The leaders and scouts of the Mecca youth scouts appreciate and confirm the Kingdom’s efforts to serve the pilgrims .. we were honored to serve the pilgrims after the Corona pandemic

A number of Mecca youth scout leaders and hikers participating in the Hajj this year through the Hajj Pilgrim Service Centers of the Ministry of Sport and the public service camps of the Saudi Arabian Scout Association, rafting companies and many civic and voluntary organizations hajj the success of this year’s Hajj the facilities that witnessed it Thank God praises the efforts of the government of the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince

They referred to the ongoing efforts of all government and private sectors to provide comfort and reassurance to pilgrims, pilgrims and visitors, and expressed their joy at participating in the disruption caused by the Corona pandemic, and stressed that they return to participate in the voluntary Hajj work is for them an honor and a dream that every explorer desires because to serve pilgrims and pilgrims is a great honor that does not end honor ..

About this participation, the scout leader Ali Bakr Hawsawi spoke at the beginning and emphasized that the services provided by the state made it easier for pilgrims, pilgrims and visitors to perform their rituals, noting that the services and projects provided has exceeded the expectations of many pilgrims. and visitors who expressed their admiration for all that has been achieved.He expressed his happiness to serve the pilgrims in light of the great attention given by the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince, and explained that this interest the place of the guests of the Most Merciful in our wise leadership It is part of the state’s interest in the guests of the Most Merciful .. He wished everyone success in this great work, with knowledge of the team’s zeal to to reveal the name of Scout leader Bandar Matouk Al-Obaidi, may God have mercy on him, to one of the scout teams after an absence from participation this year due to his death after 42 years in the service of pilgrims Al-Obaidi’s name on one of the teams in appreciation for his great and leading role in the service of pilgrims by the Scout Center of the General Presidency for Youth Welfare, formerly the Ministry of Sport,

In turn, scout leader Abdul-Moomin Shuaib Hawsawi praised the care and attention the pilgrims receive from their arrival in the Kingdom of the Kingdom until their departure from Saudi Arabia.

He explained that the Mecca Youth Scouts team affiliated with the Association of Neighborhood Centers in Makkah Al-Mukarramah is participating in this year’s Hajj season with more than 48 scouts, hikers and leaders joining the Saudi Arabian Scout Association, 15 leaders and hikers together with the volunteer. centers of the Ministry of Sport, in addition to 10 girls and a leader with the Saudi Girl Scouts group and 50 leaders, cellphones and scouts with raft companies and 30 scouts with internal pilgrimage institutions

And he said: “I ask God Almighty to give them a reward, and I wish the pioneers, leaders, hikers and scouts to make every effort to give the pilgrims the service that suits them, especially after our return from the Corona pandemic, as we try to provide the best and best services to pilgrims, either in the holy places or in Makkah Al-Mukarramah. ” Scout Major Ali Abdulaziz Al-Ali said that the Mecca Youth Scouts team in the Association of Neighborhood Centers in Mecca is the pride of the people of Mecca.

In turn, the scout leader Samir Salem Batouq praised the care, attention and care that the pilgrims find, referring to the preparation of leaders, hikers and scouts by the Association of Neighborhood Centers in Makkah, led by the Chairman of the Sub-Council in Makkah Al-Mukarramah Region, Dr. Dr. Mushabab Al-Qahtani, Secretary-General Yahya Al-Zamzami and Director-General of the Association of Neighborhood Centers in Makkah Al-Mukarramah Talal Mubarak Al-Harbi and Director of the Volunteer Division Mufreh Muhammad Asiri for the services provided by the Makkah Youth Scouts team in the Association of Neighborhood Centers in Mecca through public service camps, companies and institutions for income pilgrims,

Scout Leader, Engineer Bakr bin Ibrahim Al-Timbukti, pointed out the acumen of all pioneers, leaders and scouts who are participating in the work of the Hajj season this year to provide the best and best services to pilgrims after a two-year absence , saying that it was an opportunity to restore the fervor and uniqueness that each of the scouts had entrusted during the Hajj seasons.

Scout Leader Khaled Khalifa Madani also spoke and emphasized that the Makkah Youth Scouts team at the Association of Neighborhood Centers in Makkah prepared for the Hajj season of this year 1443 with many training programs and courses, amounting to more than 10 2 courses in various fields has. to prepare the rangers and scouts in a distinctive way, which helps them to be creative and sparkle,

Scout Leader Eng. Othman Jibril Abu Qassem Fallata, Director of the Department of Volunteering, Responsibility and Community and Social Partnerships at Riyadh Technical College, pointed out that community and social partnerships have contributed to the role of the Makkah Youth Scouts team emphasized in the Makkah Neighborhood Centers Association and to develop it until the group became one of the teams referred to.It has been praised in various activities, events and programs, and it has become a very difficult number for which they deserve to be honored to become. therefore I call upon the people and dignitaries of Makkah Al-Mukarramah to honor these eminent heroes,

Scout leader Saleh Fayraq said that participation in the service of the pilgrims of the House of God together through scout camps, companies, institutions, and the nonprofit sector effectively contributes to the development and encouragement of the abilities of leaders, scouts, and pioneers. to give it. the opportunity to show and develop their talents to serve the pilgrims.

In turn, scout leader Ahmed Musa Barnawi pointed to the generosity, care and attention enjoyed by pilgrims, Umrah performers and pilgrims of leaders, hikers and scouts, saying that the services, facilities, technical and moral tools provided by the Saudi Arab scout created Association, companies and institutions, is all for the convenience of the pilgrims, doubling the level The service among the workers, whether pioneers, leaders, wanderers and scouts, to improve the services of pilgrims and visitors, and it is that enthusiasm and vitality in the hearts of pioneers, wanderers and scouts, on the honorable competition between the teams. His Highness and his Deputy, His Royal Highness Prince Badr bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud He added that the service to the pilgrims is a great honor for the pioneers, leaders, backpackers and scouts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general. and the leaders and scouts of the Makkah youth in the Association of Neighborhood Centers in Mecca in particular.,

The cellphone, Salah Hassan Saqti, the leader of the Jawala tribe, the youth scouts of Mecca, spoke at the Association of Neighborhood Centers in Mecca for this year’s Hajj season 1443 and pointed out that the service of pilgrims great attention and care of the state, where we find civil society, especially from the youth of this precious and generous country from various governorships. And regions are eager to come to the holy places to have the honor of serving the pilgrims, and we are all at their service, and that what we offer is our duty to present to them, and that is but ‘ a small part.May the pilgrims accept their pilgrimage and rituals and return safely and healthily to their homelands.

Scout Riyad Ali Saud Alwani, First Officer of the Advanced Division of the Mecca Youth Scouts in the Association of Neighborhood Centers in Mecca, said that the service of pilgrims is a great duty and honor for every Makki scout who is in the service of the pilgrims participate, and this season is the first time I participate in the service of the pilgrims.

Scout Raef Wajid Calcutawi expressed his joy at his participation in this great event and said that the participation of the scouts made him feel responsible, loyal, serious and diligent.

Scout Walid Abdul-Khaleq Al-Khuzai spoke about the importance of exploration participation in the service of pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims, explaining that it helps in the development of spiritual and cultural consciousness and introduces him to many scouts from all Gulf, Arab , international and Islamic countries, and it is an opportunity to exchange experiences, experiences, cultures, information and experiences.

Kalman, mobile Muhammad Moaz and mobile Abdullah Nasseral Saleh added that everyone appreciated for those services rendered by Mecca pioneers, leaders, scouts and youth scouts during the Hajj season, especially as participation comes after the end of the Corona pandemic ,

Scout Abdul Raziq Adam Hawsawi, Scout Mayar Sahel Hawsawi, Scout Faisal bin Fahd Al-Juaid and Scout Muhammad Salih Al-Baseisi spoke and said that success and success in participation and contribution to the service of the pilgrims is due to God and then thanks to the government of the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques for all they offer to serve the pilgrims.

Among the scouts Ahmed Attia Al-Zahrani, the scouts Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Salami, the scouts Ziyad Saleh Al-Bakry, the scouts Ali Muhammad Al-Asiri, the scouts Muhammad Talal Al-Samti, the scouts Abdullah Muhammad Al-Nakhbi, the cell phone Abdul Rahman Saeed Al-Yami, cell phone Abdullah Mufreh Al-Shehri, cell phone Ahmed Yassin Ahmed Abu Al-Jadeel, cell phone Abdul Malik Hawsawi, cell phone Samer Saeed Al-Asiri, cell phone Abdulaziz Saeed Al-Rabie and cell phone Saleh Mansour Al Hamsal and Mishaal Kadaf Zubair, the mobile service of pilgrims to the Corona pandemic is the largest award we have received from the Saudi Arabian Scout Association to continue serving Rahman’s guests after the Corona pandemic , and we hope that the opportunity will continue for many years to earn wages and garments of God Almighty and to live the spiritual atmosphere next to the Holy House of God on such virtuous and blessed days,

Scout Adam Daoud Abdo Abu Bakr Arif, the first leader of the scout team, Bandar Matouk Al-Obaidi, concluded the Hajj work, may God have mercy on him, that the group contributed to more than 150 initiatives with the participation of 30 scouts who worked with all effort, vitality, sincerity, dedication, activity and enthusiasm with all the floating companies and civic and voluntary institutions, and our work will continue until the end of the Hajj season In particular, we strive to help young people to their time in what is beneficial and beneficial to them

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