Residents: The UAE is our second home, and we continue to build and give

Follow-up: Yamama Badwan, Muhammad Yassin

A number of Arab residents have confirmed that they are happy with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, making them regard the UAE as their second home, and promising to His Highness to continue to build and give to the Emirates, who embraced their hopes and aspirations and gave them happiness and security without discrimination.

They said that they followed His Highness’ speech with passion, creating an inspiring model of tolerance, representing a source of inspiration for the whole world and giving them more reassurance in a country that believes in the authentic national identity, and they also felt proud of their presence in the land of Zayed the Good, and among the “children of Zayed” who exchanged security and stability for them.They did not feel alienated.

Muhammad Masa’dah, Director of the Jordanian Cultural Club in Dubai, said that the land of the Emirates embodies love and tolerance among the various peoples and cultures living on its land, making the Emirates of Goodness a beacon and oasis for the humanity and a locomotive for charity work and an example to follow in love and humanity, and this included his presence and his humanitarian landmarks in the world, as His abundances around the world in support of education and health, development initiatives in all parts, and the goodness of the people of the Emirates who did not hesitate to extend a helping hand to the needy in the east and west of the earth.She stretched out her white hands everywhere.

He added that the great development that the country has seen in various fields and successive achievements indicates the investment of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the State, may God protect him, in the best of the country , which he dedicated. to the welfare of all, and his achievements still testify to his vision and his overwhelming love for his country and for all who live on his land.

shape in hearts

Maya Haddad, in turn, said that the position that His Highness the President of the State, may God protect him, enjoys in the hearts of the people of the country, is the result of the equality and togetherness he has established as a approach between the sons of the Emirates and those living on its land, who contributed to the harmony of nationalities and their coexistence in love side by side, side by side, just as one body.

She added that since her arrival in the country, she has received an unprecedented welcome from the people of the country to every resident, reflecting the authentic Emirati identity and enabling every resident to envy the people of the Emirates for their wise leadership, which save. no effort to meet their requirements, until they became the happiest people of the world, but This was also reflected on all residents, who in the Emirates found a bright future for themselves and future generations.

Peace and happiness

Meanwhile, Adam Tolba stressed that the wise leadership of the UAE continues to make efforts to achieve a decent life for citizens and residents alike, without any discrimination, making the country a destination for those seeking happiness , stability, life and economic security. and others.His Highness’ s speech also conveyed reassurance of New in the souls of inhabitants on the land of the state, whose development will increase with the effort of his sons and every inhabitant, with all the determination that God has given them , so that the UAE remains an oasis of security for all without exception.

He pointed out that the name of His Highness, the President of the State, may God protect him, is associated with reaching out a helping hand to every needy person in all corners of the earth, making him a symbol of giving. and made the Emirates. a major contribution to humanitarian and emergency relief work worldwide.

the widest doors

In turn, Dr Ahmed Ibrahim said that every resident of the country is happy with His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, and we have a duty to build and develop, for we feel that the Emirates is our second home, which has opened the widest doors for us and welcomed us on its good ground, and it has shared its abundance and security with us, not to mention that we have never felt alienated among the “children of Zayed”. The UAE rather embraced the aspirations and hopes of the residents and gave them stability as citizens and without discrimination.

He added that everyone who sets foot on the land of the Emirates has a duty to defend it as well as his homeland, as it has provided him and his family with stability and equality, and the elements of a decent life for all. provided.

Overcome the chance

As for Faris Al-Faris, he explained that the wise leadership believed that happiness is not imported but rather born from within, therefore it tried to achieve achievements, overcome problems and all means for the well-being of its to provide people and for all residents of the UAE without any discrimination He knows the impossible.

He stressed that the UAE and its wise leadership have made the state a gateway and station for the convergence of more than 200 nationalities on its lands with different languages, religions and colors, and thanks to the application of the law and transparency and honesty in treatment, residents in the state enjoy a very high rate of satisfaction with the UAE Act, which enables them to spend their day, either With family or with work with great peace of mind without worry or fear, and with this satisfaction and a sense of security, the UAE surpasses many large countries in which a person does not feel safe for his life.

rule of law

As Maher Hussein said, the Arab peoples look with pride and pride on the Emirati people, happy in their wise leadership, and in the legal, educational, cultural, economic, health and political institutions they provide, which provide a living environment created security and stability for all who set foot in the land of goodness under the rule of law and transparency in dealing with all. .

He added that the UAE is a country eager to invent happiness wherever its human hands extend, and it has become a kiss for ambitious youth, in which every expatriate from his homeland feels that he is in his second country and between his family and friends, in the light of a people whose generosity and hospitality extends to others, from his leadership who inculcated in their hearts the principles of kindness and a culture of love Goodness, coexistence and openness to the other.

Promote economic growth

Dr. Fathi Jabr Afana, CEO and founder of “Fast” Building Contracting Company, confirmed that since his stay in the country for 40 years, he considers the UAE his second home, and from this point of view the duty to continuously contribute to construction and development falls on the shoulders of every resident who has benefited from the welfare of the state and lived in its security and stability.

He said that the resident of the land of the Emirates of Good has a duty, just like the citizen, to preserve its security and stability, and to strive to promote its economic growth, as the state and its wise leadership a source of inspiration and hope for the people of the world in general and the Arabs in particular, by adopting a policy that supports peace and stability throughout the world, without distinction of nationality, religion or color.

He explained that the speech of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, create an inspiring model of tolerance and represent a source of inspiration for the whole world, and that is the model which follows the leadership in the Emirates and consolidates its foundations.

To attract the best expertise

Sherif Bishara, CEO of the Mohamed and Obaid Al Mulla Group, the company that owns the American Hospital Dubai, took the claim of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “may God protect him,” the major role valued. played by residents of the UAE, who regard the country as their second country while their contributions continue.In construction and development since the founding of the UAE.

He added that the number of expatriates living in the UAE exceeds the number of citizens, and despite this, everyone lives in a cohesive society, proud of its identity, as the country has seen a significant increase in population over the past few years has led to the great growth in various economic sectors, which has led to the influx of labor from various Cultural and religious backgrounds.

He explained that the efforts of the UAE towards residents and expatriates confirmed the humanitarian message of the UAE and its interest in the community of families living in the homeland, and pointed out that the doors of the UAE are always open to all who strive to a leading role through the participation of ideas, talents, efforts and experiences.

He stressed that the UAE has become a symbol of success, predicting the future and leading international efforts in promising areas such as innovation, creativity, excellence, scientific research, science and technology, for its great qualitative leaps that are considered a source of inspiration and motivator for new generations in various countries of the world, adding that the UAE has strategies for the future in various

Attract brains and skills

Mohamed Karam, Regional Director of Business Development at Insincrator Company, said that the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, established the state of tolerance, and today we see His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President. of the State, may God protect him, complete this journey. With all sincerity, over the past fifty years, the UAE has been able to be an oasis of tolerance and a destination to attract intellect and skills into the Arab world and the world as a whole. Currently, more than 190 nationalities live in harmony and love in the UAE, and all members of society, whether citizens or residents, are working to make this system a success. For their firm belief in the values ​​of justice and equality in this country.

He added: The UAE provides opportunities for success and a fertile environment to embrace all future ideas and initiatives, regardless of nationality or religion. Indeed a demonstration of love and gratitude to the United Arab Emirates.

He continued, “The UAE, through its leadership and governments, has set an example for all countries to create a society based on tolerance and justice, with a constant quest for success, development and to learn from mistakes to to always be a leader. “

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