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In the news: “The Humboldt University of Berlin has canceled a lecture to be given by biologist Marie Wohlbrecht, who planned to talk about the existence of only two biological genera, due to safety issues, the newspaper said. World reported.

According to the newspaper, the biologist tried to talk about “why there are only two generations in biology in a scientific way”. However, left-wing activists protested in this regard, describing Fulbricht’s thesis as “unscientific, inhuman and hostile to LGBT people”.

This is news that was “translated” on many international websites and agencies at the beginning of this month, and its transmission and transmission is truly remarkable in the era of great political correctness!

I do not understand exactly where the right of that woman who is scientifically specialized in her biological field to express her purely scientific opinion went, which allows those who disagree with her to refute her idea with the same biological science or not, but she is the one who was ultimately silenced “and her sciences”.

One of the corners of the Ukrainian war since its outbreak in its early days was one of its themes of “homosexuality”, and the LGBT community, which in recent years has become a force to be reckoned with and legalized. started to change. pressure groups to extremist movements that exclude anyone who argues with them or has reservations about their attempts to enforce their rules in human societies.And at all levels.

In the ugly war that Russia waged against Ukraine, this “moral-social” was considered the weakest side of the just Ukrainian position, including the infiltration of the “Putin” Kremlin into a propaganda war during which it could become a conservative European. win. voices that were tired of social “neoliberal” extremism and the current Political Correctness, which had been sweeping the world since the mid-1990s, with rules that left nothing but interfered with it, even film and the arts, which has reached the point of endangering filmmaking. nostalgia A wave of “political correctness” has arisen that demands the removal of treasures from films because they do not meet the standards of the new trend.

In my opinion, frankly, we are facing an intellectual and cultural terrorism of enormous ability and capability that targets many people like me on this planet. This terrorism may have started in the early nineties with what was known as political correctness, which many of us intellectual and social freedom under the name of freedom itself, and in a mixture A miracle brought together a mixture of human groups who were subjected to persecution, so that they committed themselves “without objective harmony” against the idea of oppression itself, to find a community of persecuted colored people, whites, homosexuals and transgender people, so that the alliance expanded to include environmental groups, then atheists, and the last registered trademarks were “those who do not yet know their gender” !

It has established in me a certain conviction that mankind, when it has reached the climax of its civilization, seeks to break that civilization into very narrow human identities, in the name of the purification of moral values ​​within a system of neoliberal concepts.

Yes, there are undoubtedly human concepts that needed to be corrected, and it is part of the process of history as an ideological sequence of events according to the Hegelian definition of history, not as an arbitrary sequence of events, but “political correction” began to interfere in the course of history with an arbitrary and accelerating succession and to enforce a system of ethics and morals.It affects everything we want to hear, watch, read, and even everything we want to think.

The subject is not new in the discussion, and I have said repeatedly that I do not understand where we can go with all the love poems if the stage of social neoliberalism has gone so far as to consider flirting with all its poetic and fictional literature as sexual harassment?

And I do not imagine that, “as Islamic Salafism and the Spanish Inquisition did with books, for example,” we will burn hundreds, if not thousands, of beautiful and immortal films, as Scarlett O’Hara did in “Gone with the Wind.” done it. does not fall in love with a character of African descent played, for example, by the great and immortal Sidney Poitier, or a Latino, as the incredible Antonio Banderas! Or to prosecute Dostoevsky, Marquis and Hemingway because they were big stories with no references to gay justice.

Is it possible for us to reach the stage of rewriting the legendary “The Old Man and the Sea” so that the stubborn fisherman “Santiago” hoists a rainbow sail on his ship or a visitor to a gay cafe on the beach, so that the novel becomes acceptable?

I always repeat to those around me that I am a politically liberal man, and socially conservative, and that is my right within my personal structure as it is the right of everyone who is opposite to me in his personal composition, and because I live and work in Belgium where there is a democratic society and an institutionalized state, my political orientation as a voter in any Belgian elections Or a European one, which will not be linked to the traditional orientation of Arab immigrants in the “social welfare states “in general, but will be within the framework of my personal political orientation based on what I believe in.

Which often makes me turn to the center-right parties, when their programs achieve what I want in the society in which I live and coexist, knowing that my neighbor “Kofi”, who brings me with Belgium and who is of African descent , from Ghana in particular, agree a lot with me in the conservative social orientation, And this is the only one in my building where I live with someone who is entrusted to me and my family with everything in our house when you travel. The story is nothing but a human position that anyone else accepts, I always put myself in its place, and through that I judge my behavior to control and correct it.

In order for the “extremists and exclusions of the other side” not to be happy about the interpretation of what I say, I personally respect the choices of anyone in his personal life, and I do not in any way ask for any case of exclusion. of any person because he is different from me, and I expect reciprocity from any person on the same standard, and what I want She says here that the story is nothing but an exaggeration in defense to the extent of exclusion of the different, whatever it is, and remember that these others are always you in the eyes of others.

It means, among all that it means, that I am in search of pluralism in essence, not forcing one color and stereotyping my mind within a system that seeks my artistic taste or my intellectual orientations that believe in people, and the person here to eliminate. can in my opinion not be a case of repetition as much as it is a case of plurality and diversification which does not It has any kind of exclusion.

We are actually facing the “McCarthyism” of the other party, which was one day persecuted by the extremist “fundamentalist” McCarthyism, to turn the victim into a laxman, a qualitative and powerful McCarthyist purification exclusion that upholds the rights and dignity of the individual to infringe on the rights of others by difference. Nor did the clergy in the European Dark Ages who condemned those who disagreed with them and condemned them to be burned alive before the public.

I wrote in a previous article on the same topic, in which I said a warning, and I repeated the warning:
What is happening today, with a frightening acceleration, has in itself become an extremist ideology, so that it has become associated with the extremist religious Salafists, so that the opposition to it becomes infidelity, and to criticize its persistence with authoritarianism is not ‘ no other opinion. and all these are the instruments of liberal penance similar to the well-known Salafi tools of reconciliation (ignorant, unbeliever in religion, outside of religion, politician in God, owner of rioting and sinner).

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