Washington .. The Monroe Doctrine and Riots Nearby

Should the United States review its foreign policy, especially in light of the many setbacks it faces, both geographically close to it, and equally far away?
Indeed, the American scene seems anxious and turbulent, confused and confused, between an unattainable ideal and a realism that has alienated many close allies, some of them in the logistical background, that is, the Latin American continent, which is the backyard of Washington was. for decades.

Those familiar with the Monroe doctrine realize how the United States stands with those approaching its geographic areas, and consider proximity to it as a threat that requires immediate response, not waiting to be received, and this is what actually happened in 1962, when America discovered the Soviet Union’s attempt to build missile bases Nuclear weapons on Cuban soil, which led to almost a third world war, before Moscow withdrew its missiles, in exchange for the United States similar missiles withdrew from Turkey, which is the unknown. half the truth, which means that Washington did not emerge victorious from the confrontation, but rather a neutral In public, while the Soviet Union was actually the winner, as this maneuver forced the American side to come close to its territorial to withdraw borders.

Can the scene be repeated in the present day?

According to Karl Marx, history does not repeat itself, because if he did, the first time would become a tragedy, and the second time a comedy, and yet the events of history could repeat itself.

Those who followed the recent summit of the United States, which requested President Biden, took note of the absence of the President of Mexico, Washington’s closest neighbor. The reason is Washington’s refusal to participate in Nicaragua and Venezuela in the work of the summit, as they are rogue countries and are not subject to Washington’s desires and aspirations.

American bilateralism, and perhaps its moral ambivalence, is represented in dealing with Venezuela in particular. In the aftermath of Tsar Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, we have seen a high-ranking US delegation, including diplomats and intelligence, rush to Caracas and all the political differences with Washington, with one single goal, It is to get as much oil as possible especially after the Biden administration stopped importing it from the Russian Federation as a punishment for the Kremlin master.

However, Mr Maduro and his entourage have long held a conviction in them about the worrying American pragmatism, and on this basis it is clear that the Biden administration’s efforts did not succeed, while the Venezuelan response came rather than a lecture. by deepening relations with Iran and strengthening ties with Russia, economically and militarily at the same time.

At the same time, the eyes of the spectator of the Latin American map do not lose sight of the powerful Chinese movements, which use surplus money to find a foothold near the United States of America, in a way that completely violates the Monroe principle. .

What happens specifically?

It is not too late to answer, because we need to refer to another dimension related to military cooperation between Nicaragua and Russia, and talk about Moscow’s use of Nicaragua’s military bases, which means that there are now Russians and Chinese in the backyard of the United States. of America.

And in a move that accelerated the collapse of the Monroe Doctrine, the US Washington Free Beacon website indicated in the first week of July that Russia, China and Iran were preparing to carry out large-scale military maneuvers in Latin America, as a display of power, and in an unmistakable message. The United States, which will realize that the forces of these countries, in conjunction with their advanced weapons, can reach U.S. borders, and the unexpected can happen, that is, their penetration into the U.S. interior.

According to the Sniper Frontier Center, ten other countries, in addition to Russia, China and Iran, will take part in the maneuvers and exercises that Venezuela will offer in mid-August, ie within a month.

Therefore, the neighboring countries’ development of relations with America’s official enemies is no longer limited to the diplomatic scene, but develops day by day to assume military dimensions.

Washington seems to be picking the crop from what it has sown, and what it is striving to harvest, especially in light of its double efforts to besiege China on the one hand and threaten Russia on the other.

As for China, it has learned the lesson of the Ocos alliance, between Britain and Australia, and the United States itself, and how the Virginia-type submarines of the United States, which Australia will receive after canceling its agreement with France , can reach the docks and metropolises in the heart of China, and perhaps that’s what Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fengyi recently insisted on announcing in Singapore about a month ago that his country was working on a new to build a nuclear defense system.

As for Russia, NATO has been barking at its doors, according to Pope Francis, and Washington continues to send weapons and equipment to the Russians. Perhaps this is what forced Putin a few days ago to declare that the real war with Ukraine has not yet begun.

Moscow, Beijing and Tehran appear convinced that the best way to defend themselves is to attack, and propose to Washington a different reading of the Monroe doctrine, or its collapse, which means that if Washington threatens others, they in turn in a clear ability to threaten it with the same method, and perhaps further, especially in The time of hypersonic missiles, in addition to the traditional hellish type Sarmat Sarmat.

Will the scene stop at these limits of escalation?

It seems that the Russians are turning in their old books, by which I mean the Alaska region, and talking about the possibility that Moscow will consider taking it back from the United States, a talk despite its velvet, but it opens a new door to the dispute over the Arctic and Alaska.

The conclusion is a question .. “Should Washington preserve its traditional and trusted friends around the world, especially in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, while being exposed to the collapse of the Monroe doctrine and a major uprising that a real threat to it in the neighborhood?

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