The intellectual and the experience of the parental role

“O God, forgive my people, for they do not know.”

The Messenger of God, may God bless him and his family

One of the benefits of the thinking of most members of society; Look at the long term to ensure the best in what is left in life, and even to ensure sustainable gains for the ancestors of children, and this is noticed in the field of science by being eager to obtain a specialization with distinctive financial and moral specifications, as is the case with medical sciences, as we note in the field of trading where eagerness is to provide money, and to think more than once before engaging in speculative projects, investing or a simple commercial project, and even notice this type of thinking, which is specifically known in Iraq; In the method of construction and consumption of construction materials, emphasize the inclusion of the largest amount of iron, cement, red sand and other construction materials of durability and strength in the foundation of the built house, and in the corners and ceilings, so that the house is strong and solid that keeps pace with generations and time!

It indicates positivity in thinking, hope and optimism in oneself in a society that is still suffering from all forms of pressure, inconvenience and challenges from outside, in addition to the problems it has in its internal structure, which demands compensation from those in authority. and insight for an investment of a different kind that offers solutions and self-alternatives to what We are in, but it requires some attention to social reality to achieve good results that are acceptable to all.

Excuse me!

The noble prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, was distinguished from all other prophets and messengers by not repenting of the unfaithfulness and stubbornness of his people during his call to monotheism and the values ​​of heaven . instead of begging them, he raised his hand to heaven, saying, “O God, forgive my people, for they do not know.” The hadith scholars have drawn attention to the second part of the supplication that accompanies excuses for people, or finds an excuse for them before God and history that they “do not know”, that is, they are ignorant What they do is wrong, and it is a very logical vision, how can a society whose faith is polytheism and slavery to stone idols too; He lived long on the values ​​and laws of his own, and then suddenly he is told: All you have is false and false?

Members of society are exposed to mistakes and errors in various fields, so what about the educated elite in this society? Is she not wrong in her judgment of things? Or in his terms and ideas?

Apologies will provide an opportunity to reconsider in an atmosphere of comfort and psychological relaxation, then faith and confidence in the possibility of taking new steps forward, despite the mistakes, while it is difficult – if not impossible – to think that community members accept development and reform ideas and the finding of practical credentials in their lives.They carry on their necks heavy condemnations of ignorance, negligence and backwardness, along with a package of bad qualities peculiar to the human soul, such as; Laziness, hypocrisy and selfishness, which are stereotypes that get stuck in the brains of some.

When the intellectual excuses the members of society, they will in return forgive many slips and decays which are no less dangerous than what the general public commits, for the word and the idea have an influence and input on behavior, morals and the way of thinking.

Public rights for private

What distinguishes the intellectual from the rest of the people is his standing at the end of the queue to obtain material and moral rights, from financial grants and privileges, as he is the one who voices the masses and the embodiment of conscience and people’s goals, he must wait until the last simple member of society acquires his rights, this waits for itself, And if it is a form of solidarity in the face of the injustice and oppression of state institutions and those who the solution and the contract has. , it represents a solid base of trust between the two sides, which can form a cohesive opposition front that has a direct impact on political decisions in various areas, and make statesmen in the name of the executive or legislature or even the judiciary is in a corner alone without a supporter, they have nothing but to respond to the call of the masses and their rights.

alternative industry

This is what the student, the earner, the worker, the farmer and the professional expect from the trained segment that specializes in spiritual activity, for what they have acquired from science and knowledge with degrees of understanding and awareness that enable them to help create alternative to the bad reality, especially when temptation and adversity overwhelm people due to political rivalry and fighting over money, power and influence.Here a politician needs tools for confrontation and illicit gain at the expense of people’s rights and fate.

When enthusiasm and emotion prevail over the vision of crucial issues and events such as those taking place in Iraq, it is natural for the mind to be on leave to think of alternatives or solutions to what people are suffering from. Made by this political party or its opponent, and it is strange to note that these crises focus on people’s lives and not on the lives of politicians and their life or personal circumstances, as they and their families in a different world, while ordinary people are exposed to successive waves of crises giving birth to others, and in a new development in the politicized life in Iraq since 2003, each crisis has become the focus of a disgusting political infighting. Each party claims that it is on the right side of its opponent against falsehood, and between the alleged right and the known wrong, people pick the high prices, the scarcity, the terrible anxiety, and the last of it; What happened to the student group as they prepared for the final exam, when the suspicion that they had leaked the questions struck them, and the subsequent confusion of dates and confusion in the students’ minds, with nervous tension and bad consequences that are difficult to track at the moment, and before that the legal crisis over a proposed project entitled: “Law supports food security.

People are looking for someone who is above the waves and above crises to be able to determine the right vision after salvation, but if the people of culture and consciousness are below these waves, they will be the first to suffer under moral and value chaos, and maybe that is what happened to the teacher in a not long period of time, a living example of similar fates coming in Coming Days.

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