Power, money or happiness

Authority is the ability of a particular person or organization to impose patterns of behavior on a person. Authority is considered one of the foundations of human society and it is contrary to the principle of cooperation. Acceptance of work patterns due to the imposition of authority is called obedience, and authority as a term includes most cases of leadership, and there are many opportunities for the deviation of those who hold authority.

Power is exercised on the basis of a particular social power. This power can be real (e.g., a threat to cause bodily harm). Power is determined by the potential use of a punishment that affects a person who does not comply with or threatens authority. Authority can be exercised directly on the basis of the presence of actual violence (such as the threat of imprisonment), which is also called “coercion”, and this may result from the legitimacy that the subject of authority confers on its owners.

When a person gets power, he can change from what he was, and become violent, arrogant or arrogant, inflated himself, people’s rights concern him with nothing, and he can lose his morals and humanity, and these types of people are dominated by the love of the world and the fulfillment of his pleasure, as soon as he attains power And he becomes a treasure of money in any way, until he renounces his principles and humanity, and does not recognize the rights of the people closest to him not.

It’s really strange that we notice a big gap in these types of people before and after they take over, they change as if they are people of a completely different kind, so they bully everyone, near and stranger, friend of theirs and enemy, their friendship comparison is governed by the principle of benefit and support, if you support me and benefit me, you My friend, even if you hate me deep inside, most tyrants of power are secretly hated and loved in public.

The late Imam, the Great Ayatollah, Sayyid Muhammad al-Husseini al-Shirazi (may God have mercy on him), tells us the story of a resident of the holy city of Karbala, as an example of this type of person, and says :

(There was a person who lived in Karbala, whom the people loved very much, to such an extent that he became the trustworthy and trustworthy person of the people. His good past and his beautiful memory made him people with extreme encountering cruelty and rudeness, which revealed to people that the love of the world had been embedded in his heart for the past forty years, to the extent that as soon as he reached power he leaned towards the world and his temptations above the life of the Hereafter preferred.

The authoritarian wait for the day of judgment

These types of lovers of power, money and various worldly pleasures, often end up with unfortunate consequences, so that they lose their position among people, and even those who show their love and support are forced to do so, or exchange interests with them, thus the owner of authority is not supported because he is just or Generous or just, but because it gives him money and other benefits, and as soon as this interest is absent, the love ends and the support is gone.

Likewise, these types of power lovers are waiting for them with the most serious and greatest reckoning. They will face their oppression of people, their violation of others’ rights and their oppression before God on the day when there will be no action. , only reckoning and punishment await them, and it is their fate that is worst in torment, pain and stress This world, the happiness of the hereafter, and the reason is their attachment to power and their unjust use of his tools against others .

But this does not mean that there is no paradigm that contradicts them Yes, there are those who win power and all its privileges and temptations, but it does not shake a hair of his head, nor does it change an iota, but rather becomes more steadfast in his principles, morals, and values ​​in which he believes. This type of authority is not requested by authority. And money does not drag him into his deception, they are the owners of big souls, honest hearts, firm morals and principles that are not shaken by position, money or sweet talk.

Civil servants are often subjected to this type of test. They are divided into two types. The first is the one who is tempted by power and money, motivated by his attachment to the world, and the other is the type who is not driven by temptation. power, or the benefits thereof, or the money and pleasure of the whole world.His morals before and after power remain the same, and his actions are the same And his love and his relationships with people will not change, because he has become the owner of money or power.

It is this type of person who wins the two worlds, and earns his great position in this world, and his happiness which is not equaled by other happiness, which is the happiness of the other house, that which all men strive for, but there is those who win it, and others lose it, for reasons that are clear and known to all.Whoever is corrupt by power, and lost by money, will fall into both realms and have no hope of escaping from the Day of Judgment . .

The ideal personality, with or without authority

Imam Al-Shirazi tells us the story of another example of people, in whom power or money is not concerned with anything. He says:

(While we see on the other hand that one of the prominent religious scholars in Iraq became prime minister during a certain political period, since, before ascending to this position, he was a simple man in his actions and a well-known character was, and after reaching this position, his status and behavior never changed, but rather continued.In the previous situation, he taught in the Indian School, and he had an old aunt who lived next to the school , and he constantly visited her and inquired about her before he became prime minister and about her health, and he continued to visit her even after taking this position.The students were not familiar with him before, so for they were it all strange and surprising and inquiring! After a few moments the prime minister came out of his old aunt’s house, and people heard that this man had not changed position, and deceived him and in a scissors p corner sat with people, he saw no one and no one saw him).

This ideal personality preserved the right of kinship, and the right of man over his fellow man, and the authority did not touch him one iota, and could not change or erase his constants and morals, and did not even change his humanity by a single not touched. hair, so when he changed from an ordinary person to a senior official with enormous power (Prime Minister He did not change, and all these things could not move his morals, values ​​or principles. He rather remained as he was before he took power and enjoyed money.

Why was he able to overcome the benefits of power, and the temptations of money and the world? if a standard set it did not change, whether he is the owner of power or lacking it, the owner of money or the lack thereof, for this reason He won the status of the world and the happiness of the hereafter.

Imam Al-Shirazi says: (Human rights are one of the serious issues in Islam for which a person is held accountable, not only in this world, but in the Hereafter, and man does not obtain God’s grace and taste the taste of forgiveness and divine forgiveness unless the right holders are pleased with him).

This lesson must be learned by all of us, and we must understand it deeply, especially those who have achieved or achieved power and money, as these people are more vulnerable than others (bad luck, bad outcome), because they have achieved so much. levels of power and money, and others have not achieved it, and the fact is that Who has not achieved (power and money) is happy, because he will not go through this difficult test, so everyone who achieves power and money should his account well, and prepare for the most serious and greatest account, a day when neither money nor children will benefit, and the day when their powers and privileges are left to others, and perhaps they will go. Even to their enemies.

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