Emirates News Agency – Emirates NBD Launches Digital Talent Program to Support Artificial Intelligence Strategy

DUBAI, 13 July, WAM / Emirates NBD today announced the launch of the first of its kind “National Digital Talent Program”, a step that falls within its ongoing efforts to support the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031 launched by the UAE Government launched. with the aim of becoming a world leader in the field of artificial intelligence by investing in people, industries and related technologies.

The banking group has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Office of the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, and in partnership with the Higher Technology Colleges and the University of Sharjah, with the aim of developing the skills of ‘ a large group of Emirati students and preparing them for the future over the next four years.

The joint initiative will play a role in shaping and developing national digital capabilities and talents by providing the necessary resources and providing Emirati Youth with the basic skills and practical knowledge needed to excel in the field of information technology and digital services, including artificial intelligence, and ultimately contribute to supporting key sectors of the national digital economy.

Given the enrollment of a high percentage of students in the UAE in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, this is an ideal opportunity to hone the skills of graduates through the skills they have acquired in collaboration with experts in the sector, and contribute to the development and preparation of national frameworks capable of introducing technical solutions.

By launching the new talent program, Emirates NBD aims to nurture Emirati youth, develop and prepare their capabilities for the future in support of the national digital economy, and to build a solid bridge for communication and interaction between academics to build community and banking. sector, in partnership with the Higher Colleges of Technology and the University of Sharjah. Emirates NBD will provide training opportunities to students of The Citizens of the Country. The courses will provide an opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and innovations in the financial services sector and directly benefit from the experiences and knowledge that the pioneers of digital transformation possess in the fields of artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, open banking, robotics , platforms, financial technology and ways to improve banking security. They will also have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in solving and formulating practical challenges in the field of financial technology through study and practical projects presented during various internal and external business forums including “Coders HQ”, an initiative of the National Program for Coders.

Emirates NBD Bank will also promote the objectives of the Coders Headquarters initiative to train and qualify the largest number of programmers and to present more than 20 realistic challenges from the business world, including the organization of various events, including hackathon events for coding and programming, and software design and testing development competitions, and the group will provide 40 seminars. Specialized educator, who contributes to creating a bridge that connects UAE programmers with their peers around the world, to work together to find solutions to the most prominent challenges facing the sector.

His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, emphasized the importance of providing the necessary tools and an incubating environment for national talents in the digital field to develop and develop their skills. to help gain practical knowledge. of experts and specialists in accordance with the guidelines of the UAE and its zeal to prepare generations capable of building an innovative future for the UAE and its pursuit of developing the talents of leading cadres by empowering them, educate and provide training opportunities by the best companies to improve their practical and administrative readiness to lead various sectors and increase the level of the digital economy.

His Excellency added that the UAE’s insistence on developing digital talent, providing Emirati youth with basic skills and knowledge and engaging them to develop the best solutions to challenges comes from the belief that youth is the key factor in creating the present, preparing for the future and building a strong economic position among the countries of the world.

Abdullah Qasim, chief operating officer of the Emirates NBD Group, reaffirmed support for the country’s efforts to become one of the world’s leading nations in the field of artificial intelligence by 2031, noting that the initiative is a major one. support will be for efforts to the digital capabilities of the Emirati youth, as they are the leaders of the country’s future. This will contribute to building a resilient economy capable of facing challenges in the future.

In turn, Professor Abdullatif Al Shamsi, Director of the Higher Colleges of Technology Complex, emphasized that the HCT’s partnership in launching the “National Digital Skills Program” is an indication of his digital skills and his full readiness for the future. , and emphasizes the high confidence in the knowledge and expertise of the colleges and their human and financial capabilities to contribute In building national frameworks capable of contributing to development. As the largest institution of applied higher education in the country, this partnership will support the role of the Higher Technology Colleges in achieving national visions and the fifty principles, confirming that the country’s digital, technical and scientific excellence its ambitious development and economic roads.

Dr. Humaid Majul Al Nuaimi, President of Sharjah University, in turn praised the launch of this innovative initiative, which is in line with the country’s aspirations to empower local talent and provide them with digital experiences, highlighting the importance of explain the role. of technology and the importance of artificial intelligence and related technologies, which make the provision of talented youths the skills associated with them since their school stage The first is a matter of great importance.

Wam / Mohamed Jaballah / Imad Al-Ali

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