The series “Wash Wa Dahr” jumps early in the list of the most watched | art

Only 6 episodes were released from the new series “Wash Wa Dahr” on the “Shahid” platform, but the work managed to occupy the third place among the most watched works on the platform, and attracted the attention of a large number of pioneers drawn from social media platforms.

Silent drama and other intrigue

The events of the series start from the first moment, as the makers of the work throw us into the heart of the story, making the viewer part of it very quickly, especially with the presence of the inner voice of the two main heroes , who introduce us to their inner feelings, motives and fears without being content to know them only from the outside.

Just like a mouse escaping from the trap, so is the hero “Jamal”, a man on the sidelines because his wife does not care or care about his desires or opinions, and an employee in the drug store is like a soldier on the border, who is outside the circle, so that he sees everyone and hears their whispers, watching them closely without anyone noticing.

Pure coincidence plays a role in his life, when his first name is similar to another embezzled employee, so the second’s partners give him a bag full of cash for his fees in one of the operations. While he wonders if he should give the money to the police or take it home and make his wife’s dreams come true so she can see or appreciate him for a while, he crosses paths with a mouse trapped in his wife’s grip. is, so that he frees himself and frees the mouse.

His feet take him to Tanta, and there he decides to realize his old dream of becoming a doctor. His experience working as a nurse at one of the great doctors for years benefits him, even though he has not the self-confidence that deceives fraudsters.

As for the heroine, “Duha”, she is a young woman who knows nothing but the path of misery. She was destined to become the eldest among her brothers, obliged to spend on them and give them what they seek, while drinking the cups of bitter reality without delaying complaints or aspirations which her soul may strive for. .

Her friend persuades her to work as a third-class wedding dancer with the goal of making a quick profit, but she quickly rebels against that job that does not suit her, and decides to accept an ideal escape opportunity that one of the men offers her. . in her neighborhood, offering her to work as a nurse for the new doctor who lived in the area.

So we suddenly find ourselves involved with them and testify to their exciting and interesting experience, where a doctor is not a doctor, and a nurse is not a nurse, and both are afraid that the other will expose his case, and then the events follow.

Hyper-realism and a camera that captures the details

Hyper-realism was one of the main features of the work that the audience missed in most of the regular Arabic series, even Ramadan series, with luxurious palaces or close talk shows, attributed to the director, Maryam Abu Auf.

The outdoor filming took place in the streets of Tanta, full of the common people and the simple ones, next to the Al-Sayyid Al-Badawi Mosque, the station and the famous city streets, while the decorations were filled with details that like the owners, their financial conditions and their poor classes, as well as the clothing and makeup.

As for the dramatic narration, it was not boring at all, despite the length of some episodes, as well as the dialogue was smooth and attractive, given the outstanding performance of the majority of the series’ team, starting with Reham Abdel Ghafour, who seemed to have sacrificed the right one.

Similarly, Ibrahim’s Islam, which still possesses many jewels, is revealed by one role after another. Here he shines in the role of his servant, who exploits the overwhelming needs of women, whether for love or money, and at first road farm. of dancing in popular weddings before sharing the reward with them. Despite his efforts to appear dominant or more intelligent, he is in fact fragile and broken, and just like everyone else, he needs recovery.

Tharaa Jbeil completely changed her skin in this work, with her loud make-up, loose veil and naive dance that she tries to make sexy, which makes this role a real addition to her after several roles that did not leave her mark.

Perhaps what is credited to the writing team is the addition of the various dramatic rules, the roles that are marginal or the lack of scenes so far, but the owners have excelled in it to the extent that the audience waits for them to have a large space inside the story, led by Mimi Jamal and Fadwa Abed.

The least accomplished remains Iyad Nassar, the star player, as he plays his character off the surface without diving into his depths, so his emotions seemed faint and his presence superficial, despite his role differing from any work he did. offered earlier, which is what his fans hope to improve on in the remaining episodes.

The series “Wesh Wa Dahr” is a short drama of 10 episodes, an original work for the “Shahid” platform, with Iyad Nassar, Reham Abdel Ghafour, Islam Ibrahim, Tharaa Jbeil, Mohsen Mansour and Fadwa Abed, with the participation of Honorary Guests Mahmoud Kabil and Mimi Jamal, as for direction. It was for Maryam Abu Auf, and writing for the β€œSard” workshop under the supervision of Maryam Naoum.

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