Goal Insider | Bell’s Golf Pub .. Investing and enjoyment!

Not just an investment for Bill … but a case of love between him and golf!

“Goal Insider” is a new series focusing on the characteristics of football stars outside the world of the round witch, various investments and areas that football stars have decided to leave the field, including what suits businessmen, and others are strange and surprising, which we highlight.

In March 2022, Gareth Bale opened a restaurant and cafe that had a clear advantage over any of its competitors in the same field.

Bale, who is different in football and his way of dealing with criticism, must have been different when he also came into the business world.

The Welshman wanted to secure his future beyond football, but he did not want to be like his predecessors, investing in everything and anything, Bale chose the investment that truly speaks volumes.

Another experience!

The Real Madrid star has chosen to make his restaurant a place to play miniature golf, to express more about his personality and his hobbies.

Despite the many problems and crises that golf has caused Bale at Real Madrid, it seems that his love for the sport has secured him a great future in the world of entertainment other than football.

Imagine, dear reader, that you are going to eat or drink your favorite drink, and you get another experience in which you can entertain yourself with a sport that is not available all the time.

Bill was a smart golfer, and with two courses within his new restaurant, each with nine holes, anyone entering the restaurant could spend at least 45 minutes on each course.

Not the first experience

Gareth Bale has previous experience in the restaurant and cafe industry and opened a restaurant called Elevens Bar and Grill in Cardiff in May 2017.

The idea of ​​the restaurant was also based on a combination of sports, food and drink, as it offers 20 4K screens in separate areas of the facility that allow visitors to watch many different sports and events at the same time.

The place has won the UK’s best bar awards for 2018, 2019 and 2021, and several other awards that have made it one of the best restaurants in the region.

“In just a few years, we’ve created a very special and unique situation,” Bell said in a statement to his website about his first restaurant’s achievements.

But because success was taxed, Bell was forced to do it alone after a while, as his partner withdrew and became a Welshman to run it independently.

Name associated with Bill

As in the new restaurant that Bill is waiting to succeed in the same way as his previous one, the Welsh star has chosen a name that expresses his personality in his first restaurant.

“Elevens Bar & Grill” mainly refers to Bale’s shirt number at Tottenham during his first game, with Real Madrid and in Wales’ national team.

When he moved to Tottenham on loan while number 11 was busy and wearing number nine, his restaurant’s Twitter accountant was ready to make the joke.

The restaurant’s account published photos of him at the time and he changed his name to “Nines Bar & Grill”, referring to Bale’s shirt during his loan spell at Tottenham, and the Welshman just posted the tweet again and laughed.

Other branches and an Arab presence

The branch that Gareth Bale opened in Cardiff is the first, but it will not be the last, as he is set to open a new branch in Bristol, England this year.

Bell is also studying several other places in England to open branches of his café and restaurant in Exeter, Bath, Newcastle, Liverpool Manchester and Edinburgh.

In addition, Bell plans with its partners to make their project more widespread and international, as they seek to open a branch in the Arab region, specifically in Dubai.

bale quotes

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The Welsh star did not hide his great enthusiasm after opening the first branch of his new project, as he said in comments reported by the newspaper “Sun”: “I am very happy, now there is nothing that bothers me times to play golf. “

Excellence in what no one else has

Bale allowed his first restaurant to use a collection of his shirts, balls and memorabilia to attract fans, the most prominent of which was the boot with which he scored the back kick against Liverpool in the 2018 Champions League final.

This shoe will not be seen anywhere in the world by Real Madrid fans except at Bale’s first restaurant, not only that, they will have the chance to meet him when he is there.

All of these are the reasons for the success of Bell’s first project and his boldness to open the second project with such completely different details of golf.

In addition to this and with memorabilia from other stars around the world in football, golf and basketball, fans of those sports flock together to take photos with these unique items.

Apart from that, the owners of these souvenirs occasionally show up at Belle restaurants to pose with their fans for photos, something that ensures the Real Madrid star’s additional success, a distinction that no one else in the same field do not have.

Resistance in Bristol

Bell was preparing to open a new branch in Bristol, England, but a group of residents objected to the idea and ordered the government to stop the licenses.

Things have already been halted a bit by those objections, with city council offices flooded with complaints, forcing the government to intervene.

The city council has set a date for a meeting to discuss whether the new branch will be granted the license or not, and the matter has been suspended by the Environmental Agency, police and several other parties.

The biggest objection lies in the fact that the place refers to itself as a restaurant and bar for adults only, and that it closes half an hour after midnight on midweek evenings, and an hour and a half on holidays.

material place value

At Bell’s First Restaurant, drinks range from one to three pounds, while food prices range from five to 26 pounds.

Things in the new place that Bill intends to be more luxurious are not so cheap, and an evening at the golf club he opened is worth the money.

The price of a golf course per person is up to £ 10, while the prices of drinks are £ 8 and £ 10, which is ten times the price of his first restaurant.

The prices are understandable due to the great amenities of the place, which, without all the additional golf and other games, Bell costs about 1.5 to 2 million pounds as it is located in a very special place and a total area of ​​about two thousand square meters.

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