Brothers Hassan and Hussein Al Roumi: Our Middle Eastern background plays a role in shaping design ideas

Interior designer Hassan Al-Roumi and architect Hussein Al-Roumi are behind H2R Design, which is expanding its hospitality, retail and residential apartment design projects in the Emirates (especially Dubai), Saudi Arabia and other Arab and Western cities, which have been honored with many awards, especially in the field of hotel design. The brothers approach the concept of design from a point of view that does not give importance to “trends”, but rather focuses on concepts.
In the following dialogue, engineer Hassan Al-Roumi talks to “My Lady” about the brothers’ view of design, and how it has developed in recent years.

From right, brothers Hassan and Hussein Al-Roumi

Is it easy to work with your brother in design?

Sure, no … But working together is one of the reasons for our success and progress, as our activity enables us to complement each other and focus on strengths and to overcome any limitations that limit us, as it earn more knowledge, especially with age and adulthood. Today we better understand the strengths and weaknesses, which are responsible for our prosperity in the field of interior design. The big aspect of our work together is the high level of trust and belief in each other, two factors on which we rely so strongly.

How do European and Arab nationalities influence your career in design?
We were both born in the UK, so we are British citizens, proud, but of course we rely on our Middle Eastern background (the two engineers are of Iraqi origin) to help us shape the design ideas.

Your business does not keep up with trends; How do you summarize your general design philosophy?
The purpose of building spaces does not correspond to the prevailing trends, but rather requires a study of how the design concept is reflected in the architectural space, and an attempt to be objective and in the position of the potential consumer. stand. Our signature designs meet the requirements of clients, and in many ways resemble a marriage of who the clients are and what they are trying to achieve? It allows us to create shapes and concepts that will substantiate the identity of the space, as well as to tell us through the design a consistent story in its elements.

Photo courtesy of H2R Design Projects

Residential complexes similar to hotels

Your company has been honored with many awards, especially in the field of hotel design and other hospitality projects; What is your overall impression of hotel design? Can the house look like the hotel?

Photo of H2R Design’s design projects in the hotel sector

I think the lines between hotels and houses have been blurring lately, especially with the shift to remote work. While many hotels used to focus exclusively on the entertainment factor, it is now necessary to “facilitate” spaces through design, which has allowed access to hotels or beach resorts in the city center for a few hours for business. On the other hand, the residential complexes should in turn become more like hotels, in terms of providing many leisure services.

Has the pandemic changed the way you think? How has the pandemic affected architecture and interior design in general?
both; Although everyone in the world believed that the epidemic would change people, many considerations were taken in this direction. It is true that people have become more careful about the way they live, especially in terms of more attention to neatness and flexibility, given the interaction of people with all things and developments, but the basic principles by which environments are designed have the same .

What is the first step in designing a residential project?
The first step is to truly understand the client’s requirements and goals for the environment they are developing, as each has a unique mindset and a different set of requirements. There is a lot of process between the designer and the client at the stage of outlining the space structure, and it is critical for the client to understand the size available for each area and the functions it can perform. In the next step, the designer allows the concepts to take on and develop a specific shape.

Residents’ well-being

Have the interior design projects for homes in the area changed over time?

Yes, there are constant developments related to the requirements of homes, in terms of interior design. The lessons learned from “Covid 19” include the use of the greatest possible amount of natural light in the architectural space, as well as the distribution of green plants in abundance therein, and to the senses of sight, touch and smell after the attracting interiors, which “consumed” especially during the difficult times of the epidemic, consumes more than ever. In addition, the focus is on the amount of lighting needed in each space, especially with moving from one corner to another inside the house. The aforesaid matters drastically affect the well-being of the inhabitants.

What decor styles do you enjoy implementing in interiors?
I now appreciate the styles characterized by the inclusion of many organic elements, and the sense of stability of the designer as well as the client.

classic cars

You and your brother enjoy collecting old cars; Is your hobby in any way related to working in the field of design?

Despite the strength of communication and the advancement of technology in today’s world, the majority of people lack heat. To look back, specifically at these classic vehicles, and learn more about how they are made, their parts and mechanics, feel warm, emotional and captivating, and truly expand the feelings of how we actually work, live and coexist, and reminds us of the value of touch and smell. The way we live is becoming more and more mechanical, so the value of in-depth experiences cannot be replaced by technology.

The great aspect of the two brothers working together is the high level of trust and faith in each other


  • Images from H2R Design projects.

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