycle, and that were ratified by His Majesty the King, may God protect him, was Law No. contributed to the transfer of sport and male and female athletes from The framework of hobby and volunteer work leads to full sport professionalism and privatization, in order to improve competitiveness in regional and international sports forums, as the law takes a clear and organized approach to refining provided sport. skills, talents and competencies, and contributed to the development of sports and sports clubs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and supported the Kingdom’s international connections with international sports federations.

Also, during the second session of the fifth legislative term, Act No. (6) of 2020 issued to amend Paragraph (A) of Section (284) of the Trading Companies Act amended by Decree Act No. (21) of 2001. , which was originally a proposal for a law submitted by the Shura Board, under which the limited liability partner was granted the right to delegate others to attend the company’s general meeting, under a special power of attorney provided by the company’s system. for its preparation for this purpose The company’s general meeting, so that the partner does not have to make an official power of attorney with the competent official authorities, taking into account that the special power of attorney that the company will prepare will be limited to the attendance of the general meeting only as indicated by the proxy.

The members of the Shura Council also submitted a proposal for a law on the protection of society against acts of terrorism, and it was issued as a law in May 2019 during the first session of the fifth legislative term, and it is Act No. (8) of 2019 amending Section (11) of Act No. (58) of 2006 concerning the protection of society against acts of terrorism, which worked to confront some manifestations and forms of incitement to commit acts of terrorism, which are not covered by the umbrella of criminalization, which the perpetrators of these acts facilitated impunity, under the umbrella of freedom of expression, and it was the law that criminalized a number of manifestations and forms and intensified the punishment on offenders to reduce it and prevent their impunity.

Act No. (5) of 2019 amending Section (424) of the Criminal Code amended by Resolution Act No. (15) of 1976, was issued during the first session of the fifth legislative term, filling the legislative gap in the current Penal Code, by enforcing a decision Providing for the repayment of embezzled money in the crime of blackmail in the private sector, in accordance with the United Nations Convention against Corruption, ratified by the Kingdom of Bahrain under Act no. (7) of 2010, as well as the consistency of this Act with the Arab Convention against Corruption, ratified by the Kingdom of Bahrain under Act no. (6) of 2017, which was a proposal for a law submitted by a number of members of the Shura. Council.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is considered one of the few countries in its legislation to criminalize the act of embezzlement of money held by private jurists, as the majority of countries and legislation focus on the criminalization of embezzlement of public money without private, which is content to deal with it by texts criminalizing acts of theft, unlike the Bahraini legislature, which has gone on to criminalize acts of embezzlement of public and private funds owned by private jurists.

It is noteworthy that any member of the Shura and Representative Councils has the right to propose laws Proposals for laws are submitted to the Speaker, who in turn refers them to the relevant committee for opinion, and the committee prepares its report thereon and submit it to the Council, and if it is approved during the session, the proposal is referred to the government to place it in the form of a draft law, and within a maximum of six months from the date of to the House of Representatives to submit. his reference to it, to take the legislative cycle of bills in both chambers, as the Speaker of the House of Representatives will refer the bill if it is approved by both chambers to the Prime Minister Within a period not exceeding two weeks, in order to submit it to His Majesty the King for approval and issuance.

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