Specialized communication services and solutions for the launch of “District 2020”

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The provision of advanced digital communication devices responsible for empowering the responsible authorities and securing the Expo 2020 Dubai site was an essential part of the formula for the remarkable success of this world event, and with the site’s continued work, after being transformed into “District 2020”, the urgent need to provide services increased Easily, safely and effectively for various supporting and partner bodies, companies and international brands including Dubai Police, civil defense teams, ambulance services, site management and security teams.

innovative system

District 2020 will adopt an innovation system that supports growth and business flexibility in several key sectors, such as smart logistics, fourth industrial revolution technologies, smart mobility and smart cities, operating on advanced technologies including fifth generation communication networks, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and 3D printing. Dimensions and others, as it will be a city for all things new, and will help accelerate Dubai’s transformation into a global capital of innovation and launch new growth opportunities, which it will offer through large companies and international brands, which ‘ will gain a number of benefits that help them expand and grow.

Based on this, Mansour Juma Buosaiba, Executive Director of the Specialized Communications Corporation “Nedaa”, explained to “Al-Bayan” that they had succeeded in gaining continuity in providing and providing their services and security solutions to “District 2020”, and note that this reflects the great success of their services during Expo 2020 Dubai, which confirms the strength of their system in providing specialized and secure communication solutions, and the efficiency of the performance of their network.

International specifications

He added that they are committed to meeting the highest international standards and specifications for security and public safety, and are ready to face all new challenges, and identify emerging opportunities to maintain their strong presence, and pointed out that they provided about 4,000 portable wireless devices, and hybrid “Dabat” devices, which were provided during Expo 2020 Dubai. It is operated using the TETRA and LTE networks, to be used by on-site security personnel, to provide the highest level of security and safety during the duration of this global event, and that there were 3 towers to provide strong network coverage of 5 square kilometers, Total site area.

Bouaseba has relied on the benefits and services of the fourth generation network, which they use in their services provided to all their partners, including “District 2020”, which meets the data needs of customers, as the network is characterized by its availability and stability, and the priority of high quality and speed communication services and data transmission, emphasizing that they are eager to improve the security of the network by isolating it from anything that may threaten its security from penetrations and security vulnerabilities, in addition to the providing the best levels in terms of information and communication security, where international standards for critical communication networks are applied.

many services

As for the most prominent services they provide from different types of solutions and applications, Bouaseba indicated that it includes operating rooms, control centers, communication and remote control systems, voice and video communication service, in addition to providing video, image and data analysis applications , live broadcasting of fixed and mobile video cameras, and inquiries of rules Data, fleet management and vehicle tracking systems, operation and connection of Internet of Things devices and sensors, and other solutions and applications that can be designed to meet the needs of users in various sectors.

He pointed out that the fourth generation network has the ability to keep up with new and modern networks, through a few simple technical changes, and that there is an active and continuous follow-up of any development that takes place in this regard, which indicates that there are studies conducted on an ongoing basis, to achieve the best coverage, to assist the various partners and security authorities. In performing their tasks with high accuracy, and that they are employing the capabilities of their specialized team, to work around the clock in the operating and monitoring rooms, to ensure emergency response, network monitoring and operation, while stresses that they continue to make unremitting efforts and step up their initiatives aimed at improving levels of intelligence, security and security in Dubai, with the aim of providing the local community with reliable and secure communications solutions, while at the same time committing to the policy of the Government of Dubai, to be the happiest and safest city in the world.

Innovation Lab

He added that, in parallel with their plans to develop their services, the “Nedaa” innovation laboratory was opened at the beginning of this year. The field of technology, communication, systems or other solutions, and indicated that the laboratory the special welcome welcome. tests conducted with the institution’s clients, according to the agreements and needs put forward, which contribute to shaping the future of secure and sustainable communication at state and global level.

He said the Innovation Laboratory aims to develop jobs and services, address field challenges, and contribute to increasing the efficiency of jobs and services provided, as well as improving quality, and expanding of the range of services provided by the institution, in accordance with the needs of the labor market, in order to provide the most appropriate ways of brainstorming and innovation. Discuss ideas and dialogue, offer differentiated solutions, and stimulate a culture of innovation among employees, customers and companies, by developing an integrated system, in addition to opening bridges of communication and building partnerships with various universities , agencies and companies, to exchange knowledge and apply best practices in the field of information and communication technology.

Modern techniques

Regarding the addition and the important impact that the laboratory will provide, Bouassiba said: It will add and highlight new initiatives, innovations and research, accepted by the Foundation and work on it in collaboration with various companies and official bodies inside or outside the country By organizing various training courses and specialized workshops, and knowledge transfer activities, to develop the innovation skills of national frameworks, in addition to providing an integrated system of tools, scientific materials and methodologies, to the technologies and services they provide , to develop.

The Executive Director of “Nedaa” referred to the modern technologies used in the Innovation Lab, which include many basic technologies, in addition to the modern and future technologies that are currently popular in the field of information and communication technologies, such as Tetra technology. and its affiliate solutions, in addition to fourth and fifth generation technology. , and the associated systems, solutions and applications that can be operated, such as Internet of Things technologies, smart sensors, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cameras, self-driving devices, e.g. as drones, and other new technologies proposed and discussed worldwide.

Beneficiary categories

He explained that the categories that benefit from the Innovation Laboratory’s services include several leading agencies and companies in the field of specialized communications, in addition to clients and service users from the government and semi-government sectors. In addition, they welcome the innovations of students selected from universities and colleges, while embracing the innovations of working employees in the institution, by creating an integrated system of multiple tools and techniques for innovative thinking, aimed at enable them to innovate in the specialized telecommunications sector, and note that they seek to serve as a government gateway to other countries that wish to benefit from the UAE’s experiences in the field of specialized telecommunications.


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