Paralysis proves the “caretaker” of the presidential era?


The fourth consecutive day of political stalemate and paralysis witnessed the internal reality within the Eid al-Adha holiday, but also within the crisis data controlling the country, in which holidays do not differ from working days because the paralysis creeps into the production cycle. is no less fierce than political paralysis. If the caretaker government was not even able to solve the bread crisis, just as it could not solve the strike of public sector workers, which continues for a quarter of a week, causing paralysis of civil transactions in various institutions and sectors, how will it face the repercussions of the expected political and social escalation in the next few days? With the impending countdown to the constitutional deadline for the election of a new president, from the first of next September, the government and political scene envisaged the beginning of the constitutional deadline. Serious discussions have begun about the possibility of the inability to form a new government and the presidential election phase and the various possibilities it faces in the provisional government and how it will have repercussions on the internal situation. Pending the return of President Mikati to Beirut and the resumption of official activities on Wednesday, no positive data looks promising to resolve the tense reality between Presidents Aoun and Mikati, while preparations are accelerated for the agenda of a legislative session that House of Representatives will soon hold to approve the projects required by the International Monetary Fund to complete the agreement between Lebanon and the Fund. There are impressions that the tendency by the House of Representatives to meet the conditions of the International Monetary Fund reflects the decline in opportunities to even the lowest levels before the formation of a new government.
Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister of the interim government and head of the Lebanese delegation negotiating with the International Monetary Fund, His Excellency Al-Shami, confirmed that there are no fundamental changes to the recovery plan approved by the government. He said: “We have agreed with the International Monetary Fund, and there is a commitment from Lebanon to that, and we are developing this project, and that is what I said in Parliament.”
In response to a question about the so-called verbal amendments to the plan that the Prime Minister submitted to the Finance and Budget Committee a few days ago, Al-Shami replied: “There are no amendments to the basic plan and President “Mikati said that these are ideas that we are discussing now, but we have not yet submitted them to the IMF, and they should be discussed with him. If he accepts, then we will walk with these ideas.”
Regarding the date on which they will submit President Mikati’s written ideas to the Finance and Budget Committee, as requested by the committee, Al-Shami said: “We are working on the details.

At the political level, the presidential election seemed to be the focus of a few positions and stations in the last hours. In this context, MP George Adwan said that the title of the current stage is entering the presidential battle, noting that “the position of the” Lebanese Forces “with regard to the formation of the government is based on conviction, while the greatest possibility today is to continue with the provisional government. ” Adwan confirmed that “Force Party leader Samir Geagea has the basic qualifications to be a candidate for the presidency, and we are the largest bloc in parliament today, and we must respect what each party represents.” He added: “We have the ability to prevent any non-sovereign person from reaching the presidency, and we must learn from our inability to reach an understanding in previous elections as the opposition,” noting that “we “trying to gather all the reformers. Sovereign powers around a candidate that we can commit to change the situation of the current one and start building the state.” He also pointed out that “people today want change, and therefore must meet the sovereign, reform and transformation forces, and without a radical political change, to give Lebanon back to the Arab and international community,” every waste of time . “
As for the presidential election, he stressed: “We will not repeat any experience beyond our principles, and we will do everything in our power to prevent the arrival of a president without sovereign principles, as the Lebanese are not a new experience. can not tolerate in this regard. “
In turn, the “Our Lady of the Mountain Meeting” confirmed that “while the constitutional deadlines for the election of a new president of the republic are respected and an appeal is made for their observance, it calls for all political forces involved in Lebanon’s interests to comprehensively review their political positions through the previous phase and to meet around one and only title to run for the presidential election. ” This is the title of the lifting of the Iranian occupation of Lebanon. The meeting reiterated: “The meeting of these powers around his title calling for the lifting of the Iranian occupation of Lebanon is the only way to contest the presidential elections according to sound political rules that will reform a political field that is a national project bears on the basis of what these elections and each election are fought. And he reiterated that “A political meeting around a project and clear national principles that ensure election success, and it is not a meeting around election interests that a coalition or does not produce a national political orientation.

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