A panel discussion at the “December 2” table: The implications of Brigadier General Tariq Saleh’s visit to Taiz Governor

From his position as a member of the Presidential Leadership Council, the head of the Political Bureau of the National Resistance is engaged in a patriotic mission and a major immersion in the regrouping of the national ranks in Taiz governor, by political and military forces on to gather one level, and to adjust efforts according to the challenges of the stage, with the emphasis on turning the page of the past and stopping and building the cycle of differences on The Bridge of Agreement and the Unity of the ranks, and this conviction that Brigadier General Tariq Saleh had at first sight, has today become a collective conviction among all powers to ensure that the Houthi project is confronted with the utmost determination and strength.

It was remarkable the magnitude of the warmth and reception enjoyed by Brigadier General Tariq Saleh’s visit to Taiz Governor on the first day of Eid al-Adha, before the effects of the first visit of its kind at the popular level in the province, which Brigadier Tariq Saleh regarded as “the first shot in the face of the Houthi priesthood.”

In this context, the “December 2” news agency organized a panel discussion with the participation of a number of Taiz sheikhs and dignitaries, on “the implications of Brigadier Tariq Saleh’s visit to Taiz.”

natural path

At the beginning, dr. Abdulqawi Al-Mikhlafi, First Deputy Governor of Taiz, addressed the local government’s position and emphasized that the visit was “in its natural course and had the implications of moving towards the unification of all components of the legal forces and the closure. of ranks, to unite the political, military and media struggles, and to avoid the negatives of the past period, especially after the formation of the Presidential Council.

He stressed that the visit of Brigadier General Tariq “reflects a seriousness in the activation of all energy to serve liberation and restore the state.”

He added: “The visit of a member of the Presidency, Brigadier Tariq Saleh, to Taiz came at a historic moment in the continuation of the national liberation struggle against the spiritual coup militia supported by Iran, and this visit “should represent a starting point for strengthening national unity and defeating the coup militia from the territories still under its control. in Taiz governor, and then out to liberate the whole country.”

as vision

On the vision of the leadership of the Taiz axis, Captain Watheeq Al-Absi spoke about the importance of the visit, which he indicated was the culmination of efforts led by Brigadier General Tariq Saleh with the leadership of the axis and the leadership of the local authority in the governor to strengthen the unity of the national ranks, as required by the national struggle waged by the Yemeni people to restore their state and bury the myth of the state.

Al-Absi said: “The visit can be described as a rescue operation that the citizen has been striving for and is striving to expand in the coast and inland. It is not possible to end the national struggle between the west coast and Taiz against the Iranian project and its tools (the Houthi militia).

He added, “The approach is on the right track to turn the page of the past, and there are many honorable men in the leadership of the Taiz axis who welcome Brigadier General Tariq and the joint forces. Everyone is aware of the importance of the stage and that Taiz is indispensable to the west coast, and the west coast is indispensable to Taiz in the context of this battle. ” .

The importance of timing

Sheikh Abdul Karim Haider, in turn, reinforced Al-Mikhlafi’s logic with the importance of timing the visit.

Haidar says: “At a time when the city of Taiz is still surrounded by the Houthi siege, and the Iranian – backed militia is adamant in lifting this siege as stipulated in the UN ceasefire, the need for the coalition of national powers, political and military, to recrystallize the situation and strengthen the factors of power increases Between the national resistance and the Taiz axis, in preparation for the confrontation of all possibilities, if the Houthi continue with this approach in dealing with the Taiz file and its claim and humanitarian claims supported by international positions.

He continued: “Al-Taziri Street has become aware of the scale of the challenges facing the dreamy city, and is well aware that 7 years of unfair siege, unless it ends with the Houthis voluntarily implementing it. of the terms of the ceasefire., will inevitably end with options of power, and power here requires reconsideration of the past and what has been achieved in it by all. ” And the arrangement of the scene according to logical justifications in the light of the unprecedented political agreement, represented by the Presidential Leadership Council.

A message to the Houthi militia

In turn, Sheikh Muhammad Abdul-Wali Al-Sharjabi saw the visit of Brigadier General Tariq Saleh in the first place as a strong and clear message to the Houthi militia, and those who dream of the compass of the national struggle.

According to Sheikh Al-Sharjabi, “the visit of Brigadier General Tariq Saleh represented a clear message to the Houthi criminal militia that the ranks of the third Qadisiyah struggle were united on all fronts in the Taiz Governor in particular, and other governorates in general. “

He stressed: “The liberation of the priestly militias is around the corner, unless they abide by the implementation of the terms of the ceasefire and deviate from a just, comprehensive and lasting peace.”

He pointed to the positive impact of the street in Taiz and the free people of Yemen as a whole, saying that this visit ‘had a great impact on the hearts of the people of Taiz and Al-Hujariya in particular, as they expressed their satisfaction. and confidence in him and this visit confirmed to them the extent of the interest and acumen of Brigadier General Tariq in Taiz and that Al-Hujariya is returning to his fighting role and the size it requires Taiz and the national struggle. “

He continued: “The days also proved to the people of Taiz that Brigadier General Tariq carries a national cause, and holds the people of Taiz with all the love and care. With all citizens and political spectrum.

Al-Sharjabi added: “This visit will remain in our minds as it is considered a historic visit in such difficult circumstances in the Governor of Taiz due to the unjust siege imposed on it by the criminal Houthi militia. “

The importance of closeness

MP Sheikh Ali Al-Wafi touched on the importance of strengthening the rapprochement between the national resistance and the military axis of Taiz, stressing that “the balance of power and efficiency of performance is more mature with this rapprochement that brings together national forces in Taiz Governor. “

Al-Wafi pointed out that the meetings held by Brigadier General Tariq Saleh with the leadership of the Taiz Axis reflected the extent of his interest in Taiz and the need to rectify the situation, strengthen national unity and readiness. for an inevitable battle, and that the Houthi militia would not lift its siege without a real force compelling it to do so.

He explained: “This is what a member of the Presidential Leadership Council, Brigadier Tariq Saleh, is working on, who descended into the stone of Taiz and held a reception there for security and military leaders, party leaders, sheikhs and celebrities. “is holding a meeting with the security and military leaders in the province on the sidelines of the visit.”

positive movement

As for Sheikh Abdul Salam Zamit, he spoke about the positive impact of the rapprochement between the national resistance and the Taiz military axis.

He said: “The tireless movement of Brigadier General Tariq Saleh will have an impact and bear fruit in the short term, given the issue of Taiz – which is the city most affected by the crimes and violations of the Houthi. – repeated in the The content of Brigadier Tariq Saleh’s speech on more than one occasion, and his calls for unity have always stemmed from acumen A sense of responsibility and an understanding of reality, and it is clearly embodied today.

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