Summer programs .. a tool to address educational loss for students

Research: Muhammad Ibrahim
With the end of the school year and the arrival of the summer holidays, families are starting to rearrange their ideas and plan for the holidays. Some prefer to travel to their homeland, and there are those who choose multiple destinations to enjoy the holiday, and others prefer to stay within the country. At a time when the effects of Corona are still sweeping the world, and despite the number of students returning to school during the outgoing academic year, most learners in different societies suffer from a lack of skills, knowledge and science due to the repercussions of the crisis.

Experts stressed that summer programs are an effective tool to address education losses among students during the holidays, as it helps them qualify for a new academic year, with the knowledge, science and skills they learned during the summer holidays, and here lies the importance of linking the goals of the summer programs with the goals of education.

Few school administrations have created educational plans and summer camps to increase the levels of students and correct the educational loss experienced by some, despite their non-interruption of education, especially the children of the primary stage, who are always more science , must acquire knowledge. and new skills. A number of teachers believe that summer science programs need continuous development to keep up with the changes that education is experiencing from year to year, emphasizing that there is a large student segment that suffers from low levels in some subjects and skills.

Parents demanded the continuity of summer programs during the holidays, according to a systematic plan that is directly related to the teaching and learning process, provided it is optional among students, especially addressing students’ skills and knowledge gaps that may arise as a result. . of educational loss with its various causes.

Al-Khaleej discusses with the educational field in all its categories the importance of the enrichment summer programs and their role in addressing educational losses for students, and increasing their levels of knowledge and skills.

The beginning was with the educational expert Nour Abu Sneina, who explained to “Al-Khaleej” the concept of educational loss and its causes, as she believes that any loss of knowledge or skills for learners that impedes the development of their skills, as an educational loss, and it must be dealt with seriously according to treatment plans and specialized programs, whether during study or on holidays quarterly and summer.

She said the Corona pandemic had resulted in large knowledge gaps among learners, creating skills losses that schools are currently experiencing, noting that learning losses are rapidly accumulating and exacerbating, varying from one learner to another, and from one school stage to Another, in addition to the fact that its various causes not only mean stopping learning, but rather include leaving school and the digital divide between learners.

manifestations of waste

Regarding the manifestations of learning loss among students, Nour Abu Sneina said that there are several indicators by which we know that the student has a learning loss, the most prominent of which is the low performance rate, especially the mastery of basic knowledge and skills, declining motivation to learn, faltering in education, academic delays, repeated failure and lack of learning Desire to go back to school.

She emphasized the importance of rebuilding the basic knowledge and skills that the student lacked, evaluating them accurately, using effective educational measurement tools, systematic educational planning, and providing the educational missing with additional programs that are needed during study or applied on holidays, provided they are attractive and effective, and provided by teachers.Well trained and qualified for this category of students, and able to handle them competently and professionally.

9 cuts

She said there are 9 ways to reduce educational loss as schools need to focus on developing students ‘and parents’ awareness of the importance of education, given that the goal is not to be successful in student and educational certificates acquired, but rather to their minds and experiences with knowledge and skills and enable them to employ them to advance their lands. As well as addressing dropout and recurrence factors, developing compensatory or remedial programs to help students in need of additional educational support, providing appropriate learning environments, reducing student overcrowding, solving learning difficulties, forming an educational team provide those who are able to deal with educational loss factors, motivate learners and strengthen their motivation to learn. .

Waste treatment

Sama Abdel-Ghani, a doctoral researcher, teacher and trainer of English for speakers of other languages ​​at Al-Manar Model School for Basic Education Cycle 2 for Girls – Sharjah, confirmed that summer programs contribute greatly to addressing educational losses for students , but their success factors depend on two factors, the first simulates the suitability of the program For the student’s level the second focuses on the student’s motivation and real desire to learn It is never easy to ask any child to during school holidays does not study, especially as he sees relatives of siblings spend time entertaining or playing.

Here comes the role of the expert educator in the preparation of such programs in a different way than the traditional methods of attracting the student in the form of educational games designed in detail and purposefully to achieve the required learning outcomes, as well as the internal motivation that needs to sprout. from the student’s awareness of the type of skills he lacks and his desire for improvement and development.So the programs are in an entertaining and educational format that enhances the student’s passion to share a culture of lifelong learning and sustainability of education building, which establishes a strong knowledge economy for future generations and the aspirations of rational leadership.

Knowledge and skills

She stressed the need to pay attention to the psychological factor of the student and the way to convince the guardian of the children to join these programs and to avoid him or her with other peers or a member of his family.

She emphasized the importance of focusing on basic knowledge and skills for new learning by engaging learning activities inside and outside the classroom, linking scientific concepts to practical life, focusing on first-degree students, investing part of the summer holidays and to activate the “summer school”. to consolidate basic knowledge and skills by applying technology effectively and systematically.

The most important programs

Regarding the benefits of the summer program, she said that the student is able to learn time management skills automatically, given the systematic time frame he follows when undergoing the program, which enables the student to set long-term goals, according to a good. -studied plan appropriately spread over holiday periods, with the participation of a guardian The command or teacher who has sufficient knowledge of the student’s cognitive abilities and abilities.

She said that the most important programs that may be available during the summer are the basic skills programs in reading, mathematics and programming, as these are some of the basic skills for the millennial generation. student turnout very large, as more than a thousand participants registered with us not only to learn one language; Some even registered in more than one new language, as the program focused on artificial intelligence techniques, and the results of the program showed impressive successes.

various factors

The teachers, “Ibrahim Al-Qabbani, Ribal Ghassan Al-Atta, Shaima Muhammad, Amr Ali, Rasha Al-Meligy, Rasha Gomaa,” said that there are several factors that lead to educational loss, which is crystallized in the low consciousness of the learner and his lack of conviction in the value and importance of education, the low culture in the family and the lack of attention to learners Similarly, the education system and the school can be one of the causes of learning loss, due to low quality of the educational process, the poor efficiency of teaching methods, as well as emergency factors, including disorders, the spread of diseases, the occurrence of disasters and crises of all kinds, especially those associated with the suspension of schools and the educational process for long periods, such as the case was during the Corona pandemic.

They emphasized the importance of linking the summer science programs to the educational process in order to achieve cognitive sustainability and address the skills and educational problems of learners, whether they are educational or lacking knowledge, science and skills as well as to assign qualified teachers to apply it. programs professionally and proficiently that mimic the real needs of students.

Cognitive impairment

During a break with them, a number of parents (Ehab Ziada, Mona Abdullah, Haya Ghali and Sami Al-Koumi) stressed the students’ need for various educational summer programs that focus on addressing children’s cognitive impairments, and the trends and real needs of especially students in the primary stage This looks at learners’ skills and educational trends, as summer programs enable the student to advance knowledge, develop his skills and address what he has to do with science and knowledge during the school year. lost.

They highlighted the importance of diversifying these programs between educational, cultural, social and technological, to enable students to benefit during the summer holidays, to invest in children’s free time, to provide for their needs and to take care of them.

They said that the most important features of summer programs lie in their ability to discover children’s different skills, fill their free time and develop a spirit of cooperation, participation and order, which helps to motivate students and their motivation to education, love of school and education.

  • Parents: Address the skills gap and fill knowledge gaps for children
  • Teachers: You need continuous development and sustainability to keep up with changes
  • Educators: “Elementary” children who need to learn the most necessary skills

sports club
Some sports clubs within the country have taken the initiative to activate summer programs that target students athletically, culturally, educationally, cognitively and skillfully. The Mleiha Culture and Sports Club organizes a series of leading summer programs to receive students during the month of July. It was held under the umbrella of the Sharjah Sports Council, to be an effective platform to invest young people’s time and youth.

Education recovery

UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank have launched a joint mission entitled “Restoring education” aimed at reducing learning loss in the light of the Corona pandemic, focusing on three priorities, namely the return of students to a safe and supportive school, the recovery of learning loss, and the preparation and empowerment of teachers.

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