He turns to Dubai police to get rid of his wife from drug addiction

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A man chose to restrain his wife and help her recover from drug addiction and medical drugs, and took the initiative to contact the Hemaya International Center in the General Directorate of Drug Control in Dubai Police to take advantage of Article 89 of the UAE Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, study her case and transfer her to treatment and rehabilitation in collaboration with partners, especially after the woman expressed regret over her underestimation of the dangers of drug use, and her desire for treatment and rehabilitation .

Colonel Abdullah Al-Khayat, Director of Hemaya International Center, explained that the woman’s addiction to drugs and medical drugs began before her marriage, while traveling with a group of her friends to a foreign country for tourism. Entertainment and amusement, and after a busy and tiring day spent visiting various tourist attractions, they offered her to try various types of drugs and psychotropic drugs – available and available and not criminalized in that foreign country – to improve mood and strengthen the feeling of happiness. upon her return to the country, she tried hard to hide her addiction, and continued to abuse her for about 6 years without her family knowing, until she got married and her husband discovered her secret, and chose to to take her to the Hemaya International Center, and her case was studied and transferred to treatment and rehabilitation in collaboration with partners, to benefit from Section 89 of the UAE Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Control Act.

awareness and awareness

Colonel Abdullah Al-Khayyat stressed that abandoning or abandoning the addicted individual in the family is a fatal mistake, and consulting unqualified people can exacerbate the problem of His wife’s social status, and will return her. to her normal life with high self-esteem that will enable her to avoid a relapse and return to addiction again.

Where is the way to salvation?

The Director of Hemaya International Center continued: The man took the initiative to contact Hemaya International Center, preferring to contain it instead of abandoning it, especially after his wife regretted the dangers of underestimated drug abuse and medical drugs, and her desire for treatment and rehabilitation.The experience, and I thought that the “first dose” did not do so much damage, and suddenly I lost control of myself and gradually toxins and medical drugs recorded, and I did not know where the way to escape. . ”

encouragement and interaction

Colonel Al-Khayat confirmed that Hemaya International Center provides free social counseling services, within a framework of confidentiality and privacy, to families in need of advice, guidance and guidance regarding drug abuse and psychotropic drugs and addiction. , and how to handle and rescue an addicted patient, adding: We studied her case in the presence of her husband, who encouraged her to talk about her experience so that the specialists in the center could determine her treatment needs, and she was responsive and interactive, and she was referred to the competent authorities to begin treatment and rehabilitation.

Important facts

Colonel Al-Khayat spoke about the importance of the role of parents in building children’s awareness and arming them with knowledge and culture about the dangers of drugs and psychotropic drugs, and not to ignore this issue, especially as some of they may be forced, due to study, work or living conditions, to travel outside the country, and they must be made aware that the criminalization of drugs in the country to which they intend to travel does not cancel out their reality because it is destructive and destructive to health, mind, soul and future, as drugs affect the body’s systems and organs with many acute and chronic diseases, which paralyzes its movement, growth and immunity, as well as the resistance of its tissues and confines cells against diseases, and kills with his devices one by one, to make him in the end a moving corpse without purpose and hope.

The colonel noted that it is necessary to be aware that the rush to take depression medication and sedatives to escape from the pressures of life, life problems, feelings of loneliness, or when something fails, will inevitably lead to addiction, and said: The best solution to download. overcoming negative energy and feelings of sadness, frustration and despair lies in regular exercise, sitting with positive people, getting closer to God, paying attention to nourishing the soul with faith and optimism that the future is more beautiful, and the seek the help of specialists who are scientifically and cognitively competent when facing challenges.


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