The third and final coup !! .. Written by: Ezzedine Saghiroun – Sudaniel

They are not even good at lying, despite their insistence on it. Weak and terrified to the point of pity, despite their armor with all weapons and equipment. And in the confusion of their unrest they run forward, as if walking in quicksand, their feet dirty with every movement deeper into the sandy grave. The wells, led by Al-Burhan, Hemedti, and their mercenary subordinates, with their various armies, used uniforms of every color, armed with all kinds of weapons and rifles of various kinds and sizes of bullets and projectiles, of metal, rubber, laser, sound, smoke and water bullets, and they did not even spare the use of machetes and knives – such as bandits – and whips, electric and non-electric sticks. They persecuted the revolutionaries in the streets and alleys of neighborhoods and alleys, entered houses and desecrated their sanctuary, arrested young women and men, and forcibly removed them from the arms of their families. They killed those who were killed in the streets and in the cellars of their guards, and raped with the cowardice and commonwealth of those who raped. They inflicted injuries, disabilities and physical and psychological deformities. They did to the people what they wanted to rule what foreign invaders did not do to them. Everything documented, audio and video, with testimonies from victims and testimonies from witnesses. And before that in a book marked in the air, with God. (2) Despite all this killing, abuse, starvation and deprivation of the most basic necessities of human life (if not animals), they were disappointed, their arrow got lost and their cunning turned against them. The revolutionaries did not concede, nor did they lose their support, nor did they break their will. Rather, the murder and abuse increased their strength, stubbornness, and determination to achieve their goal and the unity of their ranks made them more solid. Did they take care of the leaders of the coup and their lackeys, or did they return to their senses? No, Lord. They ran forward. They come out of the pocket of their malice, opinion after opinion, and plan after plan. You wonder, do they consult a fool? Or is it (for the tragedy) the outputs of their minds? Or did they surrender their minds to those who lead them to their death, to snatch from their hands what they had stolen, plundered and illegally seized?!. Their flying caravans that wandered over the corners and continents of the world struck aimlessly, east and west, south and north, to nothing. There is no protection for tyrants ever against the flood of people, if their anger erupts, they will be disobedient. – Hemeti flew to Russia and gave her loot of gold, and Russia has nothing to offer but destruction, what did it offer Bashar before him ?! Burhan flew to Egypt / Al-Sisi, allowing the air and land of Sudan to move around through his armies, and allowing all of Sudan’s hungry resources from the love of games and hibiscus to be smuggled into cattle and gold, so what did Egypt to present and its president receive loans and gifts with both hands, right and left? And all of them, and some movements and parties, made the pilgrimage to the Emirates, and bin Zayed had nothing for them but weapons and filling their bags of dirhams, in exchange for the port, Al-Fashqa , and the Gold Mountains to the west (which is a lost deal) and a cheap sale. These countries, nor America with them, or the European Union, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, let alone the club of African dictatorships, could not offer them a lifeline. (3) Did they stop the useless jogging in a hurry, so that they could wait a little and reflect on the mind and thinking? No, Lord. Out of their own wickedness, they pulled a ridiculous comedy out of their pocket. Whenever the Resistance Committees announced the schedule of their marches, they quickly beat the war drums against neighboring Ethiopia, mobilized their army, and their leader flew to Gedaref or at the border to announce that the country was in a state of war. around the Ethiopian aggression. The last of these sketches was on the occasion of June 30, and one of the revolutionaries reacted to this poor offer, saying, “If the Ethiopian army reaches al-Balabil station, we are out.” The next day the news spread. the news that the military commander had reached an agreement with the Ethiopian president, so that Scheherazade Al-Sabah realized and (4) A third plan arose from the genius of the military coup and their followers, and we think so is the “creation” of the remnants of the Kaisers they now lead: as a gesture of a civilian government, which meets the wishes of the tripartite mechanism and the international and regional community, which keeps the ghost of accountability and punishment away from Al-Burhan and Al-Bashir’s Security Committee, Hemedti and his militias, on the crimes committed in various regions of Sudan, in a fictitious agreement with the pro-state capture parties, who put the Banana and Al-Mahshi in-group including, which sang incitement to the coup., and the “Juba movements”, and they missed it, not only armed forces, but also a division of power with the army! So – a priori – no negotiation strike between two partners g to resolve the crisis, in the absence or absence of the other party. Fail. (5) The resistance committees and the forces of the living revolution exhausted them with every trick, closing all doors and safe exits in their faces to immunize themselves from falling and being held accountable. And for the power to rest cold in their hands, to continue the plunder and theft, and there was for them nothing left but to flee forward: to declare it a pure military rule with iron and fire, and let that which comes after it, and let Rome burn with whom, and what is in it. However, it is necessary to prepare the stage for this step, which can not be taken without introduction. There must be a small trick that paves the way for this step, such as the farce of the first coup and the slaughter of the sit-in spread implemented in 2019, which was preceded by the farce to negotiate the military component to suspend with the Forces of Freedom and Change for a period of 72 hours, it was surprising enough for the military preparation to implement the plan to spread the sit-in massacre Similar to the one by Sisi in the Rabaa -sit-in was performed. And like the second farce that preceded the second coup on October 25, 2021, during the negotiations with the departure of the international envoy, who received assurance of proof that there was no intent of the coup, only to surprise the man with the deception the next day. (6) Now the proof of the third coup is being prepared with a plan that paved the way for it in his speech with the withdrawal of the army from the negotiations of the tripartite mechanism, after it became clear to them that the civilian forces participating in the negotiations can not exceed the demands of the street for the need to “end” the coup, remove the army completely from the political space and hold the army accountable The dead, human rights violators and other demands. In an unintelligent detour, he linked it to the consensus of the civilian powers, and the formation of a consensual government preparing for the elections. As for the army and military forces, it will maintain its independence as a state within the state, led by him and Muhammad Hamdan (Hemedti) as a higher military council under his command all the security services, including the civilian police. Thus, the civilian executive will be a decoration for the military authority, which actually rules. Is there more “abuse” than that? !!. They are not even good at lying. This evidence is clear and thinks as if he is walking while sleeping, unaware of what he is doing and has absolutely nothing to do with reality. What is more clear than that is that any negotiation or any prospect of a political solution with these people is futile. (7) The solution? All political and professional forces and at the level of all sectors of the Sudanese people must unite, postpone any differences between them and roll up their sleeves to confront the military coup, which is the last card in the pocket of the military institution and its top -general. It went on a political strike and widespread civil disobedience, under a united leadership in which all the forces of change were represented in a revolutionary council. The first task, which has been unimportant since today, is the overthrow of the government. The revolutionaries could overthrow the authority of the alliance between the army and the Kaizen. The calibers have fallen and there will be no standing for them, neither on the shoulder of the evidence nor on the shoulder of any officer who piles up except him. The heads have fallen and there is no presence of them in the street. Al-Bashir has fallen, and the people have overthrown the first coup of their security committee, and their second coup, and there is nothing left but the third and last coup prepared for it … and it will fall. It will fall, and the people will restore their condition … If God wills, and the will of men.

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