The Pope calls on the youth of Europe to offer a new face to the continent and broaden their vision

The Italian News Agency (AKI)

VATICAN – Pope Francis has called on the young people of Europe to introduce a new face to the continent, as well as to broaden their outlook.

According to Vatican Radio, the European Union Youth Conference kicks off today, July 11, in the Czech capital, Prague, and will continue until the 13th of this month. On this occasion, His Holiness Pope Francis sent a message to the participants in this important meeting, at the beginning of which he indicated his desire to invite them to Europe from an “old continent” to a “new continent” to change, and it is only possible with you, the pope said.

He added that he feels there is hope because the children of this generation are distinguished by being attentive and less ideological, in addition to their habit of studying in other European countries, their openness to the experience of volunteering and their interest in environmental issues. The Holy Father thus spoke of an important message to the youth of Europe, which is to introduce a new face of Europe to the world.

Pope Francis wanted to remind young people of the launch of the Global Educational Charter in September 2019 and which seeks to educate in brotherhood, but when you look at what is happening in this world under the guidance of adults and the elderly, it seems that you are the ones who educating adults about brotherhood and peaceful coexistence, His Holiness said. Then the Holy Father spoke of the first commitment of this covenant, which is to listen to children, youth and youth. From this point of view, the Pope called on young people to make their voices heard and to raise this voice, and express their right to their opinion about their future and encourage them to be distinguished by ambition, creativity and criticism.

Then His Holiness referred to two points in the global education treaty that are also in the program of the European conference.The first is openness to reception, which reflects the value of integration. Pope Francis warned here not to slip into short-sighted ideologies that want to show the others, who are different, as an enemy. The other is wealth, said His Holiness, and thus emphasizes that there can be no discrimination against anyone, and the need for solidarity with all, not only with those who look like us or with those who show success, but with those who suffer, regardless of their nationality or social circumstances.

Here the Pope wanted to remind the young people of Europe of the millions of Europeans who immigrated to other continents in the past in search of a future. He also reminded that he comes from an Italian family who immigrated to Argentina. His Holiness went on to emphasize the importance of educational institutions, not the elite that can join only those who have money, but those who combine good education and the service of neighbor, based on the awareness that the purpose of education is to help people to develop which strives for the common interest.

In this context, the Pope called on the youth of Europe to read both the encyclical Fratelli tutti and the document of human brotherhood signed by His Holiness with the Great Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed Al-Tayeb.

Then Pope Francis moved to speak on the second point in the worldwide educational pact, which is also one of the topics addressed by the Prague Conference, which cares for the common house, and here he expressed his happiness to see that today’s generation is able to present concrete initiatives in this area.

He told the youth that if they were not able to bring about a change in this tendency towards self-destruction, it would be difficult for others in the future to achieve success. His Holiness appealed to young people not to be tempted by dreams of a luxurious life confined to a small group of the world, but to see the rest of humanity, not just small Europe. He continued the call and spoke of the need to strive for a decent and moderate life without extravagance or waste so that everyone in the world can live with dignity. He also invited His Holiness to read the encyclical, “Praise be to You.”

Pope Francis then stopped at the ongoing war in Ukraine, which is added to many other conflicts in the world, making the need for an educational pact that educates everyone about brotherhood all the more urgent. His Holiness continued, referring to what many said that if the world had been ruled by women, there would not have been so many wars, adding that he liked to think that this also applies to a world ruled by young people. word.

In this context, the Pope recalled the Austrian young man, Franz Jugerstatter, who was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI and who was a farmer who refused to take part in the war launched by Hitler because his faith convinced him that it is not right to kill. innocent people This young man was imprisoned and refused to change his beliefs despite torture until he was killed in prison with another young man, a German anti-Nazi Lutheran theologian.

At the end of the message he addressed to the participants in the European Youth Conference held in the Czech capital Prague, His Holiness Pope Francis called on young people to look further, to the top, to constantly look at the meaning of their lives. , the purpose, the truth There is no life without the search for the truth.

His Holiness thus emphasized the need to live with feet firmly on the ground, but with a wide view open to the horizon, to heaven. He added that they can be helped by reading the Apostolic Exhortation Christ vivit, which is especially aimed at young people. In his message, Pope Francis called on the youth of Europe to take part in the World Youth Day to be held next year in Lisbon, where they can share their sweet dreams with young people from all over the world.

On the other hand, His Holiness wanted to express the hope that young people will be able to create new ideas and new visions of the world, for the economy, politics and social coexistence, and above all new ways of walking them together. Another hope that Pope Francis expressed to the young people of Europe is to be generous in the birth of a new life thanks to love, love for a man or woman, love for family and love for children, and also love for Europe, so that everyone may have a land of peace, freedom and dignity. Then Pope Francis wished everyone a good journey, assured them of the heart of his greetings and blessings, and asked them to pray for him.

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