Nominations are open for a grant from the Literary and Artistic Creativity Encouragement Fund

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs announces the opening of candidacy for the grant of the Literary and Artistic Creativity Encouragement Fund for the year 2022, which is awarded to contribute to the financing of cultural and artistic works, intellectual works, artist training and promotion of live performances. The deadline for accepting the files is August 19, 2022.

According to a statement issued yesterday, the awarding of awards related to the production of works of art in the fields of music, dance, live visual arts, recreational art, plastic arts, solar photography, filming and Juba is linked to a distribution program the work done in cultural spaces and spaces, and the resulting costs are included in the funding scheme.

The committees involved in studying the files will determine the number of presentations and the locations for their presentation according to the details of each work. 10% of the number of printed copies of books and publications that benefit from awards of any kind are allocated to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

In addition to the criteria set out in decree no. 2013-3201 dated 31 July 2013 and the decision of the Minister of Culture dated 27 January 2014, the advisory committee and the sectoral subcommittees charged with the study of the files are based on a number of criteria for awarding grants in which priority is given is involved in the following initiatives:

// Projects that fall within the working strategy of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, especially with regard to cultural and creative industries, and encourage the creation of new projects that highlight the cultural peculiarities of the regions and value cultural diversity and diversity.

// Innovative-oriented works and modern methods and formulations, such as investing in and appreciating the digital cultural economy and encouraging the use of information and communication technologies.
// Works that contribute to the expansion of the circle of beneficiaries with the diversity of their age groups and geographical affiliation (populated neighborhoods and rural areas).

// Artistic, documentary and research programs aimed at highlighting the local cultural peculiarities, especially those related to collective memory.
// Projects that can be promoted and have a lasting impact.

// Art projects aimed at children and young people that take into account their age specifics.
// Projects implemented within the framework of partnership with educational, university, correctional and vocational training institutions.

Those wishing to participate must send their candidacy files, which must include a candidacy request in the name of the Minister of Cultural Affairs, dated and signed by the employer, and a detailed CV of the employer, stating the address, telephone and e- mail. with a copy of the national identity card.

The file must also include a presentation document for the cultural or artistic work, activity or project that shows its characteristics, features, cultural and artistic value (which does not identify the identity of the project owner and the various parties involved in its implementation, name or reference), the project implementation schedule, the place of its completion, the prospects for the promotion of the work and its expected impact on the cultural scene. In addition to the qualifications of the team involved in the completion of the work, and a document showing the scope of what the work, activity, or cultural or artistic project is contributing to promote one, some or all of the following areas: (Cultural decentralization – artistic experiments and new and promising creative fields – intangible cultural heritage – operating capacity and product export capacity).
The candidature file must also include a funding plan that includes the estimated detailed financial costs of the work, activity, cultural or artistic project and the parties involved in the funding, and a document identifiable with the signature of the candidate by which he commits to respect the standards of good governance of public funds, the laws and regulations in force, and endorsements The legal practice of the activity and the documents proving the health of the situation towards the administration of collection and social funds for companies and associations , in addition to a document indicating the authorization of the work team as set out in the candidature file to participate in the work, with the need for a certificate of exploitation of the literary and artistic heritage of the relevant interests according to the nature of the project to submit.

As for the texts of the artworks, the request must be accompanied by the technical support according to each specialization: a theatrical text, a screenplay, the director’s vision, an audio recording, a parchment copy of the book … ( without stating the identity of the project owner and the various parties involved in its completion or referring to them).

Files with full conditions are sent via the following link:
The audiovisual recordings (subject of nomination) must be sent to the following e-mail: [email protected]

It should be noted that the recipient of a grant from the Fund may not apply for a new grant until after the completion of the first work and the submission of a report supported by evidence of the investment of its results.

Note that candidacy files related to the creation of spaces or the acquisition of equipment are not accepted, and the files of projects completed before the issuance of the notice of the call for candidacy (printing of a book, promotion of a play, filming of a movie, showing or broadcasting the contents of the music program) is not accepted. Also, candidate files within the field of music publications related to the Department of Music and Dance will not be accepted.

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