581 students and researchers in 5 faculties benefited from the Outstanding Incubators program

Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, received a report by Dr. Salah Hashem, adviser to the Ministry of Social Solidarity for social policies and general coordinator of the Social Solidarity unit program within universities, on the activities and achievements of the incubators. of majorities in the Social Solidarity Units in Egyptian universities, which is implemented by the Ministry of Social Solidarity in partnership with the main legal association According to a protocol signed between the two sides, the Social Solidarity Units, since their presence in universities during the period from March 2021 to June 2022 implemented the “Incubators of Excellence” program, and the units gave their interests to the outstanding student by granting monthly financial rewards to university students in different academic years to motivate and encourage students encourages them to continue their academic excellence and increases the spirit of competition among students, in appreciation and honor for the outstanding student during his university years.

At the other level, scholarships for outstanding students have been expanded to include researchers (Masters and Ph.D.) through monthly and annual financial grants, in addition to research facilities, the purchase of books and participation in training courses, to encourage them to complete their research careers and reduce the financial burden borne by researchers, especially in practical colleges.

The units of social solidarity in the universities with incubators of the superstars until June 2022 amount to about 17 units, and these are units (Cairo, Ain Shams, Alexandria, Fayoum, Mansoura, Zagazig, Banha, Menoufia, Minya, Sohag, Assiut, Luxor , Aswan, South Valley, Wadi The new program, Tanta, Beni Suef), and the program will be implemented in 13 social units in other universities, with a total of 581 outstanding students supported in 2021, including 430 students in academic teams , and 151 researchers with master’s and doctoral degrees, in five selected practical colleges (Medicine – Pharmacy – Engineering – Science – Agriculture), and a plan to enter other faculties within the extension plan of the Excellence Program.

The value of the scholarship is £ 1000 per month, which must be spent for a year, to be renewed for outstanding students in the event that the rate of excellence is maintained according to the order Psychological support to appreciate the superior.

Incubators of excellence for researchers “Masters – PhD”

The second target group of the outstanding incubator program is considered to be researchers with master’s and doctoral degrees in practical colleges (including medicine, pharmacy, engineering, science and agriculture), and they are students with outstanding applied research projects. The year for social solidarity units in Egyptian universities and a group of university professors, according to the excellence of this research with the useful practical application of the community, and the best research is selected and supported with an amount of 25 000 pounds divided into two payments, and the first payment is paid out at the start of registration with a value of £ 12,500 and a monthly bonus of £ 1,000 from the date Message Survey.

One-off research grants

The research projects presented in some units in universities such as (Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Beni Suef, Fayoum, Mansoura, South Valley, Zagazig, New Valley, Menoufia, Minya, Tanta) received a one-time discretionary award for researchers with useful applied research . Its value ranged from £ 5,000 to £ 12,500 in appreciation and encouragement to continue to achieve more success and excellence and make more effort. The number of research reward recipients for one award reached 111.

The rewards of the single award have had a positive appeal and a huge impact in the hearts of researchers, due to the interest of extended units even for researchers who have not been selected in the event of strong competition between different types of scientific research.

The opening of bank accounts for the majority by social solidarity units

Through the social solidarity units in the universities, accounts for outstanding students were opened by the university to which each student is affiliated, without any fees, or any financial assignments and without making any effort or fatigue, as the accounts’ opening papers were completed by the official of Nasser Bank and the official of economic empowerment in each unit, then ATM cards were made to facilitate the student’s payment of the grant The progress of the grant procedures is monitored by the unit officials on a periodic and monthly basis, and attention is paid to solve any problem that students experience during the exchange process.

Follow up on the impact of the scholarship on outstanding students

The progress of the award procedures and the monitoring of the success of the Superior Incubators Program are periodically monitored by holding regular meetings at ministry level, in the presence of Mrs. Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, dr. Salah Hashem, Adviser to the Ministry of Social Solidarity for social policies and general coordinator of social solidarity units in universities, and principals and deputies And coordinators of the university’s incubator program of excellence.

The units periodically measure and follow, through their officials and university coordinators, the impact of the grants provided by the social solidarity units for outstanding students, as the unit officials implemented a lot (meetings – interviews – evaluation forms), and the various measurements showed the positive impact that the award had on students and their feelings. The units appreciated their efforts and excellence, while awards to researchers helped to complete scientific research for the practical part of postgraduate studies “provided with research samples – do research and tests, experience psychological support and be honored for students to continue their educational path and achieve the highest success rates.

The top performers are some of the participants in the activities implemented in the units

The social solidarity units in Egyptian universities implement many activities that serve students in general and others that are specifically designed for outstanding students through the axes of work within the units. Benefit from the outstanding as main participants with volunteers, which took place in many universities (Assiut – Minya – Tanta – Sohag – Sadat – Alexandria – Zagazig – Ain Shams).

The volunteer leadership camps aimed to prepare a student with leadership qualities and a degree of social responsibility, patriotism and belonging … The volunteer leadership camps included workshop programs (volunteering and its importance, entrepreneurship, crisis and disaster management, first aid), and awareness activities within the units included many Among the various topics aimed at building a positive personality with a degree of good societal awareness (skills development workshops “success industry, methods of thinking and problem solving – persuasion and negotiation -. ..), and awareness of many phenomena and issues through seminars (citizenship and belonging – volunteering – loving -.

At the level of social protection and economic empowerment, many activities have been implemented aimed at supporting outstanding students, not just at the level of academic achievement. think about issues in order to qualify for the job market and invest their energy and successes to expand and include practical life, through many workshops Training courses and seminars (small projects – entrepreneurship – project marketing – career guidance sessions – knowledge competitions.

Knowledge and experience were also enhanced by involving the outstanding in visits organized by solidarity units to various external parties (the Egyptian Red Crescent – vocational training centers and productive families – social affairs – NGOs – orphanages and the elderly – various national projects), which included more than 130 visits. .

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Social Solidarity has launched the program of social solidarity units in Egyptian universities since the beginning of 2021, and it has been implemented in 29 universities, including public universities, Al-Azhar University with its three branches, and the Egyptian-Russian University He collaborated with the Al-Arish University in Sinai to establish a unit for social solidarity within it, bringing the number of units to 30 units within the Egyptian universities.

The social solidarity units within universities aim to improve and employ young people’s abilities, to provide all social and economic services to students and to provide for their basic needs during their university years, in addition to promoting positive awareness of university students about the major social issues and community. integration and raising investment rates in it, in order to promote social justice and growth Finally, to dedicate students to a culture of volunteering in all activities that promote their participation in the development of society and in public work.

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