Hey Pictures :: Hajj Ali Ajami congratulates on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Adha and announces the beginning of the final finishing stages in the Orchid Residence Residential Project (Abbasiya).

Announces the start of the final finishing stages in its latest project, Orchid Residence, in the Abbasiya real estate area, which includes shops and apartments with small and medium spaces.

Prices to suit all budgets.

The Orchid Residence project (Abbasiya), for its owner, former consul Haj Ali Ajami, who comes from the world of diplomacy and from the ancient political house.

Believing in himself and his love for the people of the south and homeland, since 2011 he has launched a series of investments and projects in the southern region, specifically in the Abbasiya area, Tire district, in collaboration with Eng. Hassan Farag, who has extensive experience in this field and led by Eng Electromechanical Engineering, led by Engineer Maya Mitrik, who has experience in 3D drawing.

Collaboration was made with the well-known Mega company in the field of supervision and implementation of the Post Tension steel technology, to ensure the quality and quality of modern construction in the project, in terms of long-term public safety.

The success of the previous project (Al-Amal Residential (2) -Abbasiya) is due to its excellent location in the middle of the town of Abbasiya near the municipality, which is characterized by its views of the scenic views of olive and lemon groves. .

Upon completion of the project with all its works and works, the sold residential units were handed over to their owners (green deed of 2,400 shares), whose owners expressed their joy and complete satisfaction with this distinctive and unique residential achievement in the South region, in terms of specifications and location.

The Orchid Residence project is characterized by its proximity to the capital Beirut, where it is one hour away from the capital, Beirut, thanks to its proximity to the international highway in the city of Burj Rahal, which connects the south with the capital Beirut. , and it is a few minutes away from the ancient city of Tire and the neighboring southern villages.

The owner of the project, Haj Ali Ajami, describes the Orchid Residence residential project as representing a glimmer of hope for the emerging young generation, exhausted by the high cost of housing in Lebanon, forcing them to emigrate and to depart. in order to ensure housing and a decent existence.

Orchid Residence project (Abbasiya), equipped with all the facilities and safety available in engineering and construction, so that the buildings are equipped against earthquakes, in addition to the construction of a retaining wall that surrounds the building on all sides with the aim of maximum protection against the factors of nature in the long term, and the project is based on an Extensive and solid foundation, equipped with the highest quality of mechanical, electrical and sanitary materials, of mostly European origin.

The building consists of block 2, warehouses with parking on the basement and ground floor, shops from different areas for sale on the ground floor, consisting of a shop with mezzanine, bathroom and kitchen, and the possibility of each store with a basement warehouse to supplement. If necessary.

Each floor of each block consists of two apartments of 125 square meters, and two apartments of 145 square meters.

Each block contains 6 apartments, in addition to 9 shops of different sizes and a warehouse, so that the design of the apartments and spaces fits all possibilities, especially the young generation that is about to get married, and they are divided as follows :

– 125 square meters for medium families: a salon, a dining room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a hollow and three balconies.

– 145 square meters for large families: a living room, a dining room, three bedrooms, a main room with its bathroom, two bedrooms with a shared bathroom, a kitchen, a guest bathroom, a bedroom and three balconies.

The Orchid Residence project has the following characteristics:

General specifications:

Artesian well with pump.

Two new elevator specifications, approved by Bureau Veritas International.

Videophone, a European brand, for every apartment.

External specifications:

Cladding of three facades of Arsali rock, first toast, in addition to the characteristic volcanic basalt stone.

Exterior paint Santex wounded, first door with insulation.

Adopting a high quality Greek origin insulation brand, for floors of bathrooms, kitchens and balconies, against splashes.

Isolation of the surface, three levels of oil first toast, against the starch.

Stone rituals for doors, windows, apartment balconies, elevator entrances, shop doors, project and warehouse entrances.

The facades of the entrances to the project on Mondays are first-class Securit glass, in addition to all store fronts and skylights.

A concierge room for the project.

A basic distributed bottom tank with a capacity of 40 000 thousand liters, for all apartments and shops, in addition to tanks of 2 000 liters, for each apartment brand Somo Plast, known for its high quality.

Rehabilitation of the floors of the external courtyards of the project with volcanic basalt stones, of high quality and distinction.

Parking for each apartment, and secure parking for shops.

Within specifications:

Porcelain, ceramics and Spanish grass first toast.

Grace, first-class Spanish (floors of salons – dining rooms – entrances – and balconies belonging to the salons),

Ceramics, first-class Spanish (bedroom floors), grace and porcelain walls, first-class Spanish (kitchen floors – bathroom walls), first-class Aitaroni marble, for block stairs number 2 in the project.

2 primer primers for apartments and stairs, plus 2 high-spec Dutch Boy primers.

Plaster decorations in all apartment rooms, kitchens and entrances, and the acceptance of spot lighting in salons, dining rooms and entrances, in addition to the project entrances.

The acceptance of false ceilings that are resistant to moisture in the bathrooms.

PPR pipe extensions, Italian and Turkish thermal welding, with high quality.

Mixers for bathrooms and kitchens, the Italian brand Grohe, which is of high quality.

Modern bathroom linen, first toast.

Adopting the high-quality Lebanon cables brand electric wiring, and adopting the international Daewoo brand compressors and edge, or the equivalent thereof in terms of quality.

Extension system: telephone, TV, satellite, in apartments of 125 square meters: in (salons and in two bedrooms), and for apartments of 145 square meters in (salons and in three bedrooms).

The main entrance door is made of Mdf wood + oak veneer, of high quality, in addition to the interior doors with MDF wood, of high quality.

Granite kitchens of Brazilian origin, first toast, plus

Aluminum kitchen cabinets with wooden shelves Mdf, first toast, water resistant, with the adoption of a modern suction system in the closure.

The owner of the project, Haj Ali Ajami, is also interested in announcing that there are alternatives for banks that stop giving home loans, so that those who are interested in buying, and due to the difficult economic conditions plaguing the country, encourage to provide. an installment system for flats and shops for a period of two years, with an initial payment of five Twenty per cent of the amount, dividing the remaining payments over a period of twenty-four months.

We are still on our promise to the beloved youth of the south, to establish new investment projects and small interests (shops), and urge them to stay in their southern towns and homeland.

Hajj Ajami is also confident that no matter how severe the storms and problems, relief will inevitably bring a prosperous future.

He concluded by wishing that God Almighty would lift the plague and the epidemic, and that Lebanon would recover during this difficult time.

He praised the role of the expatriates and their generous and enlightened donations in supporting the economic and investment wheel, especially that the homeland urgently needs them, and especially our south is more than ever before.

For review:

Hajj Ali Ajami: 03828521

Eng. Anwar Najdi: 03673735

Ing Hassan Farag: 03740233

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