Range Rover Sport a new concept of sporting luxury

The new Range Rover Sport redefines sporty luxury, blending seamlessly confident and instinctive performance on the road with new Range Rover brand enhancements that bring the advanced design sophistication, coupled comfort and convenience of the third-generation model’s most preferred, advanced and dynamic capability to date. . The powerful and efficient range of engines includes extensive range of six-cylinder electric motors, a powerful V8 engine and six-cylinder light hybrid petrol and diesel engines, with the pure electric propulsion system to be introduced in 2024 as Land Rover continues its electrification journey. The new Range Rover Sport is available in (S, SE, HSE and Autobiography) configurations, with the first version available during the first year of production with specifications adapted for this model.


The sophisticated exterior is characterized by a sleek surface, a dynamic appearance and a profile recognizable at first glance, perfectly accentuated by ghostly details and strong proportions, giving the impression that the car is ready, ready and waiting to drive word. Exciting proportions underline the distinctive Range Rover Sport character, with a short overhang, confident front and steep sloping glass front and rear. These trademark elements provide a powerful road presence that conveys power and performance.

The sculpted exterior is detailed with subtle finishes such as the stealth front grille and LED digital lighting units, creating a distinctive daylight (DRL) shape. These eye-catching designs, the thinnest ever installed on a Land Rover, sit on top of a sculpted double-slit bottom bumper that incorporates a horizontal split body color element and offers greater visual breadth, enhanced by black detail.

Refined design elements are perfectly reflected in the rear, including a sculpted tailgate, with a full-width feature labeled “Range Rover”. Extended LED Graphics introduces Surface LED technology to a production vehicle for the first time; The distinctive shoulder line that offers a clean, modern look at night that is vibrant and consistent when viewed from any angle, runs the length of the vehicle, highlighted by new bottom screen details, and the longest spoiler ever on a Range Rover is installed.

The clean lines of the exterior are enhanced by beautifully flowing glass and door handles, and the subtle finish of the waist rail and roof, laser-assembled for a subtle, technical and sophisticated look.These design-assisted technologies contribute to excellent aerodynamic performance. »The new drag coefficient is only 0.29.

The new dynamic model brings an even sharper emphasis on the purposeful character of the high-performance SUV with unique exterior design elements. Rover letters are finished with »Atlas matte graphite color.

With unique front and rear bumpers and custom bottom finish in a body-colored finish, the sports car offers the most exciting interpretation of the new Range Rover Sport range.

The refined design of the car extends to its brand new interior, which incorporates a new concept that resembles the cockpit of an airplane, and reflects the concept of the Range Rover brand, featuring the slogan “Drive the Parking” and the latest ophef. comfort and driver assistance technology and the best materials combined together ensure that every An experience is worth enjoying. It also creates a compelling balance between elegance of appearance and desired depth. The cabin-like cabin defines the dynamic driving style, which offers excellent visibility and at the same time surrounds the driver with a strikingly attractive center console and simple, intuitive technologies.

Integration in every journey

Land Rover’s groundbreaking bending architecture and the latest baking systems come together; Delivering the highest levels of dynamics we’ve ever seen in a Range Rover Sport, the integrated chassis control system controls the comprehensive range of innovations, coordinating everything from the latest convertible air suspension to the Dynamic Response Pro control system. Pro). The result is a more attractive and exciting car ever, and the new software works with the latest generation of aerodynamic suspension, introducing for the first time convertible size air springs.

Dynamic Response Pro software provides ultimate shift control via a 48-volt electronic active transmission control system, capable of applying up to 1,400 Nm of torque across each axle, for a confident driving experience and new levels of control. In chassis, control in turns.

An aerodynamic suspension system is installed on each new Range Rover Sport, and the intelligent system increases the suspension’s bandwidth, and works by changing the pressure inside the chambers (higher pressure provides tighter damping), to handle traditional Range Rover comfort with handling offer. The dynamics of the Range Rover Sport are expected. To improve responses, the vehicle monitors the way forward using navigation data (eHorizon) to proactively prepare for upcoming curves.

Adaptive Dynamics 2 technology contributes to dynamic capability, by continuously controlling the active diode dampers, to reduce unwanted body movements, it monitors external factors up to 500 times per second to provide optimal responses, in harmony with other chassis technologies, and delivers management dynamics. most accurate and compact of any Range Rover Sport.

The new Range Rover Sport’s rotational agility is taken to a new level with four-wheel steering, torque vectoring by brake and an electronically active diff. Four-wheel steering provides rear-wheel steering, up to 7.3 degrees out of phase with the front wheels; For improved agility and mobility at low speeds, with spin for superior stability at high speeds. This gives the new sports car the torque of a hatchback, and the off-road agility of a much smaller car.

The best chassis systems in the new Range Rover Sport are combined in the Stormer handling package, which includes Dynamic Response Pro, four-wheel drive, active electronic differential with brake torque vector and configurable software. The latter offers the opportunity to personalize driving modes and customize the driving experience on and off the field, and all elements of this package are standard on the P510e Electric Hybrid and P530 drivetrains.

All new Range Rover Sport models are equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission (ZF) and an intelligent four-wheel drive system that intuitively anticipates where traction is needed and responds efficiently to deliver the most efficient forward progress in all conditions, while improving efficiency. .

electrical performance

A comprehensive range of electric power lines delivers typical Range Rover Sport performance, including two electric hybrids, a long-range electric vehicle, an Ingeum V6 petrol, a light hybrid diesel engine and a brand new V8 biturbo engine. In 2024, the new Range Rover Sport range will be developed, with the addition of a fully electric model.

The new P510e electric hybrid is designed; To meet the requirements of drivers looking for a high-performance engine, impressive efficiency and more than 100 km of zero-emission EV range. It combines Land Rover’s 3.0 liter Ingium 6-cylinder petrol engine seamlessly with a powerful 105 kW electric motor and 38.2 kWh battery, resulting in a total system output of 510 hp.

The car is capable of 0-100 km / h in just 5.4 seconds, an electric driving distance of 113 km (70 miles), and an actual expected range of 88 meters (54 miles) – enough for most owners to up to 75% of their driving range Travel, based on electrical energy 5 – CO2 emissions are only 18 g / km. For long rides, the combined hybrid powerplant offers 740 kilometers (460 miles) of gasoline and electricity.

Also available is the P440e Electric Hybrid, which produces a total of 440 horsepower from the power source, the same all-electric drive range and lower CO2 emissions. It also offers effortless acceleration and refinement and completes 0-100 km / h in just 5.8 seconds (0-60 mph, in 5.5 seconds).

Instead, the groundbreaking new 530 hp V8 biturbo engine delivers an even sportier Range Rover character, accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds (0-60 mph, in 4.3 seconds). With a dynamic operational launch, which adds an extra level of depth to the range.

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