Egyptians “Fatta” and the Sri Lankan “Brotherhood” dream!

The “Muslim Brotherhood” around the world was delighted and expressed their joy at the developments of events in Sri Lanka. Rather, they wished that it would be repeated in Egypt and told each other that what had happened there gave them hope that the ongoing campaigns of the “Brotherhood” against the rule in Egypt would lead to the organization’s return to power again. . The elements of that terrorist organization missed that the Colombo scenario actually took place in Cairo, with some changes, when the Egyptian people revolted against the rule of Mohamed Morsi, surrounded the Federal Presidential Palace and the position of the Brotherhood’s guide and also his place in the organization’s castle on the Mokattam plateau.

It is remarkable that the Brotherhood’s celebrations of chaos in Sri Lanka coincided with Egypt’s celebrations commemorating the announcement of Morsi’s removal from the presidential seat on the day the group’s decades – old dreams and plans to overthrow latency were overturned. to come to empowerment.

The fate of the “Brotherhood” is not with the ruling regimes and governments, but rather with people who are burned by the fire of the group’s rule, tyranny, dictatorship and its desire to eliminate its opponents, and the use of religion for creativity and freedom. Since that day, the “Brotherhood” and all the parties that support them have been trying to erase the memory or turn it into an opportunity to weep over the democracy that has been lost, the legitimate president captured and the promised prosperity that was. lost!

The organization did not miss an opportunity to spread chaos without seizing it, so its elements changed into kicks of demolition and spread of destruction and support for terrorism, while the organization’s platforms and channels did not stop a trying to create a wedge between Egypt and its land. brothers, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, not only because The two countries supported Egypt and the choice of the Egyptian people after the June 30, 2013 revolution, but also because Riyadh and Abu Dhabi participate, in various ways, in supporting the Egyptian development efforts and pumping large investments in the Egyptian market in a way that sabotages the plans of the “Brotherhood” and the organization’s claims about The investment climate in the country refutes the group’s hopes on a famine that did not cease to market its occurrence in Egypt.

While Egypt seeks to cure the pain of the Arab Spring and its aftermath and seeks to get rid of terrorism and its destruction, and to bring about the “Brotherhood” stage and the repercussions of the group’s rule for a all year round, during which Egypt has not seen through its long history, corruption, chaos, confusion or wear and tear as happened to it in that year, the terrorist organization is looking for models of chaos to market among its members to give them hope for the fall of the regime in Egypt, the return of those fleeing from the group outside Egypt to its interior, and the exit of the group’s guide and symbols from prisons to once again occupy positions of power and joints of influence.

The “Brotherhood” did not notice that their marketing of the Sri Lankan dream did not attract the attention of the Egyptians, who were engaged in the days of the blessed Eid al-Adha with a polemic covering large areas of social networking sites about the type of “gesture” most appropriate for the festival, and a group of them ran to list its benefits with garlic and vinegar while the team mobilized. The other is a testament to its good taste when mixed with sauce without garlic and vinegar!

Sri Lanka is not the first model and will not be the last without Brotherhood leaders telling their members that the Egyptian people, who rebelled against the organization’s rule in rejecting the “Brotherhood” of the state and out of concern for the Egyptian state’s identity, culture, history and heritage, and in opposition to the assassination, sabotage and repression of the opposition, insisted on overthrowing Muhammad Morsi from the presidential seat and the power of the “Brotherhood group, and he’s still on his point about it. organization that had been dormant for decades and then rose up along with the winds of the Arab Spring, trying to devour the state and launch it out of Egypt to dominate the surrounding lands and rob the reins of power in them.

Though the past decade has seen tens or less of hundreds of attempts and conspiracies, during which incitement has been used to drive the people to a new revolution, or to deceive them with false news, fabricated hats, fabricated facts and innumerable money spent on to persuade. them to change their position to accept the “Brotherhood” in the political scene, but in vain even the majority of the parties that support the organization and have stood behind it, since the Arab Spring hit the region, and strive that it at the top of the pyramid of power in Egypt, publicly withdrew from their positions after continually banging their heads against a difficult wall, plowing into the water and waiting for a revolution that did not happen!

The facts on the ground, the logic and the balance of power locally, regionally and internationally do not indicate the possibility that the “Brotherhood” will return to power, despite the presence of regional and international parties that still support them, moral and logistical support, embrace the Brotherhood’s symbols, grant them accommodation and freedom of movement, and equip them with studios and channels, as well as spending The money is not only on the group’s media machine, but also on every activity that harms Egypt , to support. money goes to terrorist organizations, Western media, foreign human rights organizations and international research centers, to enable them to create and govern a negative impression of Egypt.

The “Brotherhood”‘s attempts to sabotage have failed in vain, and they and their allies continue to emerge from one failure after another, and from one defeat to another, believing that their “group” in Egypt by a ordeal goes from which it will soon emerge and return to the seats of power and authority!

As for the people of Egypt, they have learned the lesson well and will not come out in any revolution in the future, regardless of their suffering, except to object to the return of the “Brotherhood” to the scene or to refuse to the crimes of an organization that seeks, seeks and will continue to destroy the Egyptian state against those in it.

* Quoted from “An-Nahar”

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