The Minister of Local Development reviews the ministry’s efforts in digital transformation

In line with Egypt’s Vision 2030 and its Strategy for Digital Transformation, Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy, Minister for Local Development, received a report on the measures taken by the Ministry to bring about digital transformation in local government by ‘ a vision and a comprehensive plan to implement technological solutions in all sectors of the ministry and projects established in the governorships as the cornerstone on which the state relies to implement the idea of ​​the “new republic”.

In this context, Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy emphasized that the ministry’s digital strategy includes three main axes: – building digital capabilities and competencies, digitization and electronic documentation, digital transformation and information technology, and explains that digital transformation greatly helps the quality of improve services provided to citizens and simplify procedures to obtain them.It also creates opportunities to provide innovative and creative services away from traditional, bureaucratic and anti-corruption methods.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy explained that the application of digital transformation in the ministry includes three main sections: The first section deals with building digital skills that are capable of pushing digital transformation processes through the preparation and implementation of many training programs, and the implementation of various activities to support technological innovation, as it relied on training of employees of the ministry To improve their ability to communicate at the present stage through a package of training programs, the most important of which are skills development for all employees, such as Watani 2030, the Anti-Corruption Program and the programs to bridge the gaps, with specialized training on the basics of computers, networks, programming, graphics, principles of digital transformation, business design programs and Computer Design programs and English language training, and note that these courses have been made available through many electronic platforms and in coordination with many specialized agencies such as the Administrative Control, the Ministry of Communications, the National Telecommunications Institute and some companies specializing in business design and information technology.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy pointed out that the second section is based on the application of digitization and electronic documentation regarding the national project to archive and digitize paper documents in all ministries to prepare for their conversion into a digital image and the concomitant move to the new administrative capital, within the framework of the state’s orientation towards digital transformation and paperless handling, and he approached. The Ministry has decided to complete its archiving and digitization of local development documents and documents, pointing out that it has been taken into account that this digital system is suitable for all segments of society.

The Minister pointed out that the third section is based on the axis of information technology and the availability of digital services provided to citizens, as a new version of the official electronic portal of the Ministry has been prepared in a systematic and advanced manner to the capabilities in terms of communication with the public of citizens in all activities related to the services provided to them and to increase their awareness of efforts The great efforts made by the various sectors and departments of the Ministry by the various initiatives and projects it undertakes.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy continued his speech on the information technology axis, saying that the ministry had launched the geospatial portal to provide a managed set of geospatial data, services and general applications contributed and managed by the ministry, for use by the ministry’s sectors, governorates, relevant external bodies and the public through the geospatial platform, which points to the establishment of units for spatial information infrastructure and variables in the governorates, whereby the Ministry monitors spatial variables on the basis of the Egyptian state and follow-up in light of the availability of satellite imaging techniques and to maximize the benefit from the outputs of the state’s spatial information infrastructure project to support the decision-maker in the Ministry of Local Development and the governorates.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy added that the investment map for the industrial zones was also created in partnership with the governorates, the General Authority for Industrial Development and the National Center for State Land Use Planning by providing the necessary data for the vacant plots of land for the number (70 industrial zones). ), which was proposed to be submitted to investors in the industrial zones affiliated to the governorates, which was compiled and put on the map.The system of leased and non-leased assets was drawn up in collaboration with the administrative. control to accurately inventory and categorize them through a mechanized and unified database in all parties to work to maximize state revenue, as well as the inventory and management of property wealth The Republic through Addressing, Numbering and Real Estate Coding Committee.

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