Gdansk, the world capital of amber

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Poland is a beautiful and very rich country in terms of tourism. There are many tourist destinations in it and they are spread all over the country. Poland embraces a lot of wealth and advanced industries.

One of the most prominent Polish tourist destinations is the city “Gdansk”, this city which in its architectural character is very similar to the city of Amsterdam. , especially when he gets there from the capital Warsaw, where he is a different city in form and content.

In the city “Gdansk” there are many options that the visitor can see, visit and enjoy, but I will highlight here one destination, the famous Amber Museum, which is located in the heart of the old city.

The city “Gdansk” is called the world capital of amber, where jewelry and utensils have been manufactured from amber for several centuries.

One of the top destinations to visit in Gdansk, the museum has displayed the world’s largest collection of amber since 2006.

This iconic museum is housed in a historic building dating back to the 14th century, specifically in the year 1350, where it was the seat of the city authorities, and before it was transformed into the Amber Museum, it was the Historical Museum of the city. . of “Gdask” and was called the “Historical Museum of the City of Gdask”, which was established in 1970 as a branch of the Pomeranian Museum in Gdansk.

The purpose of the founding of the city’s historical museum was to document the history of the city from the Middle Ages to the present day.

The Amber Museum opened to the public on July 24, 2021 and is now a branch of the Gdask Museum – which extensively covers the history of Baltic amber, which gave Gdask the title of Amber Capital.

The museum houses a large collection of amber artifacts and works of art, in addition to everything related to the history, properties and treatment of amber through time (from the earliest times to the present day).

The museum also takes the visitor on a journey to discover the unique history of amber, through which it contains rare amber pieces from around the world.

The museum displays an impressive collection of precious pieces of amber, which include interesting and pleasing shapes of insects or plants, in addition to many amber creations, from ink pens to spoons, musical instruments and other artistic creations.

In addition to the above, the museum houses a collection of the masterpieces of the ancient masters of Gdansk, as well as a collection of modern art and jewelry.

When you visit the museum, you will find large panels of beautiful amber with its insects and plants in various colors that captivate the visitor. The museum also includes uniquely designed exhibits, arranged on two floors, accompanied by immersive multimedia installations, and artistic arrangements for each current section.

At the top of the museum there is a large open room that houses an impressive collection of modern amber jewelry that looks more artistic than it can be worn, and in the lower part of the museum there is a large gallery featuring leading collections of jewelry include. and ornaments made of amber of which the visitor may possess and take gifts for his friends before leaving. The museum is at a great competitive price.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the Amber Museum, in addition to the exhibits it contains, is the semi-dark interior design, which according to the museum’s organizers took into account the meticulous design, as the walls and floors are black in around an aura of to give mystery to the aesthetics of the place.

The lighting and bright colors of amber against the contrast of black aim to highlight the beauty of the metal and attract visitors to the world of exhibitions.

The museum visitor will have many questions as soon as he enters this interesting place, especially: “What is amber?” and “Where does Baltic amber come from? Then the museum will not let you prey on what is going on in your subconscious, as you will clearly see the healing answers on the first floor of the permanent exhibition, which will take you on a journey through millions. takes years back – to the time of time immemorial when fossil resins and amber began to form Baltic Sea.

This rich experience continues through the Amber Forest, where it will take visitors to see how amber is formed, including an opportunity to work with a 3D model of succinic acid, the primary chemical compound responsible for the formation of this mineral. , to communicate.

You will be amazed and amazed when you find yourself on a huge glacier that once dominated the landscapes of Central Europe!

According to inyourpocket, the phenomenon of “impurities” (or “fingerprints”) of prehistoric plants and animals is by far the most confusing exhibit rooted in human consciousness since the introduction of Jurassic Park in the mid-1990s.

And in the new edition of the Amber Museum in Gdask, the famous “sunken lizard” was seen, as well as a whole host of newcomers – a gecko, a 4 cm specimen of bird hunting and a parasitic wasp all had their first appearance made in the new building.

The museum is also home to the world’s largest piece of amber, weighing 68 kg, discovered in Sumatra.

In 2021, the Amber Museum acquired this large piece of Sumatran amber, from Gunung Tua in Indonesia. It weighs 68 kg and measures 75 x 60 x 45 cm. It is currently the largest single piece of amber in the world.

Although this piece does not have the golden colors and transparency for which Baltic amber is known, it is one of the fine works of art and sculptures that made use of Baltic gold.

The museum houses a 17th-century chess set, originally carved in Gdansk, which made its way to Amsterdam and then to Scotland before returning to the museum.

The top floor of the museum will take you to the second part of the permanent exhibition highlighting the importance of amber in different cultures, as well as the history of amber in the Baltic region and beyond.
In this section you will find exhibitions of early and contemporary art, as well as some of the latest products from Baltic amber jewelery.
And there you will also be invited to the interactive “Jewelry Fitting Room”, a mirror space that virtually transforms visitors into modern amber jewels!

It is noteworthy that the Baltic Sea is unique for many reasons, both historically and geographically, but it is the wealth of enchanting amber deposits in the Baltic region that makes visitors from all over the world frantically flip through “Baltic Gold”. found around the world. Across the region, it is washed ashore in small lumps, and nowhere else is this exclusivity more closely associated than Gdansk, the world capital of amber.


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