PepsiCo accepts “sustainability” to achieve the concept of a circular economy

PepsiCo accepts “sustainability” to achieve the concept of a circular economy

Head of his unit in the Middle East and North Africa confirms the launch of initiatives dedicated to recycling

Wednesday – 14 Dhu al-Hijjah 1443 AH – 13 July 2022 AD Issue no. [

Eugene Willemsen (Middle East)

Dubai: “Middle East”

PepsiCo, the global company, said it was working to achieve the concept of “sustainability” in the region, by building a more sustainable food system, and pointed out that it was working to drive growth with a focus on the improving sustainability and primarily human capital, and working to participate in achieving the concept of circular economy in the region.
Eugene Willemsen, CEO of PepsiCo in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, said: “Through this strategy, we are working to stimulate action and progress through three main pillars: Positive Agriculture, Positive Value Chain and Positive Choices. Because PepsiCo is at its core an agricultural company, a steady and sustainable supply of crops is fundamental to our business. ”
Willemsen continued, “The biggest part of the positive agricultural pillar is the spread of correct agricultural practices on an area of ​​approximately 7 million hectares of land, equivalent to the company’s entire agricultural footprint; With the aim of ensuring crops and main components of sustainable resources and improving the living conditions of more than 250 000 people within the agricultural supply chain, with a focus on the economic empowerment of women in the agricultural field. ”
He stressed that the positive value chain pillar is working to build a circular and inclusive value chain in order to achieve net zero emissions by 2040, a decade before the target date in the Paris Global Trade Agreement to make a positive impact. Together, the three pillars guide our business and operations to inspire positive change for the planet and its people. ”
We trade directly with private farms in Saudi Arabia, to stimulate innovation, disseminate knowledge and best agricultural practices, and support productivity and high quality, and our partnership with only one potato grower in the Kingdom provides more than 3,200 jobs in the agricultural sector and supports more than 700 local suppliers.
He stressed that the scarcity of water in the region, in addition to the dry climate, makes food security a priority for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. “Saudi Arabia in particular has been able to work closely with the food and beverage sector and benefit from strong partnerships with the government to ensure minimal obstacles and shortages during the pandemic.”
He continued, “In the last few years, in the Kingdom, in collaboration with farmers, we have been able to rationalize water consumption by 25 percent by introducing various irrigation techniques. We have two food manufacturing sites in Riyadh and Dammam, and during 2022 we hope to achieve our goal. of achieving 100 percent water replenishment in Riyadh, and implementing a positive strategy in conserving natural resources across the country by 2023, we strive to reach a stage where we can consume the same amount of water we consume during the food processing process, give back to the community. ”
He added, “We attach great importance to ensuring the safety of water collection points and replenishing the water resources used in our business, as we strive to completely eliminate the water we consume in the snack factories in Riyadh and Dammam by 2023. renewed, and we have succeeded in reducing the total water consumed in the Kingdom by 25 per cent over the past decade. ”
He stressed: “Over the past year, we have launched the Positive PepsiCo Strategy (Pep Plus) as a comprehensive transformation strategy for our company, driving our entire business to drive growth and shared value with a focus on improving sustainability and fundamentally human capital., and through this strategy our work stimulates progress through three pillars: positive agriculture, positive value chains and positive choices; Because PepsiCo is at its core an agricultural company, a steady and sustainable supply of crops is fundamental to us business, as we obtain crops from 60 countries and support more than 100,000 agricultural jobs. ”
He stressed that the company, in collaboration with Naqaa Sustainability Solutions Company, has recycling bins at 16 main locations in Saudi Arabia in a number of cities, mainly in sports complexes, residential complexes, commercial centers and schools.
He stressed that the company in the UAE has benefited from the importance of Expo 2020 Dubai to showcase the future of the food and beverage sector by introducing many innovations for products and packaging materials.
And he indicated that PepsiCo is constantly working with the Saudi government to implement initiatives that help achieve the goals of “Vision 2030”. “We consider ourselves a local company in countries with a rich and rich history, such as the Kingdom, and therefore we are committed to functioning in a way that is in line with the goals of the government and the needs of citizens, he said.


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