Lebanon slips hard into the dangers of the “read”!


If the 16th anniversary of the July war this year coincided with the advancement of the maritime border demarcation file between Lebanon and Israel, as well as the start of a prominent tour of US President Joe Biden in the region starting today in Israel, accompanied by the American mediator in the demarcation file, Amos Hochstein, at that time official and political Lebanon appeared in “Coma” and a coma, either of this development or of the most dangerous and hottest developments related to his government and presidential rights. On the threshold of about a month and a half from the start of the constitutional deadline for the election of a new president of the republic, Lebanon seemed to be in the worst imaginable internal reality, with all sorts of warnings and negative possibilities which weighs heavier than the positives. Suffice it to point out the escalating gloom in which the country is sinking, that Lebanon is on the roll and slipping into serious dangers of not fulfilling the right to form the new government at the present time, and then later, what can inflame adventurous heads. Four days of the Eid al-Adha holiday have passed amid total paralysis that has all the accumulated impressions of the intensification of the conflict over the formation of the new government between the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, and the designated first minister, Najib, strengthened. Mikati, in the eyes of the local players, “the spectators,” as if there was complete recognition that the formation of a new government had fallen and exceeded. The severe tensions that characterized the relationship between Aoun and Mikati, while Mikati’s relationship with “Hezbollah” also worsened due to the latter’s public stance in the famous Brigade statement about the party launching marches to the Karish field. data suggest that there has been total paralysis in all the political “ashes” regarding the new government’s file, which has shown signs of total doubt as to whether the internal climate will allow renewed efforts to form a new government, and whether there is a deliberate intention by a well-known influential party to disrupt every other attempt because the bills are due. of the current president in Baabda after the end of his term

If some circles monitor the next few days to investigate whether there is still a possibility to prevent the reality of a provisional government from being maintained and to form a government with full constitutional powers to face the coming critical months presents, the initial facts available about the presidential election suggest a negative balance, so to speak, between the possibilities of a presidential vacuum and the possibility of a presidential election.Election of a new president before the end of the current president’s term. This gloomy impression is reinforced by the fact that the internal political reality is on the way to more division and fragmentation between the parliamentary blocs and the political forces, while betting on a “benevolent” external intervention to bring about a consensus around ‘ a change candidate who appears to be at his weakest level because the external reality is confusing with priorities, among which Lebanon holds no advanced degree.

After the “break”

While the official activity wheel starts today after the Eid al-Adha holiday, it is assumed that efforts to revive the paralyzed communication for days will move in the coming hours, in an effort to complete the research on the formation of the government, especially with the return of the designated Prime Minister Najib Mikati from abroad, where he is of course expected to visit the Baabda Palace to complete his consultations with the President of the Republic. General Michel Aoun, if a date is set for him by the palace, knowing that any expected meeting between the two men is unlikely to lead to any positive break in the formation wall given the break that has characterized their relationship since last week has.

Yesterday, media circles circulated that sources close to President Mikati indicated that the provisional government’s tasks are clear before or after the end of the mandate, and there will be an escalation in the next phase if it is prepared for the possibility that Aoun will remain in Baabda. Palace after the end of his term. Sources close to President Mikati have confirmed, as quoted, that the incumbent president asked last week for a date to meet with President Aoun, and the answer was “two minutes and there is news,” but so far there has been no reaction not. to this request.

Berry: Disable strikes

And while it appears that the entire political community has begun to focus its interests, eyes and calculations on the presidential election, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri yesterday, in a statement issued on the occasion of the July 12th anniversary, “any “Attempt to strike brings Lebanon from within with obstruction strikes and plunges its institutions into the void and stops further tampering.” The political and constitutional, and the sacrifice of the homeland are on the altar of personal and selfish hatred, they are actions and policies, as far as the perpetrators are aware or not, it amounts to a crime, or even treason against Lebanon and the Lebanese. ” He said: “Just as on this day in July 2006, the Lebanese faced a test in their national and authentic affiliation, today they face the dangers and challenges facing their homeland. a new exam, in which they are invited to bring all the titles that enabled them to win in July 2006, the most important of which is unity and dialogue. “

Hezbollah’s secretary general Hassan Nasrallah is scheduled to deliver a speech tonight, addressing current issues from the formation of the new government to the southern maritime demarcation, amid a tense atmosphere. that the party is disturbed by the statement issued last week by Mikati and the interim foreign minister, Abdullah Bouhabib, on this matter.

Staff strike

Amid this atmosphere, all sorts of life crises on the Eid al-Adha holiday worsened as the Lebanese lived without electricity, water or bread, amid the rise in the prices of all commodities. The crisis of the strike, which has been implemented for weeks by all public sector associations, has also worsened, prompting a meeting this afternoon to “come up with a strict escalation plan for the situation in which pensions and salaries are reached” ” as stated in the link’s statement.

Yesterday, the heads of units in the Directorate Public Finance (Directorate of Import and Value Added Tax, Exchange Directorate, Directorate General Accounting, Directorate of Public Debt, Malian Nabatiyeh, Finance of Northern Lebanon, Finance of Akkar, Finance of Bekaa, Finance of Mount Lebanon, Finance of Baalbek-Hermel) and in coordination with the Directorate Treasury, the Directorate Budget and Expenditure Control, and the Directorate of Administrative Affairs and Finance of Southern Lebanon, and they discussed the escalating steps to successive and ongoing meetings. and discussions and strikes conducted by the employees of the Directorate of Public Finance “demanding a minimum standard of living in view of the inability to meet the needs of their families due to the significant deterioration in their salaries.”

And they decided, “not to return to work or even to attend for two days, until they have ensured the necessary and immediate minimum to pay the salaries of the employees of the Ministry of Finance, according to the formula of 8000 “Lebanese pound against the dollar, and work to equalize the employees in terms of covering the cost of transportation based on the calculation of liters of gasoline, taking into account their place of residence.”

US-Lebanese exercise

On the other hand, the central command of the US Navy and the Lebanese army yesterday began the exercise Resolute Union 2022, which will last for two weeks in Lebanese territorial waters. The annual exercise focuses on maritime security operations, mine action procedures and explosive weapons removal.

U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea remarked: “For 22 years, Resolute Union exercises established cooperation between our armed forces and ensured the readiness of the Lebanese army to carry out its mission, and despite all the challenges facing the Lebanese “The military crisis in Lebanon this year,”

U.S. authorities said about 60 U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Coast Guard personnel were involved.

Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, Commander of the U.S. Fifth Fleet and Combined Maritime Forces, said: “This is an excellent opportunity to work with our highly capable Lebanese partners and strengthen our relationship as cooperation increases local security and stability. . “

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