BMW 2023 7 Series, BMW electric car specifications and price in Saudi Arabia

BMW 2023 Many of us search BMW 7 Series 2023 The brand new sedan, where German carmaker BMW introduced its new car and unveiled many of its features and luxuries in addition to its interior, distinctive colors and more. In the coming rules we will learn about the new generation car and its accessories, in addition to its price in more than one Arab country, so we follow.


BMW 2023

The new generation car will debut and be introduced along with other cars. Where it unveiled its new counterpart the i7 sedan. where I opened BMW The curtain on the seventh generation of BMW motors. And the vehicle got a lot of attention from lovers of luxury sedan cars. A BMW wagon will also be announced with a set of updated cars. Plus a new design for the sign bmw commercial. The interior of the car is also distinctive, especially the new version i7. And where it was removed BMW The curtain is ultimately on that design, as our information says it will have the same chassis and interior design as the petrol version. but revealed BM The wagon will come with a large battery and electric motors. as revealed BMW About the official prices for three models of BMW 7 Series 2023. Prices and information for the 750s will be officially announced later.

BMW 7 Series 2023 Series

a company bmw It says the CLAR-mounted platform is in the 7 Series. It is designed to fit a range of three different types of cars. This includes the cars for the 750e and i7 models that have been announced.

Knowing that the seventh category has been introduced with three new models:

  1. Model 750e.
  2. i7.
  3. 760i xDrive.
BMW 2023
BMW engines

Two of them will also be equipped with internal combustion engines. First the BMW 740i wagon. Where the vehicle gets a “turbo” V6 engine with a capacity of 3.0. It bears the code name “B58TU2”. It is also connected to a 48V soft hybrid system. Plus a sports transmission. This updated car also develops 375 horsepower. That is, it is 40 horsepower more than the previous one. The car also has a torque of 519 Nm per meter. It can also reach 539 Nm due to the increased acceleration function. This car provides acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 5 seconds.

second car bmw New generation i7 car. It runs on a 101.7 kWh battery and is 4.3 inches high. It is also connected to two electric motors. one on each axis. The front engine produces 255 hp. The rear axle engine is 308 hp. They deliver 536 horsepower and 744 Nm of torque. Also check BMW i7 accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. And that’s in 4.5 seconds. With an “electronic” top speed of 239 kilometers per hour. The electric model can charge up to 195 kW from a DC charger. This gives it a range of 128 km in 10 minutes.

bmw and its multiple classes

Third car BMW 760i xDrive four-wheel drive that will have a V8 engine. It has a capacity of 4.4 liters and a turbocharger. This car also develops a power of 536 horsepower. It also has a torque of 749 Nm per meter. It is also mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. With external oil cooling system with oil pump. As well as a light hybrid system and its voltage is 48 volts. Knowing that the engine can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in about 4.2 seconds.

Knowing that the hybrid system supplies a voltage of 48 volts. It also has an additional horsepower of 12 horsepower. And a torque of 199 Nm per meter. The system also draws power from a 48-volt battery located under the box. It is also recharged with the regenerative braking system of bmw. It also charges the car’s electrical system with a voltage of 12 volts. Say bmw The cart BMW 2023 This will allow a driving distance of up to 627 kilometers.

BMW 7 Series exterior design 2023

reach bmw Length 539 cm. While its width is 195 centimeters. As the height bmw It measures 179.8 centimeters. It also measures a wheelbase BMW 321.5 centimeters. This means that it is longer than the previous model. It also increased in length bmw With 48 millimeters in front and 4 millimeters behind. And theBMW It is equipped with a larger wheelbase and wider tires to improve mobility. like this BMW i7 is 13 cm longer and 4.8 cm wider. if this bmw Five centimeters longer than the base model. The 7 Series uses Matrix LED headlights. With optional Swarovski crystals for extra shine. The specification of the vehicle is that there is a black lower assembly under the headlights. The set includes a low and a high beam.

The i7 electric wagon version is similar in its exterior design to its regular version. if this bmw You get an exclusive look on blue outdoor items. Like the side benches and the rear bumper of the car. There is also a badge BMW. Some of its outward elements have also been preserved for a generation. bmw Previous. Including the car’s taillights, its simple appearance, and its 20-inch alloy wheels in the old design. The i7 is available in three colors. Dark Graphite, Super Copper and Astro Silver engines. Plus 11 common standard colors. you will come BMW 7 Series 2023 For cars with 19 inch wheels. With 20- and 21-inch “optional” wheels.

And lastly, the “optional” M Sport package at no additional cost for the i7. The package is standard on all other models BMW 7 Series. This package has either 20 or 21 inch M wheels. Whole season or performance tires. With a darker exterior design. It is noteworthy that the optional M Sport Professional package adds sports brakes with black or blue calipers. It also adds a treat and removes its brightness from the front grille of the vehicle.

BMW 2023
BMW 2023 7 Series

BMW 7 Series Information Entertainment System 2023

Brand new BMW specifications : –

  • Large screen in category bmw It has a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel.
  • There is also a 14.9-inch information entertainment screen in the new-generation electric motor that extends from the center console to the rear of the steering wheel.
  • A car also displays the latest version of the iDrive system information from New BMW.
  • The system is also controlled with touch or via the iDrive “spin controller”.
  • The new BMW Interaction Bar transforms the crystal bar into a touch-sensitive control panel through which the air conditioner can be controlled.
  • There are hazard lights. And the door close button. and other features.
  • A camera has been installed on the car’s roof to enable the driver to look at the rear seats. And check the car from a distance with a cell phone. It also allows to take selfies of the passengers.
  • The vehicle is equipped with two portable SIM cards to support the fifth generation network. slide for vehicle systems. The other one is a person used by the owner to make calls and connect to the internet.
  • Standard 18-speaker 655-watt sound system. There is also an optional Bowers and Wilkins Diamond surround sound system with 36 1965 watt speakers. With the option to install the speakers in the headrest or bluetooth headphones.
  • There is an optional 31.3-inch touchscreen display.
  • It is also 8K resolution and has Amazon Fire TV and applications like YouTube and Netflix. It is also mounted on the roof in the rear passenger area, and can be electronically ejected if desired.
  • The i7 is available with a new BMW Digital Key Plus that turns a smartphone into a car remote key. By keeping your phone in your pocket and when the vehicle is within 3 meters of the vehicle, the door automatically opens and closes when you step out of reach.

BMW engine prices 2023

  • Prices for BMW 7 Series 740i cars start at $ 94,295, or 353 thousand Saudi Riyals. It will be sold for £ 1,752,000.
  • The price of the BMW 760i xDrive will start at 114,595 US dollars, or 430 thousand riyals. It will be sold for £ 2,129,000.
  • The price of the BMW i7 series will start from 120,295, i.e. 451 thousand riyals. It will be sold for £ 2,235,000.

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