Arab entrepreneurs between trying to create opportunities and face the growing challenges

Entrepreneurship is considered a journey, from which you will find what is short-lived that ends when you face the first series of obstacles, while others persevere and decide to challenge the problems and raise the slogan “There is no substitute for success and profit, whatever the challenges. ” The entrepreneur here is the hero of that voyage, and the captain of his ship, he navigates it with his prudence, efficiency and brave decisions.In the midst of that voyage he may decide to change his course to reach faster or want his speed reduced to avoid any potential losses, and this is clearly shown when a number of entrepreneurs have indicated that the Middle East and North Africa region is full of challenges to study, it is also rich in major investment opportunities and human resources that you This region, whose start-up companies were able to attract an extraordinary number of transactions and financing during 2021, as it raised more than $ 2.82 billion through 639 transactions, to confirm that the region confirms that, just as it contains obstacles, it is also able to give, and to be closer to the land In fact, Wamda begins a quick journey with you around the er to discover ferns of some of the Arab entrepreneurs.

Starting point

The decision to launch the activity is considered to be one of the most difficult decisions an entrepreneur can make, as he will sacrifice his time and perhaps his money, and also if necessary, his work, which is sometimes an element of safety and stability are considered. . Global Entrepreneurship Monitor For 2022, recognizing good opportunities to start a business may not be a temptation to do so if individuals do not see themselves as having the necessary skills, knowledge and experience, or if they fear that the business they are starting can fail, and therefore self-perceptions and attitudes towards risk These can be important influencing factors on the decision to start a new business, even if one discovers good opportunities and sees that they have the potential to start a business, can they will be reluctant to take the risk if the fear of failure is high.

The report also explained what some might find surprising, as it said that “making a difference in the world” as a driver of entrepreneurship is not limited to the economies of high-income countries, as more than half of entrepreneurs in 7 out of 10 low-income economies countries have agreed to this motivation, Thus, entrepreneurs in low-income economies have a keen awareness of global issues that need to be resolved as set out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Travel with Entrepreneurs

Wamda has met with a number of entrepreneurs and novice owners to tell you their own experiences and share their professional experiences with readers, which may be the best beacon for anyone who wants to enter the field of entrepreneurship and is full of this exciting experience. opportunities and challenges.

Yasmine Darwish, founder of an application DonaLebThe Lebanon-based fitness specialist says: “Our activity started with a simple idea that boosts the corporate culture and morale of its team by providing employees with reasons to engage in something other than work, because while people are the steps are, collect the application The steps are converted into coins, which they can donate to NGOs on the application or use for market discounts. ”

As she embarked on her journey, Yasmine received constant support from her friends and family, as well as the Salem group, all of which helped her open doors for potential investors and partners, and guide them to grow her business. brei.

Jasmine’s project was mainly focused on making an impact, which means her sustainability was somewhat uncertain, but Jasmine makes it clear that she’s still moving forward, always saying to herself, ‘The more we feel like times are dark, the better the world will be. with such things. ” Projects aimed at well-being and social impact, which motivate us to continue our work despite the challenges. “

Farah Brahma, founder of the Flowers Land Company for the production of ornamental flowers, in Palestine, indicates that he started his activity about a year ago through the stage of research and market study, the number of competitors, the amount of consumption and the target groups. High compared to the available width.

At the beginning of her project, the family was the only supporter of “Farah” who started the adventure and launched the project, then a number of donor organizations that believed in the idea and started working with it, came out of its activity. expanding, “Farah” managed to cope with the frustration and difficult circumstances surrounding his work, You give up hope, but overcame all those challenges with hard work and patience.

“Farah” adds, yes, there was initially a fear of failure and a lack of continuity, but we overcame it all because many business accelerators believed in the idea and worked to support it and help develop and out to knit. The only future, we worked hard and employed our various specializations in law, economics, engineering, applied biology and agriculturists in our field of work with the aim of making the project a success and development.

Interrupted by Linda Yusef, founder of project Togetherwhich is a special space to work and create a comfortable work atmosphere for young people, and is based in Iraq, saying: “So far the project is just an idea and has not been launched, but we are working on plans to complete it and achieve it on the ground, as the idea started since I saw that there are a lot of young people who need to work, and they have abilities and qualifications that help them create their own self-employment, and because I work in the field of organizations. I will be in direct coordination with all young people who need to create a job fair as well as artistic activities, which will enable me to integrate different activities within this space. ”

Although Linda is still afraid of the possibility of not achieving what she desires, especially since the project is just an idea and has not yet been launched, she is well aware that you have to lose to win, and she know that this field is not easy. , and if you do not fail, you will not succeed..

Linda now works on her own and has not had any support from anyone, but she is determined to keep going until she succeeds.

Osman Bayromy, founder of Servineraan online marketplace, in Lebanon, which connects maintenance seekers with the right service providers in the area, is suddenly silent while recalling: “One day I encountered a power outage at night due to an unexpected technical problem as we had to stay in total darkness during the summer., I called an electrician but he said he is not there now and usually does not work late hours, here I wondered why there is no online market we can use in these situations ?, From here down came the idea to create Servinera in my head. “

Osman was not afraid to take risks, even at the beginning of his journey, because he looked for opportunities and kept abreast of any entrepreneurship program or incubation to participate. During his entrepreneurial career, he realized that efforts never die, whether he wins or learns, and he continues on his path Steady pace raises the slogan there is no substitute for success.

Obstacles and opportunities

Some entrepreneurs may give up from the first encounter with the challenges that stand in their way, and some of them may decide to move forward toward success no matter what obstacles and losses they face, leading to the slogan “No success without fatigue” increase.

Yasemin points out back that her self-confidence was a major factor in her survival, even when others did not share her vision, and now she looks back and feels proud to get positive results from an idea that was once nothing.

Yasmin is currently financing her investments with her personal money, and is contacting potential investors to raise $ 150,000 to add new services to her project and market them more aggressively.

As for “Farah”, she explained that she started her project with an area of ​​250 square meters, planted 1,500 seedlings, and currently the cultivated area has almost doubled, about 500 square meters, with 3,600 seedlings, as many opportunities were at her disposal, especially since they are young people with higher qualifications. Their project for a number of donors / and indeed they got initial support to build a plastic house, then they got new support to buy seedlings, and then an award to develop and expand the project.

“Linda” hit a foundation Together” Various challenges, including financial support so that you can make this idea a tangible reality, as well as the lack of investors to support it, as you see that very few really provide support for emerging projects from all sides, especially in Iraq, this field is very weak for young people – as she put it – in some Sometimes the issue may be greater than the energy and abilities of young people, and they are forced to close their projects.

As for Othman, ”he says,“ I started all over again. We use our laptops to work through. However, our investment can now be estimated at around $ 5,000. ”

Osman presented his idea to a group of recent graduate developers who were excited about his idea and decided to start working on it.

Despite this, he faced several obstacles, but he did not concede to it, as he postponed his project for 8 months because it required application developers, programmers and software engineers, and he did not know programming and not the appropriate budget has to employ these specialists, here he started looking to find students to help him in This project., to start all over again with little or no experience, to return and work on the project to strike during the summer of 2021, for a period of two months due to the fuel crisis in Lebanon, which prevented them from obtaining electricity, and they also experienced problems with online payments due to problems and constraints related to the banking sector. In Lebanon, they also could not get their company with the Lebanese Ministry of Economy because it was closed until further notice.

“Osman” asks to support entrepreneurs, especially in those times that require support, because he believes that the region’s youth are capable of inventing keys to solve many common issues.

For her part, Valentina Primo, founder of the organization, says: Startups Without Borderworking to support entrepreneurs and provide them with the skills and experience needed to start their start-ups: “One of the main challenges in the region is political instability. We are witnessing the suffering of many beginners in Lebanon, for example, due to the financial and social crisis that the country is experiencing on the one hand, there are many opportunities in the region on the other hand, especially when we consider the market opportunity for technology start-ups: 60% of the population is under 25 years old, which makes it one of the youngest regions in the world, with a penetration of cell phones and the internet that significantly exceeds the world average. “

Entrepreneurship is an exciting experience full of stories of success, failure, fall and then rising strong, but if we look at the experiences of entrepreneurs, whether those who stopped and decided to withdraw after facing obstacles or who continued their path and endured hardships until they reached safety or who are still trying to achieve their dreams and ambitions, we will find that those experiences confirm that insistence on success, patience and overcoming obstacles can be seen in innovative ways as the secret key to success and the transformation of their dreams, which they considered. impossible, in fact.

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