The Sixth Forum for Information Technology Developers at Mansoura University kicks off

The activities of the Sixth Forum for Information Technology Developers at the Faculty of Computer and Information, Mansoura University, are today, Tuesday, under the auspices of dr. Ashraf Abdel Basit, President of the University, launched and led by dr. Mahmoud El- Meligy, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, and dr. Ashraf Hafez, Vice President of Postgraduate Studies and Research.

In the presence of Dr. Mohamed Attia Al-Bayoumi, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, under the supervision of Dr. Magdy Zakaria, Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information.

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The events were attended by Dr. Sherif Barakat, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Samir El-Mogy, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies, Dr. Noha Heikal, Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, former deans of the faculty, heads of departments, dr. Osama Abu Al-Nasr, the forum’s coordinator, faculty members, the University and College Student Union, and the forum’s supporting bodies The Delta Society and Engineer Tharwat opened the door, Senator and Engineer Faisal Al-Mallah.

The events of the forum included many axes, including: Holding a series of introductory seminars in the fields of professional and functional work related to the fields of computers and information technology, with the participation of a group of companies and specialized institutions, and an exhibition of graduation projects that includes 97 projects for college students, and holding a competition to select the best graduation projects to embrace those ideas and provide technical support. In addition to the opening of the corporate employment forum at the college, in collaboration between the Graduate Follow-up Unit at the college and the Impact Association for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology.

Dr. Muhammad Attia Al-Bayoumi expressed his joy at participating in the forum’s activities and thanked the college administration, the forum’s organizers and the Student Union. He also appreciated the efforts of information technology to increase investment and transform the economies of various countries. , noting that most of the companies that have made big profits are companies that specialize in information technology. He also called on students to increase their competence in technology to keep up with the rapid developments in the labor market. .

Magdy Zakaria stressed that the forum comes from the strategies pursued by the political leadership, which supports the tendency to activate the digital transformation system and the applications of artificial intelligence, whether at the political or executive level, and which coincides with the celebrations of the Mansoura University in the golden jubilee and the celebrations of the Faculty of Computing and Information in the silver jubilee of the college To provide, transfer and exchange experiences with agencies specializing in the development of computer systems and information technology, which the university and the state’s orientation with regard to the preparation of a generation that is capable of developing and managing technological systems.

He added that over the years, up to and including the Silver Jubilee, the faculty’s deans and faculty members have contributed to supporting the college’s position as a distinguishing point in the university in terms of students, research and community activity. college students to increase the percentage of international publication in the computer sector.

The college supported and developed the infrastructure to provide a unique learning environment for students. Construction began on the new college building, which will be distinguished as the first smart building at the university due to its management with artificial intelligence systems. The college expands also in building partnerships with specialized institutions to enhance opportunities for qualifying students and graduates.

The college is also preparing to apply to the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Authority to approve 4 academic programs to ensure that the college obtains quality accreditation, in addition to approving the amendment of the academic regulations for all academic programs to ensure that the college keeps pace with the rapid changes at the technological level and the requirements of the labor market.

Dr. Osama Abu Al-Nasr pointed out that Mansoura University is living in a state of pride and pride after the 50th anniversary of its founding as one of the leading national universities, and here we are living the same state of pride in the Faculty of Computer Science and information in celebration of the Silver Jubilee of the Faculty.

Therefore, the events of the forum this year are characterized by a blend that carries the authenticity of the past (and aspirations) for the future, a blend that combines the experiences of college graduates who have taken an excellent position in the job market in represent all fields and aspirations of the future in providing the opportunity for students to present promising and innovative projects, and the forum’s management believes that the remarkable expansion in Activation of the digital transformation system, artificial intelligence applications, Support for small and medium enterprises and self-employment has become an important economic requirement in strategies to build developed countries because of its critical importance in job creation, innovation, improving the economy and supporting sustainable development goals in all axes.

Dr. Amira Rizk gave a speech on behalf of the college graduates in which she reviewed the stages of her studies at the college.

Ing. Faisal Al-Mallah, chairman of the board of directors of the Delta Association, expressed his joy at his presence in the faculty of computers and information at Mansoura University, and he appreciated the college’s efforts to communicate with the foreign and fruitful community in the field of information technology.

Several graduation projects have been opened for university students.

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