Russia and Ukraine: Can the “drone” army change the course of the war in Kiev’s favor?

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Drones can make a difference in war in Ukraine

“Right now we have two big battles,” said Dmytro Podvorshansky, a soldier with the Ukrainian 1st Dnipro Battalion. He continues: “The first is an artillery battle, and the second is a technological battle.”

Dmytro fights this largely invisible second war and leads a group of just 10 soldiers who make up the drone intelligence unit in Dnipro 1.

Dmytro, who prefers to call the unit “combat IT men”, adds: “They are all volunteers, most of them have an IT background, and they knew each other before the war started.”

A member of the team showed a BBC reporter on a cell phone drone footage of the Russian targets they had already destroyed. Say “big hits”.

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