My story..death for love..and the paradise of choice !!

Reality Stories Written by: Khaled Hassan Al-Naqeeb

When loving feelings turn into something other than love, it can instill fear in the soul and inherit feverish desires for revenge actions beyond the bounds of the mind.

I could not write to you days before the destinies with which God showed me how the world revolves and is about to destroy me with the illusions that lived in me.The one who loves one and her seen in the whole world, but she will never be mine, and if she wants or accepts my feelings, she is my neighbor and my sister in breastfeeding, as my mother told me and her mother assured me the same.My confession certainly settled in my chest, with it demonic desires were quenched, which engulfed me in no mind or consciousness, pushed me beyond the bounds of the world to another world.She was not brought together by the first signs of life that did not prevent her from me ..!

A person may not imagine that I felt the ghost of death around me without her, and my family thought of my madness. Do not be for anyone else and found myself seeing myself with blood on my hands, shouting with my soul’s determination “No” How do I kill the one I love, how do I turn off the light in her eyes, how do I take I put my soul in her with my own hands?

And I knew I was going to face a decisive confrontation with myself longing for passion in a madness in a madness that must have common sense and an understanding of life in its true form without a veil of illusion that also blinds the eye, the heart and the mind.

I saw her like I had never seen her before, I knew something was going on in her blood from me and I from him, and if we shared the foreshadowing of our first childhood and pulled life together, we also share it in the bosom of youth and draw life with the same logic of love but in its womb shape that makes me happier for her happiness, I love her as a sister and life partner and I do not let myself over to the satanic absences that are fatal to myself and her.

I’m writing to you and I’m relieved of the weight of sitting on my heart and soul, but I need to know if I’ve already gotten rid of what I’m in, or am I still indifferent to my case?

Can love really turn the human heart into a plant of evil and the first thing that strikes the heart of the one he loves? Maybe that young man who killed the Mansoura girl was really crazy, or just an arrogant, instinct hunter blinded by his demon.

I now feel that I love my girl more than before as she lives. Happiness swings around her smile to the world. I’m happier with her happiness, and if fate wanted her to be my sister, she would not stop me from loving her. They surpass instincts and passions, a gracious love that knows the value of life. Wherein .

s. M

Something of love dwells in the heart that purifies it and removes the darkness in it, and you, my son, have honestly loved and purified yourself of the whispers of a demon who was able to overthrow all the balances of reason and logic and one has given instructions. who went in for passions that are certainly not real, for he violates the holiness of love and kills the one he loves with swabs of innocence, a wolf who deceives until he gets his prey.

It is not the love of the one who presses his owner to obtain the one who loves by coercion or murder, and it is not the love of the one who imposes his feelings on another party that he did not feel, and it is not the love of the one who follows and confuses his devil’s whims between a chaste human emotion that brings people together on captive compassion and a passion that brings two parties together in a sacred bond that extends to humanity.

My son, the will of God Almighty wanted for you a love that is essentially a test and a test of your faith and patience, but you realize that in this world not everything we desire we realize, and the wisdom in the abilities of events is always absent, only the Creator of the kingdom and the owner of his secrets know it, even if the passion you filled with it towards the one you loved took a different direction, so do not be sad, because the truth is that your girlfriend has a more sacred and powerful relationship with you, since she became your sister, if you share in the cradle by sucking, and one gene flowed between you. .

And remember, oh, and for the fact that God Almighty has set a constitution for the mechanism of life between people, we are led so that our whims can be lost in his saying – the Almighty -:﴿ O people, fear your Lord , who created you from the same soul and one of them. [النساء: 1] And piety here is mercy in our hearts, and it is love that fills it between people and in it the secret of the sacred link between each of the spouses is loved, compatible, as in the Almighty who says:﴿ And from his signs that he created for you from your souls, and for you to make it for yourselves. [الروم: 21]Take a breath, my son, and be at peace with sincere certainty He is the beacon of your heart for a sincere emotion in which Satan has no place.

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