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The adversity that goes through societies produces three kinds of people who deal with adversity or crisis, each according to his morals and according to his own way: a category that brings out the best in difficult times, a category that brings out the worst in them our bring. , and a third category that distances itself from interference, a category whose hands are usually white, not because of situations, but because they put it in their pockets all the time.

Cases of rebellion and popular revolutions against tyrannical regimes, throughout history, have led to societies going through difficult times due to the earthquake that occurs in all state structures and the structure of society. In difficult times, the worst of him is the one who leads the scene and leads the stage that follows the fall of the regime, because he is an opportunist and he has no problem with moral burning in the stage when he comes out with the loot. .

The previous regime sang about its authoritarian trinity and turned it into sayings, hymns, songs and commercial interruptions, and this trinity is “power, wealth and weapons,” which he claimed to have handed over to the people, whether he monopolized them for himself and for those he trusted among his neighbors, or to support wars and rebel groups in parts of the world. The handing over of this trinity to the people turned into a source of discord and a joke for people who are deprived of it, after they have even been deprived of possession of hunting rifles. . Once the euphoria of the revolution ended and the tyrant was liberated, the class or classes that followed revolutions and exploited the chaos stage wrestled over this trinity, which became vacant as soon as the end of its owner and the fall of his regime.

The envoys of the United Nations have finally understood the nature of this conflict, which sings about the homeland, the people and values, but in reality it is a struggle for this acute triangle.Therefore, all initiatives and agreements that try to resolve the crisis focuses on the distribution of posts and portfolios to satisfy all parties, just as the United Nations, despite Sanctions and Security Council resolutions, turns a blind eye to the weapons flowing into conflict areas, and the money they feed, for the triangle is not complete without them, for they are two sides of it to attain power. And the government in a rich country is shedding blood and saliva, especially because this country is empty of sober political currents, and the concept of the deep state is absent, because it has long lived under a flat and fragile security state that is dependent. on the monopolization of the source of existence and on the fluctuation of tribal loyalties, its colors vary like chameleons to suit what is. It is new, and its mantle changes when circumstances change, to place society in decades of unrest and confusion that eventually led to it. complete chaos we behold.

Some accustomed to sarcasm against the former regime’s slogan regarding power, wealth and weapons, say that Gaddafi’s statements, which he could not achieve for four decades, were achieved by his followers within a short period of time, as the people eventually shared them, but this analysis is not accurate. To achieve power, they are a couple who believe they are from the heart of the tyrant and his legal heir. Most of these couple were raised under the protection of the former regime and were sucked out of his contaminated milk until they got drunk, while the cynical majority of society still produces the bitter joke about what is happening to him out of ridicule, and every new initiative is still resolving. The crisis falls on the same side of the conflict, down to the last authorities who were surprised by their unexpected list, near and far, which also came, as confirmed by the United Nations’ reports and leaks from inside the Four Seasons Hotel, by corrupt political money looted from one of the corners of the triangle, which is the wealth stolen from Libyans, which is now driving conspiracies over their future.

At the heart of this immoral conflict was one thing that grew and promoted its ranking in the world indicators, that is corruption that has spread throughout all authorities, and that even transcends the concept of traditional corruption, by one of the United Nations commissioners as “looting” because he found that the term corruption does not express the reality of what’s going on.

On the other hand, the maintenance of militias and mercenaries and the control of land with weapons were part of the struggle for this trinity, which leads to each other, as it is the most effective way to preserve corruption and secure paths to wealth, and then to power and monopoly of influence.

Weapons are widespread and still flow into the murderous hands they need most are rehabilitation after being drenched in blood and cold-blooded murder, and in this difficult time society was divided, groups leading the scene and the worst in it emerged. brought. to win this dirty conflict over the Trinity, and a margin of Libyans come out better. What is among them is by those who are trying to reduce the damage or treat the wounds: from reconciliation teams and ambulance teams, from the Red Crescent youth, or conscientiously. workers in health care facilities, or repairing electricity networks, or some writers trying to clarify the facts of the conflict and spread awareness about what is happening. And some human rights institutions that try to record the crimes committed with impunity, and others that make Libya continue to live and breathe in the most difficult times it goes through. A majority is chasing daily food and is content with the prayer that God will liberate Libya, after the trinity monopolists suspended them from the scene and from participation when the ballot boxes disappeared from all solutions in recent years, and the policy of dealing with the invading authorities became the predominant policy.

This majority is waiting impatiently to return to another opportunity to run in the by-elections, which is quickly registered in the lists and still retains its cards. , especially in light of the performance of the authorities entrusted with this responsibility, which unfortunately entered the conflict circle. She joined the category that brings out the worst in it instead of carrying out the tasks assigned to it. is, and as it came through corruption, it became entangled in It.

The statements of the heads of authority and the measures and decisions they take that are not related to their mission indicate that they are irresponsible, and that this last list, whose mandate has expired under the Geneva Convention, is a surprise. for all was, and it is a bitter truth. The basis for their mission is to launch a rapid, intensive and purposeful program for national reconciliation, unite institutions, expel mercenaries, demolish militias and disarm loose weapons. Nothing was achieved from these tasks. Rather, the crisis has become more complicated by the entry of other bodies that have lost legitimacy, tensions and divisions have intensified, and militias are stronger. Corruption is corruption.

It has worsened, and the rulings of these authorities continue to make serious mistakes that ignite the fire, instead of calming and reassuring souls, and they have done nothing about it, except rulings or actions that increase this fragmentation, and blame they do not for their lack. of experience or qualifications to build a state and lead a nation. This leads to these mistakes, as it is authorities that have come into the same context as the conflict over the polluted trinity in which powers and positions are divided in a society without a state, and in which large budgets are adopted at the height of the spread of corruption and the absence of supervisory bodies, or the fear of these agencies of militias and weapons if they act according to their conscience professionals.

And as I have repeatedly said that corruption in Libya is different because it is armed and supported by international and regional powers, and just as the term corruption does not fully apply to the situation of looting in Libya, the term militarily is not accurate. does not apply because there are gangs similar to drug gangs in Latin America fighting over money and influence, cities, neighborhoods and tribal loyalty.

The headquarters of the authorities, whether recognized or not, will continue to be exposed to the intrusion of armed men who have brought out the worst in them if this authority thinks of a way out that harms their interests, and the corrupt money becomes of a transferred. side by side to be financed through agents and bribery of people who burn the headquarters of a body they fight, and in spite of everything that is taken. However, even with its flaws that are not limited, it remains a standing building around the shape of the civil state against two threats that threaten it, a military state or a religious state. People are supposed to change the human content of these buildings, but when they burn them, they burn a landmark of the democratic dream, and do not open The horizon is only for a new tyranny that prepares other social forces for it.

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