Emirates NBD launches ‘National Digital Talent Program’

In partnership with the Office of the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications

The program aims to provide sponsorship and training opportunities to a wide range of Emirati students and prepare them for the future by 2025

The list of partners includes the Higher Technology Colleges and the University of Sharjah

The program aims to improve the availability of talent in collaboration with the “Coder Headquarters” with the aim of establishing national cadres with the best digital skills

The program reflects the commitment of Emirates NBD to support the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031 in the UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:Emirates NBD, the leading banking group in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, has the first of its kind “National Digital Talent Program” in partnership with the Office of the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications , in a step that falls within its ongoing efforts to support the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031 launched by the UAE Government with the aim of becoming a world leader in artificial intelligence by investing in people, sectors and related technologies.

The banking group has signed a memorandum of understanding in partnership with the Higher Technology Colleges and the University of Sharjah with the aim of refining the skills of a large group of Emirati students and preparing them for the future over the next four years. The joint initiative will play a role in shaping and developing national digital capabilities and talents by providing the necessary resources and providing Emirati Youth with the basic skills and practical knowledge needed to excel in the field of information technology and digital services, including artificial intelligence, and ultimately contribute to supporting key sectors of the national digital economy.

Omar Sultan Al Olama: The development of digital talent increases the country’s economic position and global competitiveness

His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, in turn emphasized that the UAE Government accepts the provision of the necessary tools and an incubating environment for national talents in various fields to develop their skills and help them to acquire practical knowledge from experts and specialists, which contributes to the preparation of Generations capable of creating and designing a better future for the country, pointing out the importance of the developing the capabilities and talents of leading cadres in the digital field by empowering them with the necessary knowledge, expertise and expertise and providing them with the best training opportunities by companies with excellent experience to improve their practical and administrative readiness across various sectors to lead and improve the level of the digital economy in the state.

His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama said: The development of digital talent, which provides Emirati youth with skills and knowledge and engages them to develop the best solutions to challenges, embodies the state’s interest in youth as the mainstay of the development process. to support by empowering them. with the tools and expertise needed to effectively participate in building the present and the future and improving the country’s economic position and global competitiveness.

He pointed out that the Emirates NBD initiative is one of the creative initiatives that contributes to improving the capabilities of national cadres and developing their future skills and digital capabilities to engage them in the journey of excellence through continuous learning and intensive and continuous training to prepare them in various sectors for a more advanced digital future.

His Excellency Prof. Hamid Majul Al Nuaimi, President of Sharjah University, in turn said: “The University of Sharjah is proud to work with Emirates NBD and the Office of the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications to launch this innovative initiative that is in line with the country’s aspirations to empower local talent and provide them with expertise. He explained, “With technology being a major focus of everything we do today, the importance of artificial intelligence and related technologies is growing, making it very important to equip talented young people with the skills associated with them. from their early school years.We are pleased to give our undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain an internship at Emirates NBD, one of the leading banks, where they will be able to enrich their experience and knowledge.As the University of Sharjah is a leading university in computer science, and the first in the region to offer a master’s degree in this field, we look forward to supporting the program and honing the skills of young programmers in the field of artificial intelligence. ”

Commenting on the launch of this initiative, Abdullah Qassem, Chief Operating Officer of Emirates NBD Group, stated: “Based on our position as a leading regional banking group that would like to enhance its excellence in digital banking, we are at Emirates NBD. welcomes the efforts of the UAE United Arab Emirates to become one of the world’s leading countries in the field of artificial intelligence by 2031. We are confident that the partnership with the Office of the Prime Minister of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economics and Remote Work Applications and respected institutions such as the Higher Technology Colleges and the University of Sharjah, will greatly support our efforts to develop Digital capabilities among the Emirati youth as leaders of the country’s future, and will contribute to building of a resilient economy that is capable of meeting challenges in the future. ”

Abdulla Qassem added: “Innovation has always been a central pillar and a main objective for us at Emirates NBD, and thanks to it we have become a leading provider of digital banking services, and we will continue our commitment to the digital capabilities of Our future staff, who invest and enroll a large percentage of students in the UAE, with core fields of study covering science, technology, engineering and mathematics, including information and communication technology, engineering and the natural sciences, is an ideal opportunity to hone the skills of graduates in these areas by applying the skills they have acquired to work experiences on the ground in collaboration with experts in the sector. By launching the new talent program, Emirates NBD aims to nurture Emirati youth, their abilities develop and prepare for the future in support of the national digital economy, and build a solid bridge for communication and in interaction between the academic community and the banking sector.

Postgraduate training opportunities

Emirates NBD will provide UAE national students, in partnership with the Higher Colleges of Technology and the University of Sharjah, with training opportunities that will contribute to the reform of their careers and the support of the information technology and digital services departments in the bank. The paid training courses will provide university students with the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and innovations in the financial services sector and directly benefit from the expertise and knowledge of digital transformation pioneers in the fields of artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, open banking, robotics, platforms, financial technology and ways to improve banking security. They will also have the opportunity to gain experience

Valuable for solving and formulating practical challenges in the field of financial technology through study and practical projects presented during many internal and external business forums, including Coders HQ, an initiative of the National Coders Program.

Enrichment of national talents in collaboration with the “Programmers Headquarters”

Emirates NBD will promote the objectives of the Coders Headquarters initiative to train and qualify the largest number of programmers and attract the most prominent influencers in the field of technology in the world, making the UAE a leading global destination for global talents in the fields of programming and technology. To this end, the bank will provide more than 20 realistic challenges from the business world, including organizing various events, including hackathon coding and programming opportunities, and competitions for software development and information testing. Participation in these initiatives will be open to all applicants around the world, who will contribute to the creation of a bridge connecting programmers in the United Arab Emirates with their peers around the world, to work together to find solutions for the most prominent challenges facing the sector and to communicate with the senior leadership of the Emirates NBD Group.

Promoting a Superior Digital National Economy

Over the years, Emirates NBD Group has launched a number of training programs for nationals as part of its commitment to the development of national talent. Last year, the Bank also partnered with the Office of the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work applications to support the National Programmers Program, the largest national program specializing in programmer empowerment and unlocking. of the potential of programmer communities in the country. The Bank has also launched the “Ruwad” program, a new and exclusive initiative targeting new graduates with the aim of empowering and increasing the competitiveness of national cadres and preparing them for future senior management positions. This program is the first among many initiatives implemented in response to the federal government program “Nafis”, and is the largest investment the bank has ever made in a single program to develop and refine talents.


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Nationally and aimed at young millennials. Emirates NBD is committed to participating in and supporting the most important development and sustainable development initiatives in the UAE, including financial literacy and the integration of people of determination in society. In addition, Emirates NBD Group is the first official partner of Expo 2020 Dubai in the field of banking services.

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