Ways to solve the problem of emotional gap between spouses

Emotional emptiness is a state of emotional hunger that plagues each of the spouses, due to the deprivation of each of them of certain feelings and emotions, their lack of what brought them together yesterday, and their loss of feeling for each other. What are the reasons that lead the couple to such a situation, and when does the emotional void occur?

The emotional void between the spouses occurs when each becomes distant from the other, and when each of them inhabits his own world in which he is isolated from the other party, is satisfied with the illusions of this world about him, and the entity that brought them. one day together. And here begins a great emotional famine, for each of them needs a warm feeling to overwhelm him, to contain him and him of the situation in which he lives, and with the inability to satisfy what they desire, the emptiness that filled them, to liberate. hearts and their minds gripped.

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The lack of communication between spouses plays a big role in their sense of emotional emptiness because there is no communication of any kind between them, and there is no interest in creating communication between them because they have a deep stage of entered into routine and monotony. , and they have no incentive to communicate.

After each of the spouses enters a state of routine and monotony, boredom begins to seep into their lives to exacerbate the problem, and to distance themselves more and more, causing them to be estranged from each other, and their emotional void.

The emotional void begins with every disappointment that each of the spouses experiences after they are neglected, whether it is feelings neglected or communication neglected, as well as an intimate encounter, and therefore the journey of hardship begins that ends with emptying their hearts of passion for an indefinite period.

With the isolation of each of the spouses in a single and independent world, the psychological divorce between them begins, because the divorce between them has already taken place with neglect of the intimate relationship, neglect of feelings and neglect of the spirit of married life. That they felt together one day.

Each of the spouses is isolated in two separate worlds for each other, there is no hope of expressing feelings, nor of trying to find any way to revive the spirit of the relationship, or of the love that the reason for their existence was to be revived. one day together under one roof, Therefore, an emotional void arises between the spouses.

The couple can eliminate the emotional void if they remember the story of their acquaintances or the story of their love that brought them together, and if they know how to preserve their feelings of alienation and neglect, and if they value the entity. realize what they have brought together under one roof, and if together they make up for the losses they can both suffer.If their marital life is destroyed.

Strengthening the urge to continue between them after each of them is convinced of the idea of ​​continuing together and fighting everything that led them to the emotional void.

Improve communication between them.

To make radical changes in married life, and to replace the usual routine with new details, provided it is not also transformed into a routine.

Expression of feelings, appreciation and respect.

Participate in entertaining and fun activities to get closer between them.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of life and the burdens of responsibilities in a new holiday to renew the spirit of the marital relationship.

Relive love with gentle romantic touches and attention-grabbing attention.

Finally, the spouses must confront marital boredom because it opens the door to alienation, marital silence and isolation, and from there to the emotional void.

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