Terrorist financing .. How did “Ennahda” set up secret agencies to control the Tunisian state?

The file of the freezing of funds of the head of the Islamic “Ennahda” movement in Tunisia, Rached Ghannouchi, and his subpoena for investigation into charges related to money laundering and terrorist financing raise several questions about the movement’s relationship with money laundering, how charities have exploited them for this purpose, and the fact that they are involved in financing terrorist acts that Tunisia has experienced over the past decade.

The presentation of this file comes against the background that the head of the Ennahda movement, Rashid Ghannouchi, was summoned on July 19 to interrogate him, based on an invitation by the investigating judge at the Judicial Pole to combat terrorism.

Examining the movement’s financial file

In this context, a security source confirmed to “Erm News” that the investigating judge at the Anti-Terrorism Judicial Poland had summoned the head of the Ennahda movement, Rached Ghannouchi, as a suspect to appear before him against the background of known as the “Namaa Tounes” Association Case.

According to the same source, Ghannouchi faces three cases, including the suspicion of money laundering and assault on state security, in addition to the file of political assassinations.

Leaders on the run

According to data obtained by “Erm News”, Rashid Ghannouchi’s brother-in-law, Rafik Abdel Salam, is also under prosecution for belonging to a terrorist organization and has been wanted by the National Terrorism Crimes Unit since last June 26.

On July 5, the Tunisian Committee for Financial Analysis of the Central Bank ordered Tunisian banks and the National Post Office to freeze the funds of Ennahda leader Rached Ghannouchi, his son Moaz and his son-in-law Rafik Abdel Salam.

Financial series of the secret renaissance apparatus

A source from the Defense Committee for Tunisian politicians, Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, confirmed that the commission would announce data and evidence on the relationship between the leaders of the Ennahda movement and the “Namaa Tounes” association, which he said was behind the financing sits. of the secret service accused of being behind the assassinations that took place in Tunisia during the year 2013.

The source confirmed to “Erm News” that the association, which was founded in 2011, was aimed at receiving funds from abroad and sending young people to hotspots of tension.

In this regard, the former Member of Parliament, Mubaraka Al-Brahmi, who is the widow of Muhammad Al-Brahmi, in a statement to “Erm News” considered that the court’s intervention was delayed, adding that the Defense Committee is of the opinion is that Rashid Ghannouchi is a leader of a terrorist gang and accused him of money laundering and smuggling, but given the situation that the court in He was not working on this file, she said.

Brahmi added that during his reign the Ennahda movement produced extremism and terrorism and provided protection to terrorists and used the judiciary for this purpose.

Mubaraka Brahmi called on the judiciary to go to the extreme and confirmed that the defense team of Belaid and Brahmi had provided important information revealing the involvement of senior officials who had previously been involved in the secret service of the Ennahda. movement was involved and was part of it.

black box

The secret apparatus of the Ennahda movement has always represented the black box of events in Tunisia, as it represents the military wing of the Islamic movement, according to what has been confirmed by some security unions in Tunisia.

The security union leader Issam al-Dardouri confirmed to Erm News that the resurrection of the secret apparatus of the Ennahda movement had not come to naught and reflected the secrecy that had characterized the movement through various historical contexts in its work. .

Al-Dardouri, the head of the Tunisian Organization for Security and Citizenship, explained that the Ennahda movement could not govern except within the framework of its control over state agencies through a policy of empowerment and the creation of parallel devices within each setting to weaken and confuse settings.

Al-Dardouri added that in the context of the revival of the movement’s project, which controls the state or confuses institutions and establishes institutions other than the concept of the modern state, the movement has other groups led by the banned “Ansar al- Sharia “organization is represented, printed. and charities exploiting it in money laundering, with the aim of controlling vulnerable groups and distorting the image of the state, its weakness, and the burden on the individual’s confidence in the state, as he put it. .

Secret device features

The secret apparatus of the Ennahda movement, according to what a security source confirmed to “Erm News”, is pursuing and following up on the elements that represent a threat to the movement, and is responsible for the formation of files for security leaders and their extortion, training and education of extremists, and the prosecution and extortion of businessmen.

The source added that the Ennahda movement has re-employed the security leaders within the Interior Ministry and promoted them (upgrading their ranks), similar to Fathi al-Baladi, former adviser to Ali al-Arayedh, a prominent leader in the movement who served between 2011 and 2013 as interior minister and then prime minister.

The same source revealed that one of the characteristics of this secret service is his intelligence, and only a number of leaders of the Ennahda movement, led by Rached Ghannouchi, are aware of its existence, and today it stands on charges of terrorism.

The source explained that the movement’s secret apparatus became a judicial fact on the day of the overthrow of Mustafa Khedr, and the data held by Mustafa Khedr, who represented the mysterious man in the movement and the key to the black chamber of the Ministry of Interior. , has been disclosed.

puzzle man

Mustafa Khadr represented the mysterious man in his relationship with the Ennahda movement, and Khadr faced a charge of premeditated murder in the file of the assassination of the politician Mohamed Brahmi, and then released him to be mysterious afterwards. to disappear.

Who’s Mustafa Khader?

According to security sources, Mustafa Khader played a key role in the parallel security apparatus created by the Ennahda movement, and with it the archives of the regional government involved with Medenine Governorate, representing a border area with Libya, were seized.

Home Office documents were also seized in his private shop, and investigations have revealed that Mustafa Khader was the one who emailed Interior Minister Ali Al-Arid. government period.

According to the same sources, security reports were reserved for Mustafa Khader, which was sent to security leaders loyal to the Ennahda movement, and a list that includes names to appoint security leaders to key positions for the state.

A security source told “Erm News” that one of the foreign intelligence services had taken refuge in Mustafa Khader to mediate in the process of releasing a prisoner of “Jabhat al-Nusra”.

The defense team of Belaid and Brahmi has revealed that Mustafa Khader had an affair with businessman Fathi Damm, who according to security sources is considered the key to the assassination of Chokri Belaid, and documents written in his handwriting were seized which was sent to his daughter. , revealing his relationship with the leaders of the Ennahda movement, according to what she said.

Fathi Damak is a businessman who was investigated after discussing a list of politicians, professional media and judges targeted for assassination, and the list was seized in his possession.

transmission networks

Former MP Fatima Al-Masdi confirmed in a statement to “Erm News” that there are expected to be other arrests in cases of money laundering and polishing of terrorism, noting that Ghannouchi’s summons before the investigation is an important step to open many files.

Fatima Al-Masadi believes that the confiscation of the funds of Rashid Ghannouchi and leaders of the movement is in itself a condemnation, adding that she has previously submitted files to the court confirming the involvement of imams of the Ennahda movement has to brainwash and attract young people. them to hotspots of tension in addition to the parallel security of the movement, which contributed to sending young people to hotspots Tension with forged passports, according to her confirmation.

Al-Masadi revealed that the Ennahda movement played an important role in the file of associations that funded and facilitated the enrollment of young people in incubators of tension.

The former deputy confirmed that one of the points she raised was the connection between the file of sending young people to hotspots of tension with the terrorist operations that took place in Tunisia, and noted that she submitted the file to the military court has, which referred to the judicial pole to combat terrorism.

The Ennahda movement denies this

In this context, the leader of the Ennahda movement, Muhammad al-Qumani, said in a statement to “Erm News” that the movement’s position on the accusations made against it, including money laundering, was made public in a press conference where all the accusations were refuted.

Al-Qumani added that a team of lawyers had been appointed to defend the movement.

Erm News also contacted other leaders of the Ennahda movement, but they declined to comment or comment.

Earlier, the Islamic “Ennahda” movement last Wednesday considered in a statement that it was subject to what it described as a campaign of perversion and fabrication of malicious accusations.

The movement has issued a statement explaining the circumstances of the decision to freeze the funds against the background of the investigation into the case of the “Namaa Tounes” association, and is of the opinion that “the authorities’ insistence on to enter the name of the President of Ennahda. the file of this association and other matters comes in the context of distortion and production of malicious charges. ”

The movement explained that these measures were aimed at “creating a state of polarization and intimidating people of the consequences of the failure of the referendum on the constitution and the delusion of the movement’s return to power in this case, ten. despite its political reality and the movement, it has repeatedly expressed its firm will to restore the democratic path and not return to power or return to power. ” before July 25. “

The movement confirmed that “Ghannouchi has declared his property and that his banking transactions are legal, and he has not received any money from any external or internal party, including the” Namaa Tounes “association, which is the subject of the judicial investigation, and he made no financial transfers to the benefit of any association.

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