Anthony Hopkins: Oscar’s spontaneity and wit

The eight-year-old actor spreads joy on social media

In the footsteps of a twenty-year-old dance Anthony Hopkins with his followers from a height of 84 years. 17 seconds of dancing was enough to ignite the communication platforms with interaction and welcoming.

The global actor has found on social media an outlet and space in which he singles out hidden talents, and a sense of humor and lightness that can surprise those accustomed to Hopkins in complex, rigorous, frightening and sometimes bloody roles.

The English knight, who was crowned “Sir” by Queen Elizabeth in 1993, likes to stand up from time to time. You see him moving between Twitter, Instagram and even Tik Tok platforms and planting a smile here and wisdom there.

This is the 80th wisdom he has achieved after the fermenting years, which says: “Do not always take things seriously … Nothing is worth exaggerating, in the end we will all go.”

Hopkins is not the first actor to use his social media pages widely. But the man does it with unprecedented spontaneity and naturalness. So it is no coincidence that his videos have been viewed by millions. Its publications are not expensive or expensive, and people yearn for spontaneity and honesty, in fact, not in fiction.

From a “cannibal” to a sower of joy

Hopkins was sitting behind the scenes of a movie with his colleague Mark Wahlberg in 2016, when Wahlberg suggested he open a Twitter account when he then knew nothing about it. But from the first tweet, he got caught in a trap and his followers commented on it. After a short time, he created a page on “Instagram” and joined the “Tik Tok” ride, where nearly 3 million people follow him.

Hopkins is not from the dancing Tik Tok generation, but he knew how to keep up with treadmills and laughter, and opened his journey on the teen platform in 2020 with a dance to the tunes of “Drake”.

He is personally “Hannibal Lecter”, the cannibal in the movie “Silence of the Lambs”, turned into one of the cutest characters in the world of social media. In addition to his spontaneity and his own philosophy, he was helped by various talents such as imitation, drawing and piano playing. These are interests with which Hopkins filled the void of stone days during the Corona pandemic and shared it with his followers.

In an interview with the American magazine “People” at the beginning of the pandemic, he sums up the purpose of his activity on social media by saying: “It seems that I am loved on social media … Everyone interacts with me strange sense of humor … That’s all we have now, so let’s try to laugh a little … People are in pain and lonely, I wish I could do more, but I do what I can to entertain them. ”


Anthony Hopkins did not learn to play the piano to stage his scenes in The Two Popes. He has been a friend of that instrument since he was seven years old, when his mother bought a second-hand piano and encouraged him to play. He was not a professional musician, but he is by nature a composer and musician, and in 2012 he released an album that included a group of classical pieces.

As for when he sits in front of his instrument and plays for his followers, he is often accompanied by his kitten “Niplo”, which he adopted during a visit to Budapest, and which appears in most of the videos.

Play with colors

At school, his degrees were not promising, so he turned his attention to the arts. In one of the interviews, he says that his teachers, classmates and family have always blamed him for being unfit for any job. He had no friends, so he spent the afternoons drawing or playing.

In 1996, he played the painter Pablo Picasso on the big screen, and then found 17 years later with brush and paint at the encouragement of his wife. Today, he displays his improvisational paintings and sells them, after sharing them with his followers.

The companion of holidays and events

Eid does not pass without “Tony” (his favorite nickname) being the first to celebrate with his virtual audience. From New Year to Christmas, through Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and Halloween, he wears his favorite mask. He loves slapstick, does not hesitate to strip strict English protocol with his nickname “Sir”, nor does he shy away from setting aside the image of a serious actor, to share a crazy moment with his fans. He dances as if no one sees him.

Real social

Hopkins is not an expert on social media, but he is a master at connecting with people. He attaches his photos and videos with sweet remarks, encouraging tips, and assures his fans that he reads all their messages. He addresses them directly, and shares with them his positive energy, and his gratitude to them and life, including days of work and rest. And he does not forget to make room for his artistic novelty and for his humanitarian activities such as the campaign against child hunger in the United States.

Joy after 75

There are numerous awards that Anthony Hopkins has won during his acting career, including two “Oscars” for his roles in “The Silence of the Lambs” (1991) and “The Father” (2020). Two complex roles that have no resemblance to the simple and funny image that the artist reflects to his fans.

Hopkins was pleased with fame and glory. Satisfied with the battles of ascent and arrival. His priorities have changed and become simpler. In an interview with the Guardian newspaper in 2018, he said: “When you reach the top of the tree, you will not get anything above … All this panting is meaningless and just a lie … Most important of all is gratitude that we live. “

He has reached a point in his life where he underestimates his achievements and does not take it seriously. He likes to compare what he does with the cleaners, nurses and restaurant workers, and he will conclude that they earn more prizes, cups, medals and money. He slept the night he announced his last Oscar victory, believing that “the awards are entertaining, but ultimately meaningless.”

Before he came to this wisdom of abandonment, and when he had feelings of greatness and discernment, he immediately appealed to his father. Richard Arthur Hopkins, the baker who hardened the oven fire on his hands and left eternal scars in Anthony’s memory.

Hopkins’ wisdom did not come from nowhere. He fought many battles before reaching this stage of contentment and calm. He fought his alcoholism and is proud of the moment of consciousness that woke him up in December 1975 and made him choose life. He also stopped smoking, and most importantly, he got rid of the anger that controlled him. In the seventies, he was known for his sharp temper during filming, and he sometimes even beat directors.

“No matter how many successes you have, it’s not what will fix you.” Hopkins was right. At the height of his success in 2002, he suffered from frustration, but was gradually overcome by music, painting and love. Over the years, he has learned that nothing is worth getting angry about. After his 75th year, he realized that three words sum up happiness: contentment, contentment, and contentment.

Today, when he looks at a picture of him as a child on his phone, he says to little Tony, “I think we did well, boy.” But when he looks at the videos of some of the younger generation on “Tik Tok” and “Instagram”, he thinks there are distances between them and the lightness of shadow. Distances as thick as the mask that covers their faces, and protects their followers from the permissible anxiety they feel.

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