Zahrat Al Khaleej – Sandrine Dungey: Vacheron Constantin focuses on universal values ​​and evolution

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With each new season, Vacheron Constantin, the prestigious Swiss luxury watch house, challenges itself to remain true to the legacy of its founder from 1755, and to be at the forefront of renewing watch makers, developers and providing for the aspirations and desires of its loyal customers. In her interview with “Zahrat Al Khaleej”, the director of product marketing at home, Sandrine Dongy, reveals the most prominent innovations and recent releases, which were introduced at the prestigious watch exhibition “Watches and Wonders”.

  • Historiques kyk 222

• First, what are the most prominent innovations presented in the “Watches and Wonders” exhibition?

– We had a wide program this year, under the title “Anatomy of Beauty”; This is the way the house expresses our excellence with precision down to every detail, and with precision; As a luxury watch brand that combines craftsmanship and sophistication, you can see this attention to detail in each of our watches. Whether in terms of caliber details, or in terms of the choice of designs, this is something we do not leave to chance. The new watches of the house this year cover various areas, men and women, sports classics and high complications. We enriched the Vacheron Constantin Historiques collection with ‘222’, a contemporary version of the legendary 1977 edition ‘Jumbo’. We have launched a new collection, Les Cabinotiers, in honor of the sea world and its legends. and the Manufacture Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra-thin Skeleton watch with ultra-thin skeletal movement with perpetual calendar. For the Traditional Perpetual Calendar Chronograph watches, there is a new signature that combines platinum with a salmon-colored knob, and we have added new models to the Traditional and Patrimony collections aimed at women.

• How did Vacheron Constantin outperform himself in these innovations?

– I will say that we were happy; Because we have been in the field since 1755 (that is, from 267 years). The founders of the house are also used to exploring the world, and have had this kind of openness to the world since the brand’s inception. This is something we see as part of our values, and innovation really depends on our roots. The founders of the house faced specific requests from our customers; They were interested and tried to figure out how they could respond; Because excellence is part of our identity. And if we can talk about the 222 watch, it was not popular because the man, the designer who designed this watch, was very independent, 24 years old. At the time, our top competitors teamed up with a well-known designer, who created this very specific watch with a creative drawing of the bracelet and case. Today, of course, we have strategic innovation, but this is something we inherited from the founders of the house. And my job, as an innovation director, is to make sure we meet new ideas with new standards, including sustainability, but also a new craft. We master gemstone environment, simulate carving, but also explore new ideas with wood inlay, and this type also in furniture. Exploring, getting creative and seeing what happens outside, and how we can reinterpret it in our own little watch world, it’s genuine and true to our values.

  •     Traditional perpetual calendar ultra-thin watch
    Traditional perpetual calendar ultra-thin watch

creative adventure

• Why did the “Historiques 222” watch become so popular among collectors and collectors of antiquities?

– the icon always becomes an icon after it has started; To be honest, in 1977, for example, which was introduced on this occasion, since watches were always made with quartz; It was not uncommon for automatic watches to come with a lot of leather. This was the beginning of the first metal bracelet, and also the introduction of steel. At the time, this watch did not have such a huge success, and the chance to add is that we only manufacture a few pieces from this collection, we have three different sizes: (37, 34 and 24). Especially (37), we made less than 700 of them, which means very little. It is true that the design was quite unique in terms of semantics for our brand, experts knew that the smaller design of this watch was part of the Vacheron Constantin collection, so they started looking at this type of design. About two years ago, we saw a huge increase in the resale value of watches in this category; So we tried to figure out how we could just integrate, and we looked at history, and we said, well, 2022 is the perfect date. It was truly a creative adventure for our designers to improve the features. The technical aspect is – in fact – a big challenge; Because we have to keep it very thin, and improve the features.

  •     Les Cabinotiers Minute Repeater Tourbillion Watch - Flying Dutchman Assets
    Les Cabinotiers Minute Repeater Tourbillion Watch – Flying Dutchman Assets

What do you keep in mind when releasing an iconic piece?

– We have a large collection inspired by heritage; So we try to rejuvenate, and look at what’s new in the market. We keep the design aesthetics very clear, especially for the suitcases, and I think the starting point for a new collection is the past, look at what really was there, in terms of maybe the design style, that look, the engineering, maybe the mixture of materials, such as platinum. Then we discuss with the designers if this is a historical collection; We can improve it, like changing the caliber. As for the expansion of the relationship, we retain it; Because (37) was perfect. But we incorporate market trends in the way we carry them. Aesthetically, the starting point is always designed.

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• What’s new in the innovations of men’s watches, offered by the house?

– We have a great innovation in terms of caliber; Because it is one of our mainstays, within «Les Cabinotiers», it is very interesting; Because our customers really challenge us. On one occasion, one of our clients ordered a combination of three different complications, and that’s the perfection: a tourbillon, a minute repeater, and a split-second chronograph, which has never been incorporated into a caliber of this thickness. not. And here we can present this caliber within Les Cabinotiers this year.It is a unique watch that respects why there are so many features, but in a very thin box; Because elegance and the impact of wearing watches are very important to the elegant “Vacheron Constantin” women’s watches; Since we do not want it to be bulky all the time, the challenge is to meet the demand of our customers.

  •     Les Cabinotiers Grisaille - Skilpadbates.  look
    Les Cabinotiers Grisaille – Skilpadbates. look

Back to originality

• We see a return to originality in the new generation. How do you mimic this trend in parallel with innovation?

We have two tendencies based on our identity and universal values, and they simply address everyone. However, exploring the world pays attention to detail to a high level of excellence, and the expert approach truly speaks to the younger generation, especially our collectors, who are sensitive to this level of craftsmanship. So this is one aspect, and another very unique aspect, that we internally call a hurricane, that is constantly evolving. Last year we broke down the classics and reissued American 21. We will stay true to our heritage and always keep these little things on any of our creations. So, I believe these two trends: universal values, and our evolution, keep us alive, and we hope to continue for an additional generation, and our brand legacy.

• What piece do you enjoy presenting and talking about with friends from home?

Personally, I would have chosen the “Historiques 222” watch. In the face of the watch you see a highly customized ‘pearl nut’ switch, very elegantly silhouetted. And for connoisseurs, if you’ve debating with a man of fine watch, show this side, and you’ll discover one of the best calibers on the ultra-thin perpetual calendar, with exactly the same finishes, in terms of level of craftsmanship. , as in other men’s watches. And when you start talking about the watch, it’s very feminine again, but on the same back level; So we are really proud; Because it is compacted with a new diameter of 36.5 mm.

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